PetSmartavailable stock advertised for black friday

H Nov 24, 2017

Today, 11/24/17, I went out at 5:30 am in 25 degree weather to wait outside at the PetSmart in Harrisburg, PA. I was 4th in line and prepared with where I needed to go to purchase bags of the BOGO Grain Free Authority cat food that my cat can eat as she's allergic to both grains and chicken. Since Authority offers a turkey and a salmon version, I was ready to buy those and stock up.

Being 4th in line, when the doors opened, I went directly to the Authority section for cat food, and was the first there. Out of the Grain Free versions, the only products in stock were one turkey, one chicken, and two salmon in the BOGO size. That's it. No more. I stood outside in the freezing cold for two bags of cat food. All the other Authority cat food bags were fully stocked, yet the Grain Free looked was a gaping hole.

I located Don, apparently the cat food specialist, who told me that because of the limited stock that the price would be honored later and that I could come back with a rain check that the cashier would give me. At the cash register I explained to the cashier what Don had told me and she said that there were no rain checks on Black Friday, that the stock they had was it. She even went so far to compare cat food to televisions in stock at Wal-Mart. Once they were out, they were out. The problem here is I was the first person at the shelves. The people in front of me went for dog food, Tidy Cat litter, etc. Nobody else was around me grabbing this food. So two bags of this specific food was all this store had available.

What really made the trip worse was having the cashier tell me that I could use my Pet Perks online because this was the only reason I came into the store. I didn't see anywhere online that this was obvious and still can't find it. Doesn't matter because everything was sold out by the time I got home.

I would like to purchase more bags of the BOGO Grain Free Authority cat food as advertised for Black Friday or receive a credit/coupon in kind. My intention was to buy at least six bags. With four cats, one with allergies, I spend a lot of money at PetSmart, not to mention my dog for whom I buy food and treats there as well. This was a frustrating and upsetting event. No more than two bags available to purchase, a supervisor who lied about rain checks, a cashier who compared televisions to bags of cat food, and nothing left online by the time I attempted to buy more (who cared at this point if Pet Perks could be used).

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