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On April 20, 2023, I entered the car wash at 545 Queen St. S. in Bolton, Ontario for the first time. I have used other Petro car washes but never the kind that has the rail that pulls you through the car wash. There was no instruction for use as I entered.

As I entered the car wash, my tire pressure gauge quickly went to zero. When I got out, I clearly had a flat tire. I went to tell the attendant but he was not helpful. I had to pay to try to put air in my tire. This was not working and I looked underneath my car and saw that my tire had a laceration.

I called and had someone come to change my tire. Again, no help from any staff. There were 2 people there at the time.

I took my car to replace the tire and found out that all 4 tires had to be replaced because my car is AWD. After shopping around and wasting a few days of my time, | replaced my tires for a price tag of $2,066.27.

I have sent emails, dropped off letters, called for months and the owner will not respond. The cashier has told me that they have seen the video and I hit the rail with my tire. I feel that I should be compensated as there was not proper signage at the car wash. The owner does not have the decency to even answer my calls, emails or letters.

I was told by an employee that they put up pylons after this happened to my tire. That does not help me. Obviously they acknowledged that there was a lack of instruction at this facility. I was also told that I was to use the mirror. I had no idea I had to use the mirror. On one of my trips back to the location for compensation, I took note that this said mirror was very cloudy.

I have been a loyal fleet customer with Petro Canada for 37 years. I deserve


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