Petco Online Order Check Outoutrageous new surcharge for hawaii shipments!

K Aug 18, 2018 Review updated:

For over 12 years, I've had great monthly online ordering experiences for my cat's food and his supplies.. Because Petco offers the Free Shipping Promo for purchases $49 and over for most of its products, it was a great and efficient manner to have my order delivered to my doorsteps because I am almost 80 years old and can't walk or carry anything because of my deteriorating spinal stenosis conditions.

Today, I got the shock of my life when I was ready to check out with my monthly Petco order... the subtotal was: $85.32 and FREE SHIPPING and this OUTRAGEOUS SURCHARGE $54.17 with a total of $139.49 without the sales taxes..

I couldn't believe my eyes.. so I called Petco's Customer Service and got their agent/supervisor Jennifer to answer and she explained it was a new charge now applicable to all Alaska and Hawaii orders being shipped... by The United States Postal Services... !

This was odd to me because for the past 12 years, United Parcel Service, UPS is the delivery courier which was a great delivery company.

Why this sudden change to use the United States Postal Service, USPS...when UPS has it's own jet aircraft fleet which flys to the Hawaiian Islands!!! Why is USPS suddenly claiming exclusive rights to ship parcels for Petco to Hawaii!!

Is there an internal company benefit privilege between Petco and USPS to eliminate UPS????
Well... Happily PetSmart finally opened their stores in Hawaii and offers shipping as Petco does to Hawaii...but their shipping charge for my orders are under $5.00!

So I decided to STOP ORDERING FROM PETCO and instead I will purchase all my cat's needs through PetSmart.

Amazon also has my pet cat's food brand, which is Royal Canin and if you a Prime member, shipments to Hawaii are FREE!

Oh yes, and Petco didn't bother to notify their Hawaii customers of their OUTRAGEOUS SURCHARGES...


Petco Online Order Check Out


  • C
      Sep 24, 2018

    I agree. Just tried to order a $27 bag of cat litter and they want to charge me a $35 dollar surcharge along with shipping and handling. They just lost my business.

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  • M
      Sep 24, 2018

    I too called them when I saw the surcharge because it was just ridiculous. I spend over $1000 a month on cat food because I do rescues and I have a lot of cats in my house. Now they have completely lost my business and best yet Petsmart agreed to match any special pricing the local Petco has offered me. Plus I get 5% off if I order ahead to be picked up.
    I told them before when they messed around with their rewards and had capped those off (they have since removed that new policy which was stupid) they should fire whoever comes up with these ridiculous ideas that negatively affect customers. They obviously haven’t done so. So goodbye Petco hello Petsmart for all of my cat/kitten needs.

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  • J
      Sep 30, 2018

    Yes! I live in Hawaii and had been shopping online. Today I tried to order and had a surcharge of $63!!! Are they crazy?? Bye, Felicia!!

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  • R
      Oct 25, 2018

    Preach! I have my pet's food on repeat delivery and noticed yesterday that they tacked on a surcharge. Half of my subtotal. Crazy! On to find a new retailer.

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  • C
      Nov 15, 2018

    Yes I agree!! I was so disappointed that they didn’t even give us a email. No heads up at all. And sadly I paid the surcharge because I needed dog food fast. Since they have always had fast shipping which is rare for Alaska. But I won’t be returning anymore. Just for one bag of dog food that costs 39 dollars is now almost $100!!! I’m honestly sad because I really did love petco.

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