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Complaints & Reviews

customer service/poor floors

In Feb 2009 I went to Lowes and purchased Pergo laminate flooring w/in 4 days the short end seems were popping and creeking. Went back to lowes who filed a claim for us. Inspector came out and Pergo said it was product defect and they would honor their warrenty. That is where all cooperation from Pergo ends! It is now the end of Sept and I still do not have my new floors and at this point I want PERGO out of my house! When Pergo sent my claim back to Lowes w/ the amount they would pay for labor and the flooring, pergo was off by $245.00 for flooring and then later it came out that they short changed us on labor funds as well. The poor people at Lowes have been getting such the run around and aparently they only person at pergo who can make a decision on anything is "Barb" who just so happens to NEVER pick up her line! Pergo said that in order for them to honor a warrenty on my new floors( they have yet to be installed) I need to put down some black plastic stuff, ok that is fine I don't mind paying for that. BUT I DO mind having to repay for my transition pieces and my quater round! That should NOT come out of my pocket again and Pergo continually asks Lowes to fax them my reciepts proving what I paid for. The poor girl at Lowes has a stack of faxes proving she has faxed all my info about 10 times since April 09!At this point I want just want carpet back and I want to be done w/ Pergo FOREVER! I think it's crazy that Pergo is willing to loose a customer over $245.00 when this customer spent $1200.00 on the flooring to begin with! You can bet I will tell everybody who will listen how much I LOATH Pergo and their shoddy buisness practice! I really do wonder if there really is a "Barb" who works at Pergo...Hmm I guess I will never know since she seems to forever be at lunch or on the other line. On the other hand Lowes has been great with their help and are as equally frustrated as I am. Thank you Lowes and SHAME ON PERGO!

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    tina n john Oct 03, 2011

    I installed $1200.oo worth of pergo flooring in my dining room/living room combination in May. The flooring has finish missing on some pieces of flooring. We filed a complaint through Lowe's and they sent out a person to inspect the floor. Pergo then sent us a claim verification and said that they would pay for the repairs. I faxed the information on the repairs (TWICE) and I have heard nothing back from them! It seems as though my issue is the same as the other guy above in that Pergo will not stand behind their warranty. Now I also have four places in my floor that are buckling and I'm not sure what to do about that but it is annoying to walk across the floor and push the floor down with your foot. Pergo sucks and I would not recommend them to anyone! The finish scratches easily (from kitchen chairs and dog paws even) and it is supposed to be 30% stronger than other floors. Bull crap! This flooring is not anywhere near high quality that I paid for. Do not buy this flooring!!! Tina

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Incompatibility of planks

Installed Pergo Presto flooring a couple of years ago. A panel was recently damaged, I obtained a new box from Home Depot. After unlocking planks to get out to the damaged one, and opening the box of new ones, I find that the length, width, and locking grooves do not match the existing floor! What do I have to do to get stuff that will fit togather? I do NOT want to have to replace the entire floor! Home Depot folks are clueless, Pergo's website is useless, as is the listed phone number.

Shoddy floor

I am hoping that someone can help me in finding out if a class action lawsuit is the way to go. We built a new house last May (2006) and had a large amount of Pergo Accolade installed. Immediately upon moving in the floor began "cricking" and "snapping". The flooring retailer (whom our builder chose) filed a claim with Pergo, they sent a rep out and determined it was a faulty product. The floor was replaced. Almost immediately afterwards the floor began making worse noises, more cricking (although less of that than before), loud thuds in certain areas, unsightly seams, and a couple spots where, if you step on it right, you can actually feel the seam separate under your bare feet. We had Pergo come out again and we just found out that they are denying the 2nd claim. They state it is not due to a product defect, but they also don't say it's an installation problem either. The inspector told me when he came out that he is seeing a lot of this type of problem in newer houses becaue of the type of beam construction they're built with (which is to code). When I pressed him further (wondering if maybe our builder was somehow responsible) he clammed up and told me he was not really at liberty to talk about it.

After doing a lot of internet research I have found that this is a VERY common problem with Pergo, and that they routinely deny claims and give consumers the run around. Just from what I've seen online it seems to me that there is grounds for a class action suit. We spent thousands of dollars on this shoddy floor, which was sold to us as "the best". We have a house that is only one year old and we've had problems with the Pergo from day one. We want our money back so that we can replace the Pergo with a different product. Had we known of these issues with Pergo we would not have chosen the product for our new home. We only chose the Pergo brand because the flooring retailer highly recommended it. Can anyone help?

Laminate floors are a fraud!

I can't believe to see so many others having the same issues with Pergo like I have, and I alway...