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I have a problem with the wild ball

I think the wild ball isnt wild at all = its very misleading the public

I thought wild ball number can replace any number that came out on the lottery (Day/night) numbers.

Ex: I played 2360 (Evening of sept. 30th) with the wild ball.

The number came out 6321 - (Wild ball 2)

I thought I won. But they say I did not. Im confused? And so are a lot of people. Wild should mean it can change to anything, but thats not the case I see.
My opinion and a lot of other peoples are you need to change the name to (Facticious wild) meaning not wild ficticious = you cannot call a number wild and change the rules of the word wild. Its very misleading, the lottery has made its own interpretation of wild = not the dictionary version. N
The public does not like this version of wild. Please give it another name or either discontinue the wild balls. Fake...


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    Quick69 Jul 01, 2018

    New Jersey calls it----Fireball----
    Pennsylvania should call it----Extraball---

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