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Complaints & Reviews

education rip off

Penn Foster Is the most ripp off scam Ive ever seen. False info, Never telling me that I will have to pay...


I filed a grievance against a student who was proven to NOT be honestly doing his own school work and submitting it as his. I proved (by lawsuit, in a court of law in MO that this student's mother was doing his homework (online) for him while he was at work - can't be in two places at the same time) and yet this school allows this student to remain in school and now I have learned he is about to graduate. This is highly unethical and certainly unprofessional. They allow cheaters and liars to graduate and use their school's reputation to further their own interests. This school apparently only cares about the money, not the ability of their students to perform their duties when working. The veterinarians need to be informed to be wary of the graduates of the Vet tech programs (how many others also?) of this school.

ripping of military families

I was ripped of by penn foster, if you know or are a military member or family member email me at [protected]@ymail.com and tell me your story I am putting together a letter including all the military families and soldiers that penn foster has ripped off and I am going to make a case until the military drops them off the MYcca accounts and cuts them off! They put things on my credit and claimed i owed charges after I had cancelled the account 3 years before! So as i said if you have a complaint send it to me.

lack of service

Penn Foster - Initial studies for a non-accredited program had nothing to do for what I signed up for, supplies not delivered and when I fortunate enough to take an exam that was handed in it took more than 4 weeks to be graded. My SS# was also listed under someone else who had used Penn Foster. I have 4 valid complaints that Penn Foster needed to rectify. Several phone calls to Penn Foster did not produce favorable results so I informed them of my cancellation and the reiterated the above. Mary from Penn Foster confirmed my cancellation and I followed up with a letter to them. I did not even ask for a refund, it was not worth the argument.

Not long after my cancellation...the 1st month I did not pay them anymore money. Harassing phone calls started, robot messages several times a day and then they attacked my credit report.

I am in the process of reporting all of this to the Federal trade Commission and my states Attorney General..has anyone else had a similar experience?

  • On
    Onedaysoon Aug 06, 2010

    My experience with this school was different they are inexpensive, they grade the papers quickly, and teach you what you need to know. The price is what I can afford and you can do the course on your own time, when I had any complaints or issues they always addressed them right away. My experience has been positive. I've taken courses elsewhere and paid a lot more for a lot less results.

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medical billing and coding classes

I started taking penn fosters medical billing and coding class a few months ago. It started out fine, then when I started the english part I found alot of wrong information and alot of things were being repeated over and over. When I moved onto the internet and micrsoft word and excel part, there was alot of missing information. I have told them I wanted to withdraw from their school and that if they try to take any payments from my bank account they can talk to my lawyer. Now they are calling my house everyday. Today there were 2 calls less than 5 minutes apart. The first time they hung up when my answering machine picked up, then they called back and let a message saying to call them so they can talk about my course. I sent them a letter and an email stating that I was withdrawing from their school.
My biggest compplaint is when you read all of their literature about their school it says that they provide all
Textbooks, study materials and required course materials. Well, I have yet to receive a single textbook. All I have received are study guides and 1 cd for the class. How are you supposed to learn everything you need to about medical terminology, anatomy, or anything else when you don't have textbooks to give you the information you need.
I have paid them almost $300, and that's all they are getting from me.

  • Al
    alex19114 Jul 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First of all, anyone who has taken courses through Penn Foster should know that you don't receive your course books all at once. It comes as you finish the sections, which is clearly stated in your enrollment agreement. Also, there are NO TEXTBOOKS. There are course books, which are small sectioned books they the school produces for their courses alone. You will not receive "textbooks" in the mail, until you get to the coding section, where you should receive an ICD-9 resource book (I have not gotten this far yet, but I am told that I will receive one once I get to the coding section.). This seems like a complaint from yet another student who has not taken the time to read over their agreement with Penn Foster. As for those who are considering taking the course, I recommend it, but keep in mind that they are NOT AHIMA accredited... you can sit for the national exams through the boards, but if you are planning on making a career out of Coding, go through a technical college for another course that IS accredited. That is what I am doing, along with the Penn Foster course, which I started before going to college.

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  • Wi
    willik Mar 16, 2011

    I have requested information on the Medical Billing & Coding. I am scared to death because of all the negative comments.

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  • Wi
    willik Mar 16, 2011

    I have requested and received information for Medical Billing & Coding. I do not know if I should continue of not because of all of the negative feed back.

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  • Re
    rendon10 Aug 05, 2011

    I am on my 43rd test for the medical billing and coding course. I did not have anykind of problems with Penn Foster. I would go ahead and take the course. I have medical coding experience at my previous employment and this might make it easier to understand Icd=10 and cpt course. but I have no negative comments for Penn Foster.

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fraudelent fees

Out of nowhere I find out two collection inputs on my credit from penn foster, while I have never heard of...

refuse to return

I signed up for the Mechanical Engineering Associates degree. The first thing Penn Foster did was to take 1240.00 from my Debit account. I paid them and was filling out the application when I noticed that I had to prove I graduated from High School. My High School closed in 1980 and the building was sold to the University of Pennsylvania, so I did not know how to retrieve my High School transcript. The next step taken was to question this requirement. I have two college Degrees. It should have been related to me prior to taking out my money. Any way I canceled out of the program. Penn Foster said it would be 2 week before the money would be returned. That would make it 12/28/2009.

I asked for a letter saying how much would be returned. It took a week to get the letter and many calls requesting the letter. It is now 12/31/2009 and still the money has not been returned to my account.

The letter they sent has a date of 12/18/2009 which is two days before I enrolled but the post office stamp is 12/24/2009.

This float means they have the use of my money but no "quo pro quid".

I am not receiving anything of value from Penn Foster.

If your thinking of enrolling in Penn Foster ask for a contract before you

pay anything. Their address is in Scranton, their home office is in Phonex, Arizona. Do not send or offer money until everything seen in Black and white including the course outline and one or more of the texts.

  • Th
    Thickberries Apr 06, 2010

    I, m enrolled in the Business Management Certificate Program. So far, I, ve had no problem with the school. The txt was in good condition. You have alot of work to do. Its not hard but it cant be done with out effort. As far as your credits transfering, any time you go to any school you should see who accepts the credits every school has different policys! No matter how its accredited!

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I am not really happy with Penn Foster HVAC program. I made three question and neither weren answered right.Like I told them that I saw a heat pump with only one metering device and they told me to look better that there should be another one some where.The I found out that there are two way flow txv. Also they do not offer any type of training video.So basically you paying around $ 700.00 for a book and a $12.00 multimeter that they send you at the end of the course and the $50.00 for the EPA test.

false fees

I contacted this online college to inquire about their online Vet Tech program. They sent me brochure and a link to do some entrance exams. I completed the exams and read the brochure but in the end decided I no longer wanted to go with them. A few months went by and all of a sudden I get a letter stating that I owe them $1900. For what? They have not provided a service so why do I owe them $1900. When I called them up they were very rude and wanted $600 for a cancellation. Again I ask for what? Then I applied to a credible school that I wanted to go to and was turned down because they said I was in debted to another college. So now not only do they think I owe them a ridiculous amount of money they are ruining my life in other ways as well. I will be contacting my lawyer and the BBB as well as tv and radio news. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem?

  • Er
    EricWilly Nov 10, 2009

    Did you sign anything? Digitally or otherwise?

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  • Ca
    cat eyes Dec 03, 2009

    I agree with you and yes ive been done similar to that . i think its unfair when they threaten you with money that you dont owe . I also don't appreciate them telling me, they can stop me from getting any loans to go to another college over this, yes i've been took also

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  • Sh
    shannon313 Dec 03, 2009

    Ive been also thinking of taking the online vet tech program through Penn Foster but after reading these complaints I am having second thoughts. Any other suggestions on where to take an online Vet Tech program?

    Thank you

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  • Tr
    TraceMePink Jan 03, 2012

    I had the same problem with their wedding planning course. needless to say since i dont have the money for a laywer, i still owe them money and they took me to collection. i will not deal with them again!

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  • Ma
    Martina Dewey Jul 04, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I authorized Penn Foster to take a 10.00 payment from my debit card, instead they took out a total of 50. They don't seem to care that they've messed up. I need an email address for someone in this company so that I have a paper trail of the complaint. It doesn't seem to be easy to find a way to contact them. Their customer service is lousy. I was previously a student, so I'm sad to see things go so downhill .

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liability and cancellation

I recently signed up to take the medical assistant course, gave my 19.00 deposit and was under the impression that if I cancelled before the 31st when the 1st payment was due I would NOT owe the school any money. The school in less then a month, basically within a week apart sent me about 10 materials, a bunch of booklets not real text books. I kept thinking I'm not going to finish these exams or materials so quickly. So, I wrote the school to cancel. Now, the school claims since I "received" ten shipments, and did ten exams I owe them 333.00 dollars for liability because I owe them 25% of what I received!? This isn't fair, the only reason I signed up was because I applied for a scholarship but will not get a response till December, and can't afford it because I'm not working right now? I went to print out the dates when the lessons were sent to me, and the school cancelled my online acct. How convenient for them huh? This is not fair, and I'm sorry but I will not Pay them. And will continue to fight this nonsense.

don't study there

If you are thinking to take classes online make sure you don't study through penn foster; it is not a recognized school.Once you finish you can not transfer the credits to a four years college. Sometimes they take a month to send you a shipment, and when they finally send it you find out is incomplete; so you have to wait for another week to start a new class.When you make a call you have to wait eternity, and if you leave a message they don't return your call. Don't waist your money, and time, get a college that respect you, and value your time and effort. Penn Foster is not a reliable institution.

  • Na
    naya222 Nov 06, 2009

    Well most institutions look down upon other online institutions, which in my opinion is very unfortunate because there are a lot of well rounded online schools that do a great job. It's mainly the other colleges issue for not accepting a DETC accredited transfer credits b/c to them online schools are not viewed on the same level as regionally accredited schools, which is so not true. I attended an online college and was able to transfer my credits and work towards my bachelor degree. You have to find the right school that will accept those credits. MY friend who attended Penn Foster was able to transfer and is now in a Masters program. It's important to know the college that you want to attend transfer policy and see if they acknowledge DETC credits. Good luck to you, and don't feel discourage and I'm sorry you had a rough experience with them, my friend gives them high review. I guess with any institution there are good and bad reviews but at least you are keeping it real.

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  • Co
    collegeboy71 Dec 23, 2009

    I'm working toward my associates in mechanical engineering and have always got immediate response from my instructors. They have been very helpful in helping understand how to work out those equations that look so intimidating at first. I haven't tried to transfer my credits to a four year college yet but I'm sure there are schools online that will accept Penn Foster credits. Maybe Penn will step up in the future and offer a bachelors degree for Mechanical engineering.

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  • Sv
    SvenStadt Nov 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I attended PF and loved it. Don't listen to these bums who get on here and say, "Oh they're rude over the phone!" I took one semester with them and transferred nine (9) credits of Graphic Design semester work.

    They DO keep track of your work, so YES there is someone on the other end who gets paid for their time. The reason it feels like a "waste of time" to most people is because there's no one giving you criticism in person if you mess up, but the school is designed for self-motivated students, so problem solved!

    I'm gonna return to finish my Bachelor's Degree work with them. YOU CAN'T OFFER THEM without accreditation! Check the AZ Dept. of Education and look under Private Postsecondary Institutions. That's for offering the degree itself. The method of delivery has to do with the DETC, which they're also accredited with.

    If they lost either of these two accreditations, they'd have to stop offering degrees!!! Note also that PF was named one of the Best Places to Work in PA this year!

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won't let me cancel courses

Ok this is just plain wrong, when I joined penn foster they told me that if I was unsatisfied or for any...

study at own risk

If anyone hates the hassle of email to & fro with no solutions PLEASE avoid this at all costs.

Not only does the student service staff unhelpful & rude, and makes empty claims regards to the shipment of materials too.

And not only U would never get any straight answers either cos you issue would be pass around like a merry go round & ends up all frustrated.

  • Penn Foster Sep 11, 2012


    I apologize for any inconveniences, but I believe this can be sorted out. Can you e-mail me at [email protected] with your student number so I can see what the discrepancy is?

    Thank you, and once again, I apologize for any issues that have come up.

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not your typical school

I had to say that its getting more & more frustrating staying on doing course with the school.

Firstly you would had your semester books back ordered. Just curious don't they stock up or they merely ordered one at a time.

Secondly even though you would be given elective subjects to choose from but in real, the school choose it for you without even consulting or get any answers from you, they go ahead & prepare the materials for shipment.

  • Penn Foster Sep 11, 2012


    I apologize for any inconveniences, but I believe this can be sorted out. Can you e-mail me at [email protected] with your student number so we can straighten this out?

    Thank you, and once again, I apologize for any issues that have come up.

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unhelpful staff

I just had to say overall one word on penn foster :disappointment

Not only the staff that answers email are unhelpful but rude most the times I need contact them regarding my materials.

And worse of all the school seems to like pass around the students' issues to different customer service office so you likely find that your email would be answered by numerous different person & its hard to track down whoever you been corresponding to.

If given a choice I would not choose the school but then due to the fact I am an international student, the number of online schools are limited choices.

  • Ho
    honeyflower Nov 20, 2010

    there are other ways you can get an education, Ive been there where you are and I know they are rude. what about when they actually just pass the test around, not even to Teachers just to whomever. calll your local community college they will help you more than these sharks will. and do not let them intimidate you. I wish the place were shut down .

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  • Penn Foster Sep 11, 2012


    I apologize for any inconvenience you might have had, and I believe this can be sorted out. Can you e-mail me at [email protected] with your Student ID so we can get any issues straightened out?

    Thank you, and once I again, I do apologize.

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I took a Private Investigation class through Penn Foster in 2007, and put $150 down towards it and each mth I paid $39. After a couple financial arised I couldn't afford the program.

I called them and wanted to work something out and they refused so I had to cancel. They worked out where if I paid the cancelation fee that would be it. Later that year I checked my credit report and I was informed that they charged me the cancelation fee any way. I called them to see what was going on and they were so rude. I called the collection agency and they were rude also. They told me to call the school.

It was just un real how I was back and forth. I called and they stated that if I paid half then that would cover the cancelation charges. I did that and I asked for documentation about my payment. The school sent me a letter in 2007 explaining my pay off but fail to explain it would still be on my credit.

A couple weeks ago I tried to get a loan and I was denied because of the $500 they reported to another collection agency saying that I owe them. This school is just plan ridiculous!

I called the school again and spoke with collections and now they are saying I didn't owe anything. They took care of what was reporting on credit and sopose to be mailing me letter. I will see because I will not stop until this situation is resolved.

  • Penn Foster Sep 11, 2012


    I apologize for any inconveniences, but I believe this can be sorted out. Can you e-mail me at [email protected] with your student number so we can straighten this out?

    Thank you, and once again, I apologize for any issues that have come up.

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  • Da
    DawnO72 Jun 05, 2013

    I agree, I too completed the Private Investigator Program at Penn Foster, completed the program, all I had to do was pay if off. It was around $138.00 that I owed. I too feel on some financial hard times and was unable to continue paying. My payment was $50.00 a month. I called them and explained the issue, I offerd to pay them the $39.00 that I had available, needless to say I was told that I had to pay the $50.00 to keep it from going to collections. So, they refused my payment, and sent it to collections, but not befoer charging me over $21.00 a day for late fees, a day!!!. They locked my account and told me I had to deal with the collection company. My bill ended up being almost $300 for a $138 bill. The collection company sent me a letter statting they were offering me a settlement offer at a reduced rate to clear the bill up. It was tax season, I had the funds, so I payed it. Months went by, and still no certificate that I earned by completing the course. I call PF they tell me the account is not paid off. I call the collection company only to find out that by, accepting the settlement offer I will not receive my certificate. Posted a not so nice post on PF facebook, a rep from the school messaged me back, asking for my account information so she could look into it and possibly get it taken care of. Pretty much the same comment from above from PF rep stating they will look into it and get it figuerd out. That was at the beginning of the year. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT ENROLL IN ANY CLASSES WITH PENN FOSTER, THEY ARE THEIFS, AND LIARS!!!

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Resolved awful company

I decided to try the Web Design degree through Penn Foster, and put $150 down towards it and made one payment of $50 after that. I took the online reading and math assessment, which was essentially an elementary level quiz that a fourth grader could have easily passed.

After that, I had some personal issues arise and I couldn't afford the commitment of their degree program. I tried to find out if it was possible for me to switch to a certificate program, which would have been shorter and cheaper in the long run. They said I couldn't, so I decided to cancel. I was then informed I would have to pay over $200 just to cancel the courses!

I thought this was ridiculous, considering the 'books' they sent me, weren't even books! They were paper pamphlets stapled together! And I even offered to send them back! And I hadn't done ANYTHING but take an online quiz for basic math skills! After speaking to SEVERAL people with Penn Foster regarding this, I was told I could cancel my courses and would owe no further money.

Let's also keep in mind, Penn Foster allegedly requires proof of a high school diploma or GED, something I NEVER supplied to them...

Now, it's been almost a year and a half since then, and randomly, out of the blue, I get a collections notice from them for over $200! Are you kidding me?! This is ridiculous!

I sent them the following email.

'I called and CANCELED my courses for Webdesign with your school prior to December of 2007. I did NOTHING with the courses except take the online reading and math assessments. That was it. That was all of it. I didn't do anything further. I had wanted to switch to a certificate program but was informed I couldn't so I decided to just cancel the courses and after speaking to a FEW people, they told me I could, as I hadn't done anything with the courses aside from the reading and math assessment and had already paid $150-200 culmitive.

Now, almost a year and a half later, I received a collections notice for over $200! I CANCELED the courses and was told I owed nothing further! This is ridiculous!

Not to mention, your site said it required proof of high school diploma (which I never supplied!) and yet you're still trying to charge me?! I canceled the course! All i did was take an incredibly elementary math and reading assessment!

I would like this resolved as soon as possible and I am very appalled that your 'school' would do such a thing! '

So, we will see what happens. I am awaiting their response, and will be calling both them and the collection agency first thing in the morning.

  • Pa
    PatriciaN Aug 07, 2009

    I am very dissapointed also PennFoster is not good school.
    people so rude in the offices, books they are no really books, only copies of paper when you want to reach teachers no teachers no communication at night when you want to summited exams the techical support in Foster no good.
    Only they are attention thoses people is charge a lot of money
    Please don't make mistake like me don't go to the school .

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  • Pe
    PennFoster Oct 04, 2012

    I agree this school is not a good school. They cancel your courses for no reason and then force you to pay the rest of the money. I was doing very well in the diplomaa course I was taking with them. They are rip offs. Also when I tried to complain they told me I am not allowed to complain. By law you are wronged and you feel that you have been scammed by a so called reputable company than you have the right to file complains that is your right as a law abiding consumer. They can't take away your right to complain. IF they done something wrong they need to own up to it and resolve the issue and fair about it and not try to threaten other people that do complain. It is their right by consumer protection act. They can't stop anyone from complaining. Anyone that is considering this school please reconsider and do your research well. There are other schools out there such as Ashworth College and they have high school and career school and masters degree which Penn Foster does not offer. Also Ashworth does not charge you extra if you need extra time to complete your course. Penn Foster will charge you $75.00 and will only give you six months extra and keep charging you for every six months if you need extra time. But Ashworth College and their high school program is different they treat students rights and don't cancel classes in the middle and force you out for no reason. Ashworth is also accredited by the US Dept. Of Education and the online education accreditation and is acceptable to transfer in most colleges and universities. Penn Foster is very limited in their accreditation. So Be Very Carefull When Choosing Penn Foster!!! THEY HAVE MANY BAD REVIEWS OF SCAM!!!

    1 Votes

Resolved terrible school

I am a current student of Penn Foster. My class is extremely disorganized. They change the class schedule over and over and no notice is given. I have to adjust my real job schedule to accommodate. The teacher tells people over and over she has too many students and is tired of all the emails. They are rude to people and make you feel stupid for "bothering" them.

They have a participation requirement that is completely unclear. They make you spend time reading about teenage girls face book pages in order to make a participation grade.

The school is a Joke and judging by the quality of the other student this degree would carry no weight.

To bad they don't allow you to cancel as I will be out $1000 for almost no education. Their techniques were outdated and the books were flimsy booklets with no meat to them.

Steer clear folks, if your unhappy your screwed they charge a hefty cancellation fee.

  • Br
    Brandie Mar 20, 2009

    I don't want to be rude towards anyone's opinion, but my experience has been totally different. Any school online or brick and mortar, will have it's difficulties with instructors or the school itself. You just have to roll with the punches and concentrate on your studies. I have found with online courses it is easier, you just move on, with brick and mortar it causes a lot of confrontation, distracting you from your studies.
    I am a Penn Foster student enrolled in the Veterinary Technitian Associates Degree Program. I have enjoyed all of my studies and classes. This course is accredited by the AVMA and afterwards I will be able to take the State Exam. I have enjoyed my studies and classes so far. I think some people think an online education will be a walk in the park. The classes I am taking are not easy and the tests and exams are not easy either. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The instructors I have delt with are professional and have never been rude. However, if you are not following the rules or guidelines of the school, they will let you know. If this happened at a brick and mortar school, you would have a face to face conversation not an email, explaining how to follow the rules. I am not a genious but I have been able to follow the rules just fine. If I do not understand, I can simply post it on the school boards and receive imput from the students or moderators to guide me. The school also offers mentors. As soon as I started I was offered a mentor, which I choose. She is also a student and has helped guide me through my studies and been a great friend. Right now I am on a team for my semester study hall and leading another study hall for other students. I am still in my first semester but I take things seriously and find time to dedicate to help others while helping myself retain the information. If you are an outgoing person and not just in it for the ease of going to school on line, Penn Foster is a great place to be. They are less expensive than any school I have checked out and the payment plan is more than reasonable. All books are included and are text books I have seen for sale at local college book stores. I also want to say that I am 29 years old and haven't been in school since high school and work a full time job as well. To all of those who think online school is an easy way to get a degree or certificate, I want to tell you to rethink that.

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  • Do
    doomette Jun 20, 2009

    I'm currently a student, at the tail end of the second semester. There is absolutely no requirement to look at some "teenaged girl's Facebook" to obtain your participation grade. I have no idea where you got that idea, but I'm wondering if a lot of your complaints stem from a lack of understanding of how the program actually works.

    Of course the instructors are going to get snippy with people. They have to read a ridiculous amount of emails from people who refuse to read simple instructions themselves and expect everything to be explained to them in baby talk. This is a distance learning program, and requires a certain amount of independence and the ability to figure things out for yourself.

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  • St
    Studentatschool Oct 30, 2009

    I have done all the requirements and I still have not received a P for passing in class participation. And in the forum, she said the forums don't count toward anything? This is all very confusing, I would just like to do my school work and can not get my next shipment. what do I do please help!

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penn foster staffwith a mouth

Penn foster because of the staff they think they can talk any way they want to a person and im paying for...

Resolved they're terrible

I enrolled in Penn Foster in June of 2008 in their (what I thought was the Certificate Program) Medical Assisting program. I had to e-mail them and ask for my enrollment agreement and when I received it, it stated that I was in the Associates Degree program which ends up being approx $3, 000 more dollars. I e-mailed them and said there must be a mistake and all that they could tell me was that I would have to cancel this program (which will cost $335.00) and reenroll in the Certificate program.

Then I asked about transferring like it state in the handbook for 50.00 and they said that was for students who paid their tuition in full first. I tried to advise them that my husband was on dialysis awaiting a kidney transplant and they didn't care. So I guess I am stuck paying $3700.00 which will take me years on our income. So I guess I won't get my degree until then.

  • St
    student Sep 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On the positive side, it should still only cost $29/month interest free and you are more likely to get a better paying job with an AA than a certificate.

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  • He
    heather Mar 09, 2009

    I am a current student of Penn Foster and its been nothign but problems. My class is extremely disorganized. They change the class schedule over and over and no notice is given. I have to adjust my real job schedule to accommodate. The teacher tells people over and over she has too many students and is tired of all the emails. They are rude to people and make you feel stupid for "bothering" them.

    They have a participation requirement that is completely unclear. They make you spend time reading about teenage girls face book pages in order to make a participation grade.

    The school is a Joke and judging by the quality of the other student this degree would carry no weight.

    To bad they don't allow you to cancel as I will be out $1000 for almost no education. Their techniques were outdated and the books were flimsy booklets that looked photocopied. I know other people dont get these bu tin my course we do.

    Steer clear folks, if your unhappy your screwed they charge a hefty cancellation fee.

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  • Dh
    DH84 Mar 28, 2011

    I am enrolled in this program. When I started I made sure to pay my tuition in full. I had the option to receive all my study materials at once, which I did. Long story short you DO receive text books so for those complaining you obviously have not reached the point in the program where the text books are required! This is a great program and I am a little over halfway done.

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