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We have replaced our Pella windows and sunrooms numerous times. The metal cladding hides rot until it is too late to repair. We have tried to do everything suggested by Pella to maintain the windows but in some places are in our 3rd replacement. Even if they discount the window somewhat they do not give you the replacement and their is still labor to pay. And what is the point of replacing something with another defective product? Some are the sunroom series and some Proline and architect series.


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    gsmckee Sep 25, 2012

    We have not had good luck with Pella products either. We have also found out the, by purchasing 49 Pella Architect Series Double Hung windows, that Pella does not stand behind their products. We are now working out our differences in a court of law. As many of you may know, once you have been taken by a company, at least in Iowa, we only had 2 years to file with the court for help. We gave Pella the benefit of the doubt and nearly 2 years to fix our windows. They refused to even attempt to provide any communication unless we called every day or emailed every day. We then figured out that Pella was only "playing us" to run out their 2 year time frame. So here we sit, waiting on the Iowa Court System to play out. Our trial is set for Marion County Court, Iowa on February 12, 2013. This has been a long time coming, as we have been homeless since the fall of 2009 when we installed our Pella windows into our home. They leak water/snow so badly that we have an extremely awful mold problem when it is wet. You can see the videos that are posted on YouTube of our home under Pella Window Problems. We posted these so that other home owners could see the potential windows that they might be thinking of putting into their homes. We want to educate the population on our problems. Please do your homework!

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