Pearle Visioncustomer service

Worker name Kate at the Rockoway Nj is very disrespectful to the costumers
Has no manners and is very rude
I experienced her behavior yesterday and I am totally on shock how she's treating g costumers who comes there for the last couple of years
She was also lying about my insurance benefits
First she told me that I have coverage on $300 then when I called insurance she told me that she made a mistake and that my coverage is $400
She also charge me extra money but later on I find out that I wasn't responsible for any amount
She refused to give me my money back by telling me that the frames that I choose are $519 which on the glasses said $269
I am just upset and confused
At this time I am going to report pearl vision to BBB and I hope that this woman is not going to be allowed to work with the people and disrespect them anymore

Oct 11, 2019

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