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Peak Fitness in Clemmons NC has been there only three months, already some of the equiptment needs reupholstering and some parts are actually missing? The radio is extremely loud and has been on the same loop for the three months. You can set your watch to the same songs day after day after day after day...! If you look at their mission statement online you find that they promise to give members a great workout atmosphere to help them achieve their fitness goals...TOTAL BS! They couldn't give a rats ### about anybody or anything! And belive me it shows! If you have fitness question to ask one of the members---good luck---! They just look at you with a stupid look on their face... Duh, I don't know. If you are thinking of joining a gym... keep looking. Maybe a Bowflex would be a better investment!


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    libraplaya23 Feb 23, 2009

    I've been working for Peak Fitness for 6 years, and I've been in the business for 15 years. I must say that the person making this complaint needs help, mentally. 1st of all, I work in the Charlotte market, and I've seen the Clemons club. Does this person expect upholstery to not tear after so much usage, or for equipment not to break? Wow, it would be a very nice world if bad things didn't happen, but guess what- when you have hundreds of people per day (which means 1000 plus per week) using machines, they tear up. I think it has something to do with science or something <sarcasm>. As far as the help that this person receives on the floor, I can't fully speak for b/c I wasn't there at the time in question; but, I can say this- we are taught, by our owner and upper management team, to do all that we can to assist people while they are using our facilities. Now, if I went to Mcdonalds, and I had a employee not treat me well, would I blame the McDonalds corporation? No. But this person says that Peak is terrible b/c of their experience with an employee. Wow! That's pretty narrow minded. Did you even talk to the manager about it? I doubt it. Good luck finding a gym, matter a fact a company, that has perfect employees or that doesn't have equipment go down after continual usage and abuse.

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  • Iw
    Iwantmycountryback Apr 11, 2009

    I have had a contract that specified that renewals would be $150/year for 14 years. Peak Fitness has honored this contract until this year. Now they want $250/year.

    They want me to pay more, but they are providing less and less of an acceptable exercise experience. The club is filthy. A water fountain has been broken for over a year. The towel dispenser in the men's locker room has not been serviceable for weeks. Broken machines are not fixed in a timely manner. It is a pretty awful place.

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  • Jr
    JRorie Nov 15, 2009

    Well I guess the original complaint stands seeing as how the Clemmons gym as well as other locals have gone out of business. Peak Fitness owners should be put in jail for the crap they have pulled. My membership expired and cancelled and they still managed to suck 4 months worth of dues from my account...I hope they all burn in hell and as far as their employee above standing up for them... I would like to hear back from he or she now...that the company has thrown their employees under the bus.

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