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I flew into Denver airport. Our flight arrived into Denver at 10:30 after getting bags and waiting for shuttle we arrived to payless car rental about 11:15. I had a reservation but when I got there they only could give us a big cargo van to drive around denver. They said I could go to another rental place but at 11:30 with a 10 year old it was not an option. They said I could return in morning at 6:30 to trade van in. I had no choice not to do this as I cant drive around a city as big as denver on a huge cargo van. The worst part is I was on a mini vacation and my first morning I had to wake at 6:30 to drive an hour and a half round trip to exchange this van for the car I was originally supposed to have. My plan was to enjoy my mini vacation since I haven't had one in a very long time not to mention it was mine and my sons first vacation since his father (my husband) passed away.
When I arrived Friday morning to do exchange I was explaining to front desk lady that it wasn't my plan to drive over an hour to exchange car. Her response was well you're lucky you even got one.
I bit my tongue because I didnt want to cause a scene. That was completely out if line.
Then to offer zero discount or anything for my troubles is also unacceptable. I am going to write a review but please I'd like someone to contact me first to try to make this right.
Kelly Francis

Sep 30, 2019

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