I purchased Paretologic's RegCure, and for and additional sum of money, also received their Privacy Software. Each time I booted the computer, the Privacy Program would stil be listed, however, it's folder was empty and program's software gone. I contacted Paretologic's Support who of course told me this was the first report of such a problem. They provided a suggestion, which when implemented, did not resovle the problem.

I decided to reload Privacy on a weekly basis and run the program for security. The program would run, after rebooted, the software was again wiped out. After about three weeks of downloading the software and entering the serial key number, I received a computer generated message preventing me from registering the product stati ng that I had loaded the software too many times.

I once again submitted a complaint stating that if they couldn't resolve the problem, I would like a refund for the portion of the cost relating to Privacy Software. I've have yet to receive a reply.

Would appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide.

Thank you in advance.

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