Panera Breadsalad items frozen, product label in sandwich

W Sep 02, 2018

My daughter and I visited the store on Smokey-hill in Aurora tonight 9-1-2018 about 7:00pm I ordered a Cob Salad of which most of the items in it were frozen. We both ordered the 1/2 Italian sandwich of which my daughter found a label from the prepackage of sliced meat. But the bigger concern was the soda machine which the drain pan was plugged and there was Mold in it. I brought this to the attention of a worker she stated they were aware but no one was attending to the problem or at least put an out of order sign on it. The last few times I have went to this store the quality of the food and service has been in decline. I looked around and it was the same both times that the store was left to teenagers to run. Thinking of myself and most teens they will work if they have adult supervision to keep order to the job to be done. Most are there to collect a pay check and if left to do so that is all they will give and it shoes in the food. I was a work lead had ten people working for me in power production so I understand in the currant employment it is hard to hire people who care about what there doing so with what you have the need an adult at all times.

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