Panera Breadnot receiving all items ordered

L Aug 03, 2018

I frequent the Panera Bread by my office, Cafe number 4589 New Orleans LA 70119, and the past few times I have noticed not everything is in my bag when I order rapid delivery. Items missing in the past have been, my baguette side, or spoons for the soup. But today, I decided to go into the store and order at the counter to see if that made a difference, I grabbed my bag, and rushed back to my office because I was running out of time on my lunch break, and when I got back, I had no croutons for my tomato soup, and the salad I ordered was the smallest amount of salad I have ever received from ordering the exact same thing multiple times. I am extremely disappointed in the quality I have received, and it upsets me because I genuinely enjoy the food and that's why I keep giving it another chance, but I am at a point where I don't want to spend any more money to not have the service that is promised. It seems as if whoever is expo, is not paying full attention to what is going in the bags.

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