Panera Breadnew general manager service

P Aug 03, 2018

I've been a faithful at my Woodbridge cafe for about over a year now and I must say I've been pleased with how I have been treated and served each visit. With that being said, recently with the new change of General Mangers it seems that it just slowed down a lot as far as pace of service and lack of care for example. Just today I placed a order to-go everything was perfect my lovely cashier was very helpful as usually, everything was perfect ! until I came across a wait of about 15 minutes for a Mac n cheese and half sandwich which is usually 5-7 mins at most on a busy day. The new General Manager I suppose was literally lost ! I mean I'm sure if he's new to the business but he was absolutely terrible ! One, he was hesitant to run food that sat on the counter in front of him, he literally yelled out "I need runners" not comparing but the last General Manager would absolutely run the food with no problem wouldn't wait for an associate to come help. Two, a lot of joyful employees that are usually happy at all times just aren't themselves anymore it seems, they seem a lot more dull and just plane unhappy. Third, today being my fifth time in the cafe i've literally seen the new General Manager only doing one position which seems to me he's barely doing, you can hear the head person by the computer asking for help and he would literally go find someone else to help and leave an empty spot open for pile up or whatever. Like I said before I'm not comparing because I'm no corporate Panera Bread employee to do so but if I must say the last General Manager was so helpful and really had this cafe moving granted they looked crazy some days with everyone just moving all over the place but it seem to work everyone seemed to enjoy helping one another and seem pleased they could call on their General Manager and know he would help. I'm just not please with how some of my favorite Panera associates just don't seem happy anymore and from what i've seen it's all because the new General Mangers is no help. Please take this into consideration and make my Panera joyful again i've clearly seen the decline as a customer and I'm just not happy with what happen today.

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