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This Bread is filled with sarcastic, rude, disrespectful and unprofessional people. There are several that I must say are very good people. Yet, there is a few I'd like to point out. Sherry (gm), she is absolutely rude. She told me the day of being hired that I would be trained for cashier; I was working a few weeks ago and she told me she wanted to talk to me before I left. Well, I went and talked with her before my shift and she turned around and told me that putting me on cashier training was a mistake. Another incident I have had with her was when she told me about the cleaning board. I did not really know much about it, but she pointed out that I hadn't been doing my cleaning duty (since I had very little knowledge about it). Her pointing it out was fine, but she then turns around and says "didn't someone talk to you about it last week?" in a very sarcastic tone. She then makes me go talk with Ruben. He starts saying that he talked to me last week. And I told him that he didn't. Nor did any other manager. After I said that, he pretty much said I was lying by stating "or maybe you forgot."


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      Jul 23, 2012

    "This Bread is filled with sarcastic, rude, disrespectful and unprofessional people."

    The bread I bought there was filled with flour and dough. I had no idea that people were in the bread too.

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  •   Jul 23, 2012

    sounds like you were too busy cleaning out the register to do your cleaning assignments. did your manager state WHY making you a cashier was a mistake?

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