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M Aug 05, 2018

Modesto Mchenry Avenue Panera Bread store drive-thru this is the third incident that I have had with them so I'm going to make a complaint and I plan on going further I'm very upset because this time we received food that was so stale and old we took a bite out of it and almost wanted to puke it taste like chemicals it was so bad I've never tasted anything so bad like this it was like you pulled it out of the garbage put it in a box and gave it to me it was totally bad the second time before this incident I went through the drive-thru and the representative for Panera had fingernails that were so long and I can't believe how long they were and she was working at the counter giving change back and she cut me with her long nail and I bled that was very very upsetting I spoke with the manager about it it happened not too long ago now this is the third and final incident of something that has happened at Panera and I'm very upset because not only did he get me sick but my son there stairs stale food and I'm very unhappy please contact

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