Pakistan International Airlines [PIA]station manager at dubai airport

R Sep 05, 2018

Dear Sir,
I reached here through google search, As per the above details I want to file a complaint against your Station Manager Mr Manzoor at Dubai International Airport.
I was with my family (6 tickets including kids) from Dubai to Peshawar at 09 August 2018 PK 283, PNR FILDBC & HKKFRR. During on board, I was in the Queue for boarding, my passport & my family passport was on counter with the concern person for issuing boarding card. Mr Manzoor brought someone with him to by pass, I said that i have family & kids, my work is almost finish. I didnt knew that he is a Station Manager of PIA because he was not in a uniform to represent PIA. He told to the counter man to reject his Baggage because it is over size. The counter man reject it and told me that he is the station manager, we cannot do anything. I told him that please I have family and kids are crying, already you accept it and now you are rejecting...? he said that I know but we are under him so we are sorry about that. I was looking for Mr Manzoor and I told him that please I have family and kids are crying, I didn't knew before so for God sake I need a solution. He said that no and he left. I was calling calling and I found person Mr Mahmood. I request him, he said that ok but 1st rip it well and bring it. I do the same. Mr Manzoor came and tell Mr Mahmood to reject and went again. I told Mr Mahmood please what is going on with me, , , , ? He said that what you did with him... I explain the story and I request for rules that what is the next option, if something happen like that...? He said that you should to pay Dhs 150 per bag but the counter is closed now. I told OK, I am paying. I was begging him and he said that I will take one bag from you the other 2 I cannot because the counter is close already. He reject 2 and took only one. Also I was receiving warnings of flight that you will miss that. After these all, I was running with my family in Dubai Airport towards plane to avoid missing.
I explain you all the seen, if I have right, Kindly do it something for me.
I will appreciate your positive reply.

Thanks with best Regards, , , , , , , ,
Rasool Rehman

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