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Complaints & Reviews

overnight prints took multiple days!

I am from Indiana and decided to go to a helicopter conference in California, at the Robinson Helicopter Company. Since I have a helicopter business, I decided that I needed to take business cards with me to hand out with special pricing. I went on the web and found overnightprints.com and actually saw that they had an overnight shipping option. I ordered the business cards on March 7th, 2019 and was happy to see that there was a guaranteed delivery date on check out for March 8th. I left for my conference on March 10th and followed tracking to see that the business cards arrived my home in INDIANA on March 11th! When I contacted the company, explaining that the point of having overnight business cards was to have them with me for the conference, they offered to refund part of the shipping. They just did not get the big picture! The business cards had special pricing for this event on them. When I returned home after the conference, I had a box of worthless cards! $61.41 wasted!

business card order

Well, things haven't changed with this vendor from what I've now read in previous posts. I ordered business cards. I received cards that were poorly printed, unevenly cut white edges, images were cut off, not centered, not to standard business card specs, no two cards are alike!

Overnight printing refused refund and continually argued that it was my file and not their process. However, the file has since been printed by another vendor who got it right. Poor business practices, no QA and nonexistent customer service with Overnight Printing. No excuse for operating a business like this. These cards are embarrassing both to me as a customer, and to them as a product of their business.

horrible low-quality printing

I've used Overnight Prints with multiple companies, multiple mailings. This last order was for 2, 000 postcards, with mailing service. We received a handful of postcards back for bad addresses, allowing me to see the most horrendous print job I have ever seen. The front of the postcard looked like someone took a knife and forcefully scraped away half of the photo and in addition the postcards were cut crooked! Completely unacceptable.

I immmediately contacted Customer Service, and they told me to take photos and email to [protected]@overnightprints.com After 3 business days of not hearing anything, I contacted them again. The response was pitiful. I spoke with Anthony, who blamed USPS on the smearing of the ink, and said he could not "see" where they cut them crooked. Thanks, Anthony! They offered zero compensation, a weak apology and deferred blame.

I work for a very small company, where every penny counts. To have this error happen is very detrimental to our business. We will not be using Overnight Prints ever again and I would not recommend other companies use either. There are many other companies with better customer service, and way better quality that Overnight Prints. Go elsewhere.

horrible low-quality printing

brochure printing

OvernightPrints.com accepted my order and had me pay extra for FEDEX overnight delivery. The order was placed on 16 Oct for delivery on 20 October. They sent it out on the 19th and sent it FEDEX SmartPost which is USPS for delivery 8 days later. They charged me for FEDEX Overnight. My event was on the 26th and I had to reprint all materials with a reputable printer. I looked up the shipping and noted that the expected delivery date was 27 Oct and not 20 October as Overnightprints.com promised and charged me for. When I called, no explanation on why they charged me for overnight FEDEX and used USPS ground for delivery a week after they promised.


People read the reviews and avoid this terrible company. Overnight Prints is not to be trusted, these people are ridiculous and highly unprofessional! I have ordered some Christmas post cards from them and what I received was absolutely terrible, printing was very bad. I contacted them and they promised me a refund but I never received my money back. Later when I contacted Overnight Prints and asked them to redo my order they refused! They said that they can offer me a small discount on my next order. I will never buy anything from them again!!

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Postcards & Envelopes

I ordered 50 invitations and envelopes but I received 49 invitations, 59 envelopes and they cut it pretty poorly. I called customer service and they would not send me the 1 invitation that I needed. I didn't want the refund because I run a small Etsy shop and this order was for a customer. AJ kept insisting that he can only give me a refund or I would have to order 25 invitations but pay only for shipping. Seriously?!

It's their fault they messed up but they'd rather ship me 25 then just send the measley one that I needed. I know they mass produce items but come on. QUALITY CONTROL here people.

Horrible customer service & delayed order

Placed order: 1/26/2016
Order #: [protected]

If you value customer service and a quick turnaround, this is absolutely NOT the place.

We placed an order for our museum for custom magnets for an event. We ordered them early in the week and chose a shipping option that would have our product to us well before the event. The day they were estimated to arrive, I checked our order status and it still said they were in production, so I called and spoke to someone. My experience started out great - he apologized for the delay in production and even called the production facility to check on the order, since I told him that we needed the product for an event that weekend. After speaking with the production facility, he assured me that they were finished and being shipped THAT NIGHT and would arrive at our museum the next day. His words were "The only thing that could delay the order at this point is the shipper, since that is not our company." The next day (Friday, ) I called to check in, and our order was still sitting in the production line, not packed, not shipped. I was told I would not receive the magnets until Monday - the day AFTER our event. I explained that this was unacceptable and asked them to please overnight the order for delivery on Saturday. I was told that they couldn't do that because their shipping agencies (FedEx and UPS) don't deliver on the weekends??? I'm sure you understand my confusion at that statement.

We attempted to cancel the order so that we could request a refund, since this product was no longer going to be of use to us AFTER the event we needed them for. They refunded our shipping cost but refused to refund the cost of the product itself. I spoke with multiple supervisors. One told us she would review correspondence and get back to us with a decision, and never called back. The next "supervisor" seemed to try to help the situation, but was "unable" to do anything. Every person I spoke with admitted that it was their company's fault that this order was delayed, but they did NOTHING to try to resolve this situation for their customer. I have never had such a horrible customer service experience.

They should have refunded our order and been done with it. That would have been the appropriate response to this situation.


Had been using this company for a few months and always had issues with the customer service. They always seemed put off that you had to call them. Delivery is never guaranteed, no matter what shipping date you've paid for. And when you ask them, your told everything is an estimate. The prices were good and worth putting up with the mistreatment.

My LAST order with them was 2 sets of greeting cards & envelopes. I received both sets of envelopes but only 1 set of cards. But also received another clients order in with mine. I called Overnight Prints to inform them what happened and told them about the incorrect order shipped to me. I was asked to take a photo of the outer envelope and email it to them, which I did within an hour of my phone call.

At the same time I was told my order would reprinted and that it would be shipped with the same method of shipping I initially choose. So that meant another 2-3 weeks, and when I asked why I needed to wait that long due to it being their error, I was told that's because of the initial shipping I choose and paid for.

So again they could care less that I've been a faithful customer and they screwed the order up and that I now had to tell my customer that they would have to wait double the time I promised them.

Now 10 days go by and I go to check the status of my order to find out it hasn't even begun to print, never mind ship. I'm now told that until I take a photo of the order (not the outer envelope) that they will not start the reprinting of my order that they never shipped in the first place. So the rest of my order is being held hostage at this point.

Keep in mind 5 days after I emailed the outer envelope photo I get a response from Overnight Prints customer service asking me how they can help me and that they appreciate my business. No mention of the photo I sent them or my order. I emailed them back expressing that this must be a joke since their email had nothing to do with my email to them or order.

I then call them to find out where my order is and was told about my order being held hostage. Beforehand, at no point in any of these conversations was I told to hold onto the incorrect order or that it would need to be sent back. I no longer had the order, as there was no reason to hold onto it. But now being told that my order would not be printed.

The order has now been long billed and paid for with American Express, thankfully. Who in turn has refunded the cost of the missing items and filing a grievance with Overnight Prints.

Of course after trying to contact the owner of Overnight Prints on Linkedin.com and emailing them, informing them that a grievance would be filed with American Express, I receive an email asking me to ship the incorrect order back they would process a refund. Much too late since AMEX has taken care of it for me.

This company treats customers like your a bother to them. They clearly don't want to work for their customers and service is not their strong suit. There are a number of companies that will treat you nicer. Uprinting.com, moo.com, sheet-labels.com, printrunner.com & ebaprinting.com.

All this less than 2 weeks after the owner of the company, Michael Wolfe, sends out an email to all customer apologizing for the poor service and that they were looking to change and be better. More lip service since Michael could find the time to correct yet one more problem his company created.

Delayed Order Staff Sends Shipping Policy and the Lies About it

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING HERE. I ordered letterheads and envelopes. These are advertised as shipped in 9 business days. They did not ship in 9 business days. They are expected to be delivered more than 3 weeks after placing the order. The supposed 9 business days includes delays in when you submit the order and when payment is processed, which is a few days added on to the 9 business days that you are promised from when you place the order.

When I called on day 9, after seeing my order as "in production" I was told that it was being shipped within the promised time frame, but that the time frame would be longer for me because I chose the "cheapest shipping" - that's a funny one. Because the website promises goods shipped in 9 business days and received in 14 business days. When I said this to each of the reps, I was told that my order was being filled in this timeframe--when it absolutely was not. The did, however, offer to upgrade the shipping if I paid for express shipping now -- 9 business days after they processed the order. This 9 business days after they processed the order is more like 2 weeks because of the weekend and processing time delays that they take no responsibility for.

The staff are obviously trained to simply repeat the same few lies over and over, no matter what you say to them. I could easily point out how the website promises goods shipped in 9 business days and received in 14 business days, yet none of the staff would own up to the fact that this claim is made on all areas of the website that deals with shipping times and prices. Instead they insisted that I prove to them what their own website says with a "screenshot."

This is the type of business this is. The prices are actually cheap. But I am very happy spending more for a company that can honor its own claims. To deny the claims made on the website and insist that the estimated shipping date on my invoice was what I was promised when I placed the order is simply false. The website promises shipped in 9 business days, received in 14 business days. The invoice adds several "business days" to what you are promised and also adds a few additional business days for payment to be processed. That 14 business day claim is realistically 19-20 business days. That is One Month.

The staff are obviously told to lie and run interference, while denying the claims made on the company website. They also claimed I could not cancel my order even though it was not printed. Then I was told the return address envelopes were "nearly done" printing so "no one" could cancel my order and give me a refund. When I disputed the charge with my CC company after being refused a refund and instead offered to be refunded my shipping, the CC agent asked if I was aware of their cancellation policy. I said I did not know what the policy is or if there was one. Though, while on the phone with him, I quickly found it on the website. The policy is full refund if not yet printed. However, my items are not listed as printed, but I was still denied a refund. Obviously, this is why the overnightprints rep changed his claim that they were not printed to the were "nearly done" printing as soon as I demanded to cancel the order and requested a refund. Meanwhile, we are only talking 1000 letterheads and 1000 envelopes. There is simply no way this small an order could be "nearly done." The order would have been completely done if it were printing during anyone of the 10 minute pauses to wait for any one rep Patrick's responses to me in chat. Mind you, the only reason I went to chat was because I could not get a person on the phone while on hold over an hour and after being similarly lied to via email

I do not care what the cost might be to get these letterheads and envelopes elsewhere. There is simply no reason the order should take this long. Nor is there any reason that the staff should simply lie and deny like this. I have never dealt with any company that pretends the claims made on its own website to get people to place orders do not exist and then insist that the only shipping time frame I was promised was the one on my invoice AFTER placing the order based upon the claims made on the website BEFORE placing the order.

I am glad I only placed a small order. I will not purchase anything from this website ever again. If you are in need of supplies like letterheads and envelopes do not buy them here, unless you don't mind their we get to do whatever we want with your order no matter what we promised on our website attitude. I could literally here the reps in what sounded like a small call center joking about the complaints they were receiving while talking to a female rep and chatting with Patrick over the internet.

Yeah, excellent work. Try to insult me for relying on the representations made on your own website because I ordered "Economy" shipping. And then try to get me to spend more for shipping on an already unreasonably delayed order. Right. That'll keep em coming back forever. I am going through the process of cancelling this transaction with my CC company. I can say that the CC company knows that in the 17 years I've had the card that I am not a person who goes around disputing transactions all the time. I don't think I ever have.

I know that as far as ordering anything from Overnightprints.com. I never will.

Resolved Shipping SCAM

I ordered from OvernightPrints.com, and paid for 2 day expedited shipping. Well, I just received a very cavalier call from them, saying my product was not shipped, and that I wouldn't be getting my $300 dollar order, because of a company mistake.

I asked that I get refunded the very expensive (over $100 - just for shipping alone) costs. They refused, and said that they would send the cards if i wanted them, but that they would not refund me any costs of the shipping, and wouldn't do anything to rectify their mistake.

How can this SCAM take place? They charge me for a rush delivery, then make a mistake... then not refund me? Are they serious?
That is STEALING. Period.

Resolved Bad job done and bad Service

I used Overnightsprints.com for the first time and I will never use it again. The bookmarks they printed were not centered because of cutting problem. They said it was my fault because the bookmark design had a border and reprinting was not an option. They did offer a return option but I would get only 50% credit back. I asked if I could reprint the bookmarks at half price to save the mailing and processing time for return because I need the bookmarks soon, they rejected. I just tried to find a printing company I could trust to do my long term printing job. Overnightsprints.com obviously failed my test.

Resolved Rip off

Terrible printing job and despicable customer service. After ordering 1, 000 postcards at a cost of over $170, I became aware, when I got a third of the way through the box, that the remainder of the cards were printed with wildly different colors and exposures. They looked terrible, and a vast number were unusable. When I contacted the company about reprinting the order, they refused because it was more than 30 days after I placed my order. I explained why I hadn't been aware of the problem earlier, but that the printing was faulty. But they still REFUSED to correct their faulty printing job. I own a business myself and have a 30-day return policy. But when I sell something that is discovered to be defective, I will ALWAYS take it back, no matter how much time has passed. The reputation of my business depends on it. This company obviously doesn't care about its reputation, and it certainly doesn't care about its customers.(Oh, and did I mention how rude and surly their "customer service" reps were?

  • Overnight Prints Mar 17, 2010

    Good Afternoon, Andrew: We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with our products nor service. In an effort to try to rectify the situation, please contact me via email at: [email protected] Sincerely, Leona OvernightPrints.com

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Resolved Horrible Customer Service

I predict this company must do something right now to improve its customer service or it will be gone by June 2010. I ordered the printing of 1, 000 tri-fold brochures from the company earlier this month. In the past, I've ordered business cards and post cards from them, but never had a complaint. I'm someone who generally doesn't write complaints like this, except when I feel I'm being abused or severely neglected.

I paid via my PayPal account and confirmed the payment in the PayPal account section and with my bank which confirmed the funds had been withdrawn for payment. I even sent screen shots of my account information to OvernightPrints.com, but they refused to believe the facts.

I've tried calling OvernightPrints.com repeatedly, but there's a message about their phone system being down. I'm really concerned that they're going out of business and keeping everyone's money before they do.

I don't mind a company admitting their service is lacking, but be honest about it. Sendme a note or call me to say you understand my concern -- especially if I've been complaining for weeks. This is why companies go under and there's no doubt that overnightPrints.com is abou to go out of business, unless they change dramatically. I've seen a fair number of complaints for other people on the internet about their bad service. It's a shame we have to waste out time complaining, but it's also out duty to warn others and I'll do everything in my power to do so.

John Schneider
Alexandria, VA

Horrible Customer Service

  • Bu
    BusinessOwner1 May 12, 2010

    Looks like you just are an idiot and don't know how to use PayPal, or your payment method didn't go through because your debit card or bank account was lacking funds. I'm sure it was an error on your part and the email basically proves your ignorance. I have purchased 3 separate sets of 1000 cards from overnight prints and have yet to find a better deal on any website which allows you to create/upload your own design and high-gloss both sides for free. $39.95 (after promo code BC100) for 1000 full color double sided gloss cards is an INCREDIBLE deal. Never been late never had an issue and great quality cards. It's an internet company. Don't expect the customer service to be immediate. There staff is probably under 25 people which most of them work the printing machines/presses. In conclusion, stop being a baby, contact PayPal and they will refund your money if it was in fact taken out of your account without a product received, and move on with your life. Plenty of other companies out there to use, to bad you disowned the cheapest one haha

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Hope it's not to late... First, I ordered and no response about shipping. I had to call only to find out since I ordered UPS ground it puts my order in the back of everyone else. After waiting weeks my order finally arrives and the whole thing is wrong. Quality of the paper is bad and the writing is upside down. Once you upload your images you get NO final view of your card. You have no way of knowing what it is going to look as a finished product. Then, they tried to tell me someone looks at the product to see if it is correct. That was a lie confirmed by them. HORRIBLE customer service.
Don't know what else to say. Still mad and disappointed.

  • Ds
    DSDS Oct 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do not let the prices sell you on thier services. They offer terrible quality, send your orders to the wrong addresses, terrible customer service- they do not even return your call and will keep you orders hostage once you have paid for them. They take zero responsibility for thier poor quality and continuos defective products. This company is high risk to any business owner or person looking for quality service.

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  • Ir
    Irina Jan 07, 2009

    We are a repeat customer of Overnight Prints for our business cards; and we couldn't be happier. Absolute top-quality product, good service, and fast turnaround time.

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  • I was told about Overnight Prints by a customer, so I tried them. Not too bad, so I've continued to used them for the past year and a half. Recently I reorder a previous printing job from them expecting the same results since they were using the same files. I didn't need to reupload my files since they retain the files in their archive. The reprint didn't even come close. After not having my emails answered I finally talked to them by telephone after being on hold for over 20 minutes. The said they would reprint the letterhead at no charge but that I would need to return the bad printing job. I never received my return instruction so I called again. This time they said they would send out the return instruction, but the printing department report said it was "client error". Why can't they reprint and get close to the original printing? It wasn't even close! Anyway, the bad printing was returned and now the credit is only for half the order even though they told me they would reprint the order free of charge except for shipping. Again no replay to my email. I will cross my figures and use the credit, but I will never use them again. Stay away from using Ovenight Prints!

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  • Sm
    Smitty Nov 06, 2009

    TOTALLY AGREE. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE. They do not care about their product or their customers

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  • Overnight Prints Dec 10, 2009

    I'm sorry to hear that you had an unsatisfactory experience with our company. I'd be happy to look into your order and see how I may be able to assist you further. You may contact me directly by emailing [email protected]

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  • Al
    alexe762 Feb 07, 2010

    I wish I read more about them before I bought my biz cards two month ago.So far the have my 55.85 and no business card.PayPal did nothing and they are not communicating. They scam people and have a very poor costumer service that don't communicate between each other.One promise to fix the prob;em and other just screw's even worse.DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.Find someone else and stay away from them.

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  • De
    designer21 Feb 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can't believe I didn't research them more before wasting $300. Overnight Prints is the WORST printing company for postage cards. DO NOT USE Overnight Prints! What a waste of time & money. I could kick myself!

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  • Mi
    Michael Mar 04, 2012

    I placed an order with Overnight Prints for business cards and I paid for regular standard shipping because I didn't need them right away. It's been 8 days since my order was placed and so I called to check on it. I was told that it has not been printed yet. I was shocked. They explained that since I picked the standard shipping and that the arrival date was so far away, they were going to let the order sit there for 9 business days and then ship it so that it gets to me by the date promised. I explained that I agreed to regular shipping, but that I didn't agree to slow production of my product and that I expected my product to be produced right away. Then once shipped, it would take as long as it takes based on the shipping; not based on the fact that the order was just sitting there for two weeks (9 business day). It looks like "Overnight Prints" is not so overnight. I cancelled my order and will not give business to them again. That is very bad customer service.

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  • PascalSmits Aug 11, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Overnight Prints does offer very fast shipping if you are willing to pay for the upgrade.
    Normal delivery time for these companies is up to 20 days for business cards (or any other prints)
    It is simply part of their business model: If a client is willing to pay extra for fast shipping they make more money.
    If you are not willing to pay, they will put you end of the line and you can expect delivery to take 15-20 days. Same thing with Vistaprint.
    Always get a discount coupon if you order from these large companies - it will save you extra money.

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Resolved terrible quality

Business cards off-centered and trimmed to the wrong size. Sent several e-mails with ZERO response.
Spend your money with these bozos and you'll end up having to pay again to have it done correctly.

I gave them 3 jobs over the course of a year and they screwed up EVERY JOB. Every freaking one.
Judging by the shear number of complaints here, if you sent them a job and it turned out O.K., then you really lucked-out.
AVOID at your own peril.

Resolved Turnaround Time & Product Quality


I ordered 500 Christmas cards for my client on November 25, 2008, knowing that Overnight Prints (OP) would not be printing or shipping on Thanksgiving Day or the day after. I gave my client a shipping date of Wednesday, December 3, 2008. On the following Sunday, November 30, 2008, I called OP to upgrade the print job to Express Printing with overnight delivery. I paid almost as much for that upgrade than I did for the card order. Since then, I have spoken to OP every single day inquiring about my order, even going so far as to upgrade yet again to Saturday delivery. Today, Saturday, December 6, 2008, I was told that they had not yet been shipped and the earliest I would have them would be Tuesday, December 9, 2008, but that she still would not give any guarantees.

On my last order (another Christmas card order), they did the scoring off-center and I had to cut every single card so that the inside of the card wasn't hanging down behind below the bottom of the front of the card.

Furthermore, I have been using OP almost exclusively for my client's business cards, postcard mailers, rack cards, brochures, etc. and at times, have reordered the same exact product with the same exact design file and received a print job with completely different shades of the original color.

You absolutely cannot depend on the quality, consistency or delivery of jobs done through Overnight Prints. If you do, understand that you are taking a huge risk.

  • Ka
    Katbaldwin Sep 30, 2010

    DITTO! I am at an end with Overnight Prints!

    Time and time again they've messed up the color on my jobs, and I am very careful to use only print spectrum colors. My clients get frustrated and so do I. I sent in a very simple job recently and discovered they now stretch out the shipping time unless you pay extra. It took three week to get the job turned around using the basic shipping. Oh, and then it came back way too light, looked faded, nothing like the upload. I told the complaints people but I don't have time to mess with them. I'm done. I'm steering my clients away from Overnight. There are plenty of good online printers.

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  • Overnight Prints Nov 09, 2010

    Dear Katbaldwin,

    I would like to apologize for the unsatisfactory product you have received. We strive to provide you with the best product possible, and when you feel that it fails to meet your expectations, it's important for us to know.

    From my understanding of the situation you experienced a error in the printing resulting in the color being lighter/faded then what you ordered. Due to our printing process; colors being off sometimes do occur from time to time. We print all of our orders "Gang Run", which simply means we print multiple jobs on one run or one press sheet. Without reviewing your file specifications it is hard to say what exactly went wrong.

    Overnight Prints has taken steps to simplify our shipping process and to make delivery times more visible to customers sooner on our website (each product page). Instead of selecting a printing type you actually chose the date you need your order but. We have also implemented a new Emergency shipping method. You can now buy your order today and get it tomorrow as long as your payment is received by 5pm PST.

    I have attached a copy of what our new process looks like for your review. If you have any questions about the process please feel free to email me at [email protected] Again, we apologize for any frustration this has caused you.

    Thank you,


    Overnight Prints


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  • Mi
    Michael Mar 04, 2012

    I placed an order with Overnight Prints for business cards and I paid for regular standard shipping because I didn't need them right away. It's been 8 days since my order was placed and so I called to check on it. I was told that it has not been printed yet. I was shocked. They explained that since I picked the standard shipping and that the arrival date was so far away, they were going to let the order sit there for 9 business days and then ship it so that it gets to me by the date promised. I explained that I agreed to regular shipping, but that I didn't agree to slow production of my product and that I expected my product to be produced right away. Then once shipped, it would take as long as it takes based on the shipping; not based on the fact that the order was just sitting there for two weeks (9 business day). It looks like "Overnight Prints" is not so overnight. I cancelled my order and will not give business to them again. That is very bad customer service.

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Survival Guide

Overnight Prints has grown too fast for its own good. The majority of its products are good, but is fallen short of living up to its name. "Overnight" refers to the time of day that they print, not how fast they print. Only business cards and 4x6 postcards are printed in 1 day, everything else takes 3 days or more, and don't even think about getting envelopes, stamps, or t-shirts. This is a company that will do anything to make more money. If they stuck to what they were good at- postcards, greeting cards, and business cards- they would make a bundle and be able to provide a good service.

As is, Overnight Prints delays have quadrupled since they started offering more postcard sizes, bookmarks, and rack cards. Just to let you know, when you call in you are talking to someone in Las Vegas, if you call File Help or Reprints, they are in California, and most of the printing is done in Kentucky. This splitting of the company causes miscommunication and the people that answer your calls haven't got a clue as to what is really going on where decisions are made or where the production is happening.

It is also important to know that it is a small company handling thousands of orders a day, so don't think you are special, even if your order is over $500 with shipping- which is padded to the extreme to put more money in some rich guy's pockets- ONE GUY OWNS THE PRINTING SHOP, THE CUSTOMER SERVICE COMPANY, and THE ONLINE SERVICE. When you order from Overnight Prints, you are actually using 3 companies under one umbrella corporation, and communication between them SUCKS. Don't even think about getting a call back from a supervisor within a day, WON'T HAPPEN. Don't think that no one is picking up the phone, you're just waiting in a line longer than the one at the DMV.

Also, FREE SHIPPING iS BS- this is the crappiest delivery option available online. Overnight Prints makes good products for the most part, but their delivery sucks. As stated on their website, there is NO GUARANTEE ON TURNAROUND FOR BASIC GROUND SHIPPING- What a load of horse #[email protected]#! They will get it to you, eventually, but it could take a month and its still on time according to their Terms of Service- and they will quote you on it.

There is a guarantee on turnaround, but if it is late the only way you will find out is if you track it yourself. They will never tell you if there is a problem, well, almost never. Overnight Prints is also not responsible for whatever you pay someone else to make up for them being late. I had to pay Kinko's more than twice what I paid Overnight Prints for absolute crap merchandise, BUT IT WAS ON TIME!!

Overnight Prints does somethings good, but what you would expect from their name is the thing they do the worst- OVERNIGHT- or moreover, anything fast. As the old saying goes, in service, you can get it fast, cheap, or good. Overnight Prints merchandise is relatively cheap for the quality, high quality most of the time, but rarely fast, and when they are fast, it's outrageously expensive. Don't Expect anything on time over the Holiday Season, that's for sure

  • Fr
    Free Business Card Bailout Jun 13, 2009

    All companies have growing campaigns, if you want to give them a shot with all there products try www.freebusinesscardbailout.com for 500 free cards just pay shipping and handling

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  • Ch
    ChrisM Jul 26, 2009

    I agree - you should really try www.printprintprint.biz. They have overnight printing service available for low prices. Their quality is Excellent and turnaround is super fast!

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  • Tg
    tgram Jan 14, 2010

    overnightprints.com sucks. They don't pay attention to the cards while they are being trimmed, leaving content in the "safe zone" not so safe from being trimmed away. They have a very nice staff that is almost immune to unsatisfied customers (they must deal with a lot of them), and they won't budge when it comes to reprints and reorders. Very unsatisfied with their work, and will never, ever rely on them again.

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  • Am
    Amy Edward Mar 24, 2010

    I have tried them twice for different things and I didn’t like them either time. I gave them a second chance because a lot of people rave about them. Both times I was very disappointed. I will not ever use them for anything ever again. I know how you feel. I used http://www.printfac3.com for my post card and business card. And I couldn’t be happier with them, my card was stunning.

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Horrible quality & customer service!

I decided back in December to place an order with Overnightprints.com for a sell run of business cards. I...

Totally dissatisfied with the service!

I am very dissatisfied with this service. I have referred many people to Overnight Prints, since I am in real estate. Normally, I do not have tight timelines on printing bulk items, however these cards were for my wedding and Overnight Prints has drastically let me and the wedding party down. I have not received a credit yet on my credit card. How could I do business or recommend the company again?

Date ordered: 4/10/2007
Date completed printing: 4/12/2007
Date of 1st Contact with Customer Service: 4/13/2007
Date of 2nd Contact with Customer Service: 4/16/2007
Date of 3rd Contact with Customer Service: 4/17/2007
Date of 4th Contact with Customer Service: 4/18/2007

Customer Service Responses:
Friday, 4/13/2007
CS Rep: Order will ship today.

Monday, 4/16/2007
CS Rep: Order has shipped but we don't have the tracking number yet to update website.

Tuesday, 4/17/2007
CS Rep: Order in shipping department (CS called shipping). Apologized as type of cards is a new product. Offered to overnight ship and said I would receive tomorrow 4/18/2007.

Wednesday, 4/18/2008 (excerpts from chat)
Branden: Turn around time 72 hours. Strangely enough, these have not shipped.
Ken: It has been 195 hours.
Branden: I am aware of this.
Branden: I was notified that these cannot now be located.
Branden: I will send them to reprint and have them shipped out to you with Next Day Air Saver
Ken: So you are saying a week from today?
Branden: Unfortunately, yes I do apologize.
Branden: Can I issue you a discount on a future order?
Ken: At this point I really don't think an apology is enough. I have to check with the bride's maid on what to do.... rsvps are needed to complete bridal shower reservations... calling her now
Branden: I'm offering all that I can sir.
Branden: This is why I am trying to issue a credit for a discount on a future order.
Ken: Anyway to get them here by Friday?
Branden: Unfortunately, we cannot, the turnaround is 72 hours.
Branden: These are printed on a digital press.
Branden: Tuesday is the soonest.
Ken: At this point I have been lied to 3 times... set expectations of others. I truly expect the fastest turn around time and a full credit.
Branden: To receive a full credit on any of our products, we will not be able to ship you the product.
Branden: What I can do is offer you the quickest turnaround possible and a credit on a future order,
Ken: I know you can only do what you can do. Please give me the upper management email address(s). I have to follow up. At this point these cards are worthless.
Ken: Hate to take the heat out on you, but now I have the bride and her maids all over me.
Ken: Provided phone # for management, no response from management.
Ken: Sorry, cancel the order and issue credit. We are going to Kinkos
Branden: Ok
Branden: You want the $85.10 in credit?
Ken: Yes, please.

  • Al
    Alan Staats May 26, 2009

    Overnight Prints has become one of the worst vendors I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with in the course of my 35+ year career. Their quality control, color fidelity, customer "service" and just plain honesty are non-existent. DO NOT USE THIS PRINTER.

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  • Ad
    AdamP May 27, 2009

    I have used Overnight Prints before, and been happy with their service, turn around time and quality of the product... Notice I'm not saying anything about their color... I have had almost a dozen people tell me that they'll go to their order screen and just do a "Re-order" of the previous cards, and the color will be COMPLETELY off...

    Anyway, back to the complaints...

    This time, however, I was not so lucky. I placed an order for business cards and matching magnets. I even had a 20% discount code. I received a confirmation of what I was ordering as well as how much I paid for the order. Today I receive my business cards, but no magnets. When I look up my order, the magnets are no longer listed, nor is the discount.

    I called the customer service department and was basically called a liar, when I mentioned that I ordered the magnets. I kept offering to forward on the order confirmation, but they refused to give their email address. The lady was very snotty and refused to see my side of the issue.

    When she did her math and realized that what she thought I ordered and what I paid for was different, instead of thinking that I might be right, she told me that I was overcharged. No. I was not overcharged. I ordered two products and received a discount. Even after I proved that the shipping and handling would be different had I only ordered business cards, but she just continued to state that I was overcharged, even though all totals backed up my story and negated theirs... It's been very painful... I'm currently on my fourth phone call to them... Been on the phone for almost two hours now with three different people (got the snotty girl again on my third call... But the second time she was VERY nice and VERY helpful, I think partially due to the fact that she started seeing that I had a point, no matter what their records said)... Still no resolution.

    They keep offering to refund me the difference... That's all fine and dandy, but they're still skirting around the issue. I ordered two products and paid for them. I received a confirmation of what I ordered. Their records are completely skewed! How could this even happen? How can I have a confirmation, but they have no record of that even existing???

    Now they don't even know their own pricing! They just gave me a discount on the business cards because they thought they charged me too much! Better believe I'm being honest about it! I paid $39.95 for 500 business cards and $10.00 extra for the rounded corners... How am I to feel confident that they're going to resolve my issue when they can't even read the order and see that it's more money because I added something? Oh man...

    Sad thing is, even IF they rectify this order, I still can't say that I'd ever go through them again! And I had planned on using them for a GREAT DEAL of my products... Their loss!

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Save yourself the nightmare!

I purchased a set of business cards & a set of postcards from Overnightprints.com on Sept. 28, 2006, well it...