Outback Steakhouseservice at the king of prussia outback on 9/01/2018

J Sep 01, 2018

9/01/18 20:14 Server David D (#792) check #0268
Once we were seated at the high tables which were not out preference, but the only available, drink order & appetizers followed. Because our entree was so delayed; we ate all of our appetizers which is unusual for me; making me eata small portion of my entree! We asked the server to bring a takeout carton. The carton he returned with was small, so I asked him if he thought a barely eaten entree, would fit in the container
that he returned with? I added that I had taken out leftover food in a much larger container and his response was that what he provided me with was the standard!

What disturbed me was the tone the server used; which appeared confrontational to both me & my husband! Mind you, this is my 3rd experience at Outback and there have been 2 instances of customer dissatisfaction: the 1st was food and this complaint is about service! As we attempted to check out, the server provided a check and did not provide a pen; when he returned to pick up the check it wasn't signed, it was an "oops moment!" Perhaps we need to dine during the service of Ricky McCode, who provided excellent service during our last encounter.

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