Outback Steakhouse in Asheville NCthe "manager" 5:45 pm on 1/29/18

J Jan 29, 2018 Review updated:

I travel 2 hours to come to this Outback with my family but today will be the last day I step foot in that place. The manager up front was very rude and so was the waitress that was taking us to a table actually she was probably the host whoever wears the white button up shirts she wore glasses but anyway I want something done about this because I simply wanted to sit at a booth in the back with my son and wife that way we were alone just in case my son started to get rowdy after all he is just 16 months old but the woman got very close and in my personal space which was supposed to be the manager and she told us that the waitress couldn't take an extra 5 Steps to get to us at that table because there were no servers at that time for that particular table. She wanted to put us next to a bunch of Rowdy people where my son and me and my wife were not comfortable also it was in the bar area. I want to be contacted by someone to fix this issue and to be apologized to. We spend at least $80 every time we come here and my son was also very hungry at the time but they didn't care.


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