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Jun 12, 2019

This is the mail I had received after the OurTime match up Below was copied from original Also he sent me 4 pictures I uploaded 1 of 4 Bill Burris Attachments Jun 11, 2019, 8:00 AM (1 day ago) to me Good morning Dear !!! I hope your sleep was a good one ..I just returned from work with... / dating site

May 31, 2019

i tried to get a free trial on ourtime dating... as advertised it was so hard, , , , , was offered trial £4.99 ... i went on for 30 mins and found it terrible a waste of time and money, every thing about it rubbish, if i dont get refund which i have been trying to get for 2 days you people... / dating site

Apr 24, 2019

I too was contacted by the individual claiming to be an engineer and claiming to have been born in Norway. Lots of details and correspondence that matched a known on-line scammer when my law office investigated. Since then I have received 4 emails from those claiming to be employees of Our... / 3 scammers out of 5 contacts

Mar 28, 2019

Shortly after signing up for OurTimedating site, I was contacted by John Corvi—-scammer #1. He was an engineer on an oil rig off Alaska. Beautiful, romantic emails, "too good to be true". After 3 weeks of intense communicating (email, phone, text), he said they had an explosion and needed... / online dating site

Mar 16, 2019

Unable to access the site throughout on the day on a daily basis. I contacted customer service and they feel I should not get a refund. I should not have to pay for an online dating site that is almost impossible to access. They told me that since there were messages from time to time that... / billing after canceling

Feb 07, 2019

I canceled the auto-renewal and canceled the account in January, yet I was billed for February 2019. I contacted my bank and stopped access to my card and disputed the payment. They are not a honest company and just another online scam. I was on the website in 2014 for a few months. I... / dating service

Jan 02, 2019

I recently joined dating service and the service has been lousy. I never received different pictures of possible dates the same pictures and information kept coming up, I called the customer service 3 times and NO help... I stopped the service today 1/2/2019 ands I was told... / beware of ourtime scammer kenny singh

Dec 16, 2018

He pretends to be a successful business owner and says sweet things for a while to get you all invested, but soon after he needs money when he gets into trouble on a business trip. Name he uses to scam women: Kenny Singh Email: [email protected] His pictures stolen from a successful... / scammers

Oct 03, 2018

It very clear to me that this website known as the Scammers site, and these people are not properly checked out, I am shocked to read that many people have been victims to various scammers and had I acknowledged this previously I would have never joined this site.. I myself have met a...

Ourtime / scammer

Sep 01, 2018

taken over a month with 4 requests from the company to cancel my subscription. I'm unable to log onto this site to account my account. They have taken a further 1 months subscription from my bank account and still no reply from this scam company Its time someone investigates this scam and... / incognito

Aug 22, 2018

I have been trying to cancel my subscription to this, I feel as though every obstacle possible is being put in my way.It said my password was incorrect which it wasn't and now that I have changed my password it says it's incorrect.I want my subscription cancelled and I would like to take... / beware of "george bonifant" and his aliases

Aug 10, 2018

Face Book that name to see the photos they are posting. Of course, profile pulled. their addy: [email protected] 301-882-2515 I did not contact them other than through a blind e-mail address twice, when I figured out it was pfishing. I hope these photos are or someone whose identity i... People Media / charges without, authorization no way, to stop charges problem with hackers and scammers

Jul 25, 2018

I cancelled my Our account within the last two weeks and received an acknowledgment of that cancellation. Previously I had been billed for an additional 6 months that I did not want but there was no option to stop that charge. I wanted it refunded but could not find a link on how... / unauthorized removal of money from paypal account

Jul 18, 2018

I started my subscription for ourtime March 11, 2018. I started connect me April 15. I cancelled the service I believe in may. You took out from my PayPal account an unauthorized amount of $44.82. Please return the money to my account. I cannot make this complaint any longer than this a... / Our Time Online Dating

Jul 16, 2018

I am raising a concern on behalf of Michael Franklin, Erin, Ontario. He is currently away on business. Michael and I met on line and have been privately communicating for several weeks. Much to my surprise, his photo and some of his profile has appeared on my new matches twice in the last... / my gmail account

Jul 10, 2018

So I don't use our time, but apparently have the free account maybe through Today I got an email on my gmail account stating he didn't get a response from leaving a message on our time and was reaching out via my gmail. I expressed that I was not interested and subsequently... / repeated threatening emails from ourtime/senior people meet

Jul 09, 2018

Here is the content of the emails from the following address:mailto:[email protected] "[final notice]" [act fast] ticket #13844 "in regards to your debit transactions"!!! Dear user, Thank you for using! Your request has been approved and... / 3 scammers on the sites

Jun 30, 2018

I just happened to meet 3 scammers, all of whom requested money or other very strange statements. 1) One of them, when I searched for tel #, it was recorded as a scammer of romance web: His (fake?) name is Kevin Connor with e-mail [email protected] and tel#217-615-6196, he said he... / being charged for service I do not use!

Jun 26, 2018

Please refund $127.74 for which I was charged on 06/22/2018 as I do not use or am even familiar with this account. I was alerted from my bank that I was charged for this and then also became overdrawn and charged another $30.00 fee on top of that. I cannot afford this nor want thi... / change of important information.

Jun 24, 2018

The beginning of this month, I paid for one month's profile. It was Karen [email protected] Because of computer problems, my computer had to be completely reprogrammed/stripped and I have a whole new account. What I paid for the one month; I should be continuing receiving your service...

Our / mature dating site

Jun 22, 2018

BEWARE BEWARE of this fraudulent site Signed up and paid for a 30 day subscription.. after 1 week my profile was hacked, and I started to receive multiple messages from women throughout the world. None in my locale.. BTW I had signed up for man for man At 2weeks I contacted the customer service... / billed for more than I wanted, the free browsing website was so misleading

Jun 22, 2018

I was billed over $111. and change. Originally I just wanted to browse for free then I got lead to other directions, I was willing to pay $3.99 but before I knew it I accidently hit a button that charged me over $100, I imeditally called and since it was after business hours I couldn't get...

Our / dating service

Jun 14, 2018

I did not sign up for this dating service but started getting "flirts" in my email. I opened the emails and found the profile of another Lloyd in Lancaster, SC. I contacted Our Time at their Customer Support line 866-727-8920 9 to 5 M-F. The operator who took my call was not very... / like your profile

Jun 13, 2018

I like to report Grandpaclifton. He a big scammer. We started talking everthing goibg good. Till he used my cell number to message me a Google voice verification code. Which vis a scam to get into your account. I closed my email. My card i used to pay for one month, is no longer good. He... / romance scammer

Jun 11, 2018

I met a user on Ourtime in late April. His user name was Red46900. We started communicating on site, then on Google Voice bc I didn't want to give my real number until I knew him better. We eventually exchanged cell numbers and started communicating on a regular basis. He told me his real... / scammer

Jun 08, 2018

His Handle name: bemylady12345 He contacted me around May 1, 2018. He told me his name was Frank Forsberg and was a fund manager. We started communicating via regular email- [email protected], tel # +1 (713) 389-6505. He said he lived in Houston. He claimed he had to go on a... / possible scam

Jun 07, 2018

On 6/6/18 I been having a conversation by the name of James Oliver. I told my son about it, and immediately he said he thought he was a scammer. I then looked on your website on how to spot a scammer and he matched just about all of the warnings. First he asked me to begin emailing... / scamming profile

May 18, 2018

I was contacted by Charles L Nilsson thru my online profile. He represented himself as business man living in Denver. He asked me to start a conversation via my email and to withdraw from the on line site while we were communicating. Eventually hebtold me he had travelled to Turkey on... / I was the victim of a scam

May 14, 2018

I was messaged by a woman BklynBabe43 on April 7, 2018 she told me about a friend of hers who saw my profile and really liked it. she gave me a little bit of info about him and said he really liked my smile but he had never tried online dating before. She gave me his email addre... / other consumers

May 08, 2018

I would like to report a scammer Aplachefl211. His photo had changed 3 time in 3 days and each one is different. One tried to extort money from me under the guise that he was in the military and requested I send money to his daughter in Africa.. The date of first contact was 050518. He...

Ourtime / online dating

May 07, 2018

I paid for 1 month subscription. Most of the messages I received were just flirts, most from the states. I live in canada. After my subscription expired I did not renew. After a couple days I kept getting emails from our time. I had 11 new messages!!! Be still my heart (sarcasm) I renew... - A company of People Media Inc. / unauthorized charge

May 01, 2018

Similar to another person below, I too was lead to believe that the monthly subscription rate would be $3.33 per month. I paid via PayPal. However, when the charges came through, I was charged $21.30 AND $90.41. They claim the $90 is for a six month subscription. They then informed me the... / bogus feature

Apr 30, 2018

I subscribed to the dating service hoping to contact others with whom I shared interests. The most important feature of the site is the instant messaging chat feature. It never worked. For every single member that was shown to be online at the time I tried to contact them, including those... / dating site member

Apr 22, 2018

I responded to a posting from a James Harold Dart from Van Buren, Arkansas. Wanted to be just friends, since I live 1200 miles from there. He responded with photos, texts, etc. He represented himself as divorced; however, later, after I was personally involved, met him, fell in love with... / reporting scammer - cshelley

Apr 16, 2018

Cshelley is a fraud. She contacted me via Ourtime approximately one month ago and we entered into a q&a on line, initially using their chat line and later on our personal e-mail addresses. Her location was recorded as ‘Hatfield' and my interest was piqued as I have family living in Hatfield...

Ourtime Online Dating Site / meet people to friend date online

Apr 15, 2018

In the first week of July 2017 I meet a man by the name of Steve Raul Harvey, Birthday June 6, 1960 of Valparaiso Indiana. Native of Spain ( White 57 year old male). It was my second experience to the online dating services as I ma not a social media person but was persuaded by friend... / attempted romantic scam

Apr 13, 2018

Met a man (?) on Ourtime and we developed a relationship. In a short period of time --- about 4 weeks--- our relationship evolved into what I thought would be a life journey for the rest of our lives. He wrote me love letters via emails every day, called me every day, and texted me often... / fw: [final notice] ticket #133121 "ourtime & seniorpeoplemeet" abuse of services [suspension-alert]-!

Apr 03, 2018

The following message has been sent to my home/personal email address repeatedly, despite that is NOT the address I signed up with People Media accounts. It is a back up account used in case I forgot my passwords and was supposed to be SECURE. I have called People Media and they say there... / safety

Mar 31, 2018

First I am upset that there is not a listed contact to report good ideas to. I think there should be a forum where members can "report or advise" on potential mismatches. There are both men AND women who post older dated pictures and they do not present as the pictures. My concern i... / reporting scammers

Mar 30, 2018

I have been trying to register a complaint about someone posing as a 55 year old woman who is clearly trying to extort money from unsuspecting men. Having responded to my profile in a very complimentary way and both provided and requested personal details, she (he?) pleaded for money to...