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I was with Orkin for about 3 years but the last year was a complete disaster. My sister and I began getting ants in our home. I am a clean freak and do not like bugs so this was very disturbing. The Orkin guy came out and sprayed the inside (which I normally don't have done because of allergies) and we did not see any in the kitchen for about 6 months. Then one day the kitchen was crawling with ants again. I called, they said that it was because they had sprayed outside and it will take time for the ants to die. So I live with them for a few days and they start to go away. But then a few weeks later, I see them again. I am now cleaning my pantry and counters with bleach and vinegar daily plus spraying the corners with these cleaners to kill the ants. I am thinking, why am I paying someone to do this when I still have to fight off the ants daily myself?

The ants begin to diminish from the kitchen and then while I am on my laptop in the living room, I watch an ant crawl across my keyboard. I look on the living room carpet and it is crawling with ants like something out of a horror movie. I break out my spray bottle of vinegar and vacuum cleaner and am again fighting ants daily. I call Orkin, they say it is because of the spraying outside and they will go away. The ants don't go away. A tech comes out says he will spray again. We talk about bait (because he had said that he could put it in the house and outside on the phone) and he now refuses to use the bait. He also said he was too busy to rake back the rocks around my house to spray in them. He suggested I get a neighborhood kid to do that and then call him to spray!

Long story short, I actually was getting used to the ants crawling around my living but getting madder that I am paying for them to live in my house! So I call Alpha, an environmentally safe, low allergen, and Christian based pest control company. I tell them my problem. They don't promise miracles but they come out, place bait in the house, place bait in obvious ant colonies that Orkin overlooked and the next day I saw one ant and have not seen an ant, spider, or anything sense! I am impressed with Alpha.

I don't know why Orkin's service went down like it did but I am very disappointed in them.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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