T Dec 07, 2019

Dear respected

My name is Taher

I reserved 3 tickets for my family like I always do using your website .

on 4th of august at Etihad airways from Auckland New Zealand to Cairo Egypt .
The itinerary no is [protected].

The flight supposed to be today 8th of December.

When we tried to check in we surprised that we need a visa transit because the flight was through Sydney Australia although they will just stay for few hours .

I had to loose these tickets and I reserved a new one way to Cairo for them for 2500 dollars through your website too because I respect dealing with your site .
The new itinerary no is [protected], two tickets for my wife and daughter .

This time is through emirates.

Shouldn't any information passed to me telling me that the tickets need this type of visa.. any kind of warning attached to the advertised ticket, or it is just matter of selling tickets?

I am really disappointed and lost a lot of money in a mistake doesn't concern me.

Please, the airline refused the checkin for this reason which is not informed to me by any way.

I am trying to apply for the transit visa for their way back travel.

Advise me what you should do to me, I am expecting your reply with something related to your company values


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