OptumRXthey are selling drugs that are illegal.

M Review updated:

Optumrx promised medications for pain, to help the suffering and needy. Prices were very appropriate. Beware. I was fooled. The website is generous, easy and available. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE! They are selling drugs that are illegal.


  • N
      Aug 15, 2018
    OptumRX - Pharmacy
    United States

    Their web site does not work. Track order link "sorry try again at later date"
    Unable to track package requiring signature
    Try calling interminable hd time s 20+ min

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  • W
      Sep 03, 2018
    OptumRX - Refilling prescriptions
    Paynes Creek
    United States

    I just called for my last refills on 11/26/17, and the recording said I did not have any refills left. I don't understand this!!

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  • C
      Sep 10, 2018
    OptumRX - prescriptions
    Point Pleasant Boro
    United States

    Synthroid rx ran out 4 days ago. this is a death sentence

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  • T
      Sep 10, 2018
    OptumRX - Website
    United States

    The website has been down for 2 months. They keep saying "it will be up tomorrow". In this day and age home can a company be down for 2 months? What a pain it is dealing with them. Worst customer service ever and we will switch providers. I hope they go out of business! How can this be?

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  • B
      Sep 11, 2018
    OptumRX - Optum Rx home delivery
    United States

    Very bad service. If you don't have adequate set up or staffs don't make it mandatory home delivery.. it is just waist of time. I had to be on phone for 1 HR today.

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  • Z
      Oct 15, 2018
    OptumRX - Home mail medicine was sending wrong
    United States

    I had one requested medication Estradiol Dis 0.1mg, three months is 20 dollars, but they kept sending me Minilliv patch 0.1 mg, three months is 139 dollars. I found called before shipping, but they still sent me Minilliv and charged me 139 dollars. I have documents approved what requested and what shipped.

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  • B
      Nov 12, 2018
    OptumRX - My prescription
    United States

    My doctor & I have been trying & trying to get my script filled for estratest hs for 3 months. This is totally insane & I will be contacting consumer affairs & the better business in ny so people won't waste their time !

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  • J
      Sep 29, 2019
    OptumRX - verapamil er
    optum rx
    United States

    My doctor call into Optum RX mail order 9/11/19 is a medicine to keep my heart in rhythm to avoid afib and another stroke. It is now the 23rd and Optum RX keeps canceling the prescription saying they have to talk to my doctor.I have connected them up with my doctor's office and still get the same answers from Optum RX and they cancel again

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