OptumRXfailure to notify about recalled medication

R Aug 02, 2018

Valsartan was recalled nationally on 7/13/18 as it contains an impurity, N-Nitrosodimethylamine. The first manufacturer listed on recall was Solco. This is the medication that your online Pharmacy located in Overland Park, Kansas filled and I have been taking for a year now. Optum RX has a legal, moral and ethical responsibility to notify consumers, such as myself, about this recall but they didn't. Rather, a colleague observed me taking the medication this morning and told me about the recall. I find it reprehensible that the pharmacy failed to notify. I called the pharmacy this morning, was transferred three times, before the rep pitifully said they "attempted to contact via email" but it must have not gone through. When she validated my email, she said since the first initial of my last name was capitalized in their system, then the email must not have gone through. This is a lie. Regardless of how you type (all lowercase for example), it will still go through. Optum RX made no attempts to contact me via email, USPS, or my cell number. It is unacceptable. If I develop cancer in the future, then I will be holding Optum RX just as legally responsible as Solco. Additionally, I have already completed a formal complaint with the FDA (Form 3500B). Next I will be informing my corporate HR. Shame on you. Optum RX is deceptive and I will be doing my best to ensure legal sanctions for failure to notify go through.

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