Opodoincessant emails about making reservations already confirmed

Dear Sirs,

We made reservations with Opodo for two persons for a flight with Transavia Airlines Flight HV5801 from Amsterdam to Tel-Aviv on We 2/10/19, with seat reservations (6D and 6E). Although this reservation was conformed by Opodo on 18/09/19 — Opodo reservation nr [protected]; air line reference GYMZ7T), including the seat assignments (seats 6D and 6E) and the two extra hold suitcases, they kept bothering us during the following days with almost daily superfluous E-mails asking us to reserve seats and/or extra suitcases.
Either Opodo ignore the reservations they themselves made, or they don't mind sending bothersome E-mails messages; in both cases there is room for correction of their routines. In addition, it turned out that they cannot be contacted by E-mail or chat except through facebook.

Yousr sincerely,

Hanan Kisch

Oct 03, 2019

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