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Last week I booked myself a return flight London to Nantes. The outbound flight was on U2 2011 from Luton. I did not notice until too late that my return flight on U2 8964 got me back to Gatwick and so I had to get through the awful mess at Gatwick immigration followed by a long train journey to Luton Airport Parkway and then by bus to the multi-storey carpark to collect me car. I got home 4.5 hours later than intended.
Now, it seems to me that your website should be set up to always give you flights back to your departing airport as a default, and that if you wish to return to another airport then you should be able to select this deliberately.

  • Updated by mike glazer · Oct 16, 2017

    I still think that the DEFAULT on your website should be to return you to your airport of departure. Furthermore, when searching for flights from London it is convenient to just put London because at that stage you don't necessarily know which of the London airports to use. However, once one has selected a flight from say Luton it should automatically bring you back to Luton unless you declare otherwise.


  •   Oct 16, 2017

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for the message and apologies for the experience.

    Our website aims to offer the best fares available and will find the cheapest route for our customers.

    At times you'll find that this may return to a different airport within the same city.

    We do however, note this during the booking process so that our customers know if this will be convenient route for them or not.

    When searching for your flights you can specify the airport you want. If you search for 'London' it will search for all airports, however you can select 'London, Luton' and you'll only get results from this airport.

    If you had any futher queries, please feel free to send us a message using the link below:

    Best regards,
    Christos - Customer care.

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