Opodoflight cancellation-booking [protected]

F Aug 19, 2019

I booked a flight for 4 people on 18th August 2019. I am lead passenger. Fiona Clare
Bookking ref-[protected]
I rang up within 24 hours to change the return flight for one person on the booking (Carys Taylor) but was informed that the ticket type did not permit this, so i asked to cancel the outbound and return flight for this passenger but was informed it had exceeded the 24 hours. However I called at 19.28 on 19th August 2019 and was at first told i could change the booking for £100 and then transerred through to another department at 19.45. By the time he put me on hold to investigate it had gone past the 24 hours where the email confirmation came through at 19.48 on 18th August 2019. Is there any way to get a refund?

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