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I had a terrible experience with Trying not to be long, I bought my Roland Garros ticket for 170 euros to have them delivered to a relative's address in Paris. It should arrive three days before the event, and it did not. I contacted their support and they said that I should get the ticket before the event, which again did not happen. I lost my money and a lot of my holiday time chasing and waiting, it was all very frustrating. Now looking at reviews I learned that we should NEVER purchase anything on the web BEFORE reading reviews from the website.

Credit cards sometimes have a policy of reimbursing their customers victims of scams like this given it only happens every once in a while, so every one should try it. Then they will use their legal department to get some of the money back themselves and, most important, they may not do business with the website any longer. That will prevent other people from also being scamed and may run them out of business.

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Aug 17, 2018 4:15 pm EDT
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They sold me for 510 euros Premium Platinum Tickets for Chelsea vs. Arsenal but they sent me Restricted view tickets on the last row and the worst position in the stadium which they bought for 46£ and reselled to me for 510€. They lied to me constantly on chat assuring me that they were the best tickest in the stadium. They won't answer to any complain. This must me a scam/fraud for sure. Never buy frim this site.

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May 07, 2018 2:23 am EDT

It's ok to buy a ticket especially for foreigners.
It's simple to buy and choose the Place.
I will go on Saturday, May 26 with friends to cheer Champions League final and I hope it will be awesome

May 07, 2018 1:56 am EDT

They were helpful, kind, understanding, patient, helpful, and very accommodating. I found that of all the ticket places I called your price was lowest. get No problem with this side .

May 07, 2018 1:32 am EDT

Great experience cant wait to go at the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Kiev. very easyly understood about seats i was getting. Liked the instant download of the tickets. now just waiting for Saturday, May 26 to cheer for Real Madrid.

May 06, 2018 4:37 pm EDT

I just want to say the prize of tickets in this sites is lowest. Thanks for give me oppotunity to take tickets of "Madrid v Liverpool final match. waiting for 26 May.

May 06, 2018 4:19 pm EDT

Great experience cant wait to go The NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium to watch Page semi-protected
2018 UEFA Champions League Final "Madrid v Liverpool . it was very easy to understand during collect tickets what seats you were getting. Liked the instant download of the tickets

May 06, 2018 2:46 pm EDT

Easy to navigate, very reliable, it was easy to find the events that I was interested in purchasing tickets for. Also, it was easy to navigate and fill out my information in order to submit an order. Very reliable communication between the company and myself. I have no doubt that I will enjoy the show that I have ordered tickets...

Apr 23, 2018 12:16 am EDT

representative on the phone was easy to work with and answered all my questions. Recieved my confirmation email immedianly as well as instructions on what to expect with forthcoming match tickets.

Apr 23, 2018 12:06 am EDT

I'm satisfied with the speediness of the Website. I was able to download my ticket within a few seconds. I will use it every time for events.

Apr 22, 2018 11:56 pm EDT

Getting the tickets was a quick and painless process. The option for checking to see if the tickets were received (for e-tickets as well) is a nice touch.

Apr 22, 2018 11:48 pm EDT

This site is easy to use, other than the surveys. They must be filled out, and have minimums character requirements for responses. I just want to buy tickets.

Apr 22, 2018 11:35 pm EDT

This was very easy and fast. Was on lunch break only took less then 15 min from start to finish to get this donechildrens will be happy to see this match.

Apr 22, 2018 11:23 pm EDT

Great and easy way to pay for tickets and buy them. Cant wait to surprise my father with them because he love listening to them. I got into them because of him so what other way then to see them live

Apr 22, 2018 11:08 pm EDT

Agent was polite, thorough, and helpful in getting the seats I wanted. She also offered answers to my questions regarding different sections in the arena.

Apr 22, 2018 10:44 pm EDT

I am not one to order online but this was easy to do and I thank you for order was easy to print easy to save clear concise. And got them moments later to print out.

Apr 22, 2018 12:50 pm EDT

I printed my ticket at home, fast and easy. It is a very good system and I would one hundred percent tell people to order tickets from this sight. there was no harrasment.

Apr 22, 2018 12:38 pm EDT

This was very easy and fast. Was on lunch break only took less then 15 min from start to finish to get this done wife will be happy to see this football match.

Apr 22, 2018 12:25 pm EDT

Everyrhing works for me, everyting was quick, clear, fast. No regrets or complains. Looking forward to receive my tickets and cant wait for the moment

Mar 26, 2018 10:24 pm EDT

Extremely happy with the purchase. The seats were floor seats and price was by far the cheapest. Will do business again.

Mar 25, 2018 11:44 am EDT

Awesome site will buy again. Easy to find seats and check out. Did not run into any issues. Will use this site to purchase again!

Mar 25, 2018 8:55 am EDT

Perfect quick site to get awesome tickets
First visit but won't be our last ! website very easy to navigate !

Mar 25, 2018 12:07 am EDT

Fine with the website I'm extremely excited and hope everything goes well the ticket getting to my house

Mar 24, 2018 12:28 am EDT

It was a good experience. i enjoyed the web site. it was easy to work and made my ticket buying experience a good one

Mar 23, 2018 12:05 pm EDT

Your website was easily found, had good info on it and was easy to navigate in. When choosing my tickets I liked that it easy to select my exact seats.

Mar 23, 2018 10:08 am EDT

This was very easy! I was able to find the match, locate seats easily and the purchase process was simple. I received the electronic tickets within seconds.

Mar 22, 2018 6:19 am EDT

What can I say this is a great way to shop for tickets. I remember when I use to have to wait in line at tickets master.

Mar 22, 2018 6:12 am EDT

Came to me quick in my email. I was happy with my purchase. I will come back and buy from this website again

Mar 22, 2018 5:12 am EDT

Excellent and quick service it took only few minutes to purchase tickets.
website is very easy to use

Mar 22, 2018 4:11 am EDT

the ordering process was easy and I appreciate the follow-up email making sure that I received my tickets.

Mar 21, 2018 1:34 pm EDT

Easy experience and simple to purchase and activate. Very pleased and satisfied with this company.

Mar 21, 2018 8:30 am EDT

Great price and order went smoothly. Can't wait for the match. Thanks. . .

Mar 20, 2018 11:52 am EDT

Very easy to use, not too many blanks to fill, i would recommend them. Prompt service. Thanks
Again for providing the service

Mar 20, 2018 9:12 am EDT

My experience was awesome and I can't wait for the concert! I hope others have the same easy to use experience!

Mar 20, 2018 6:43 am EDT

Got my tickets will no problem, it was fast and easy I hope to do it again in the future for other match.

Mar 18, 2018 11:01 pm EDT

Thanks so much for the tickets! It works very well indeed! Can not wait to see this match! Thank you thank you thank you! Yay! It will be epic for sure!

Mar 17, 2018 7:13 am EDT

Very fast service i can say ill be doing a lot of more shopping on here. Everything is easy to find.

Mar 16, 2018 1:31 am EDT

Online ticket express tickets were already sold out so went here. was quick and easy, but not inexpensive. but I wanted these tickets so was willing to pay.

Feb 28, 2018 10:53 pm EST

I loved the site to purchase my was quick and easy and very convenient. I love that I could print my tickets at home..

Feb 28, 2018 11:25 am EST

I found the site quick and easy to use. didn't take no time at all to get confirmation and to be able to print my tickets

Feb 15, 2018 1:46 am EST

It was awesome being able to purchase the tickets. Was a pretty easy process. I would use this site again to purchase future tickets


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