OneTravelflight ticket charged where your website said 'flight unavailable'!

J Jul 11, 2019

***April 1st 2018 (noon Myanmar time):
1) tried to book twice an Air Asia flight ticket (Flights 258, 760, 761 and 255 - from Yangon to Shanghai) through OneTravel but while proceeding to the payment, the website mentioned 'the flight is unavailable' and that my 'credit card' wouldn't be charged (got screenshots to prove it)
2) as it failed both times and there were neither no withdrawal on my boyfriend's bank account nor email confirmation from OneTravel, we purchased other tickets through another platform and it worked straight away.

***April 2nd 2018
1) 24 hours after the payment failure from OneTravel, we received a text message from the bank informing us that in reality the money has been withdrawn directly from Air Asia! But NO confirmation from OneTravel!
2) also 24 hours after the payment failure from OneTravel, we received a confirmation email from Air Asia (Booking number: PLV8NP)! But still NO confirmation from OneTravel!
Note: we have ONLY used OneTravel to make a booking for an AirAsia ticket!

***From April 2nd to a long time
1) contacted many times OneTravel to complain on their official website BUT as I have never received a confirmation number from them, I couldn't ‘Request Customer Support' as the booking number is mandatory. Tried Twitter, Facebook, phone (I literally spent HOURS trying to reach out for THEIR MISTAKE and it cost me MONEY and TIME!) and I could manage to get their [email protected] . They asked I contact AirAsia directly as the payment has been done through them.
2) contacted AirAsia on their official website and they mentioned the booking has been made NOT through me exactly BUT an online platform and only them can ask for me to get reimbursed. Asked them to contact each other and they said it was impossible. In the meantime, been to Yangon's AirAsia office and they verbally said "OneTravel" was the one who has booked the flight for me and that THEY needed to contact AirAsia for my reimbursement.
3) reported to OneTravel. I was asked to send a scanned copy of the credit card used which I did. They mentioned that ‘there is a glitch in the communication with OneTravel and AirAsia that sometimes results in a booking has been made, even though OneTravel advised that the booking did not go though. OneTravel billing department mentioned they'll get back to us within 72 hours.
Until today, we still haven't heard back from OneTravel. I was charged for a flight made by them that was supposed to be ‘unavailable' and that my 'credit card' wouldn't be charged. WRONG. They said there was a glitch and they are doing their best to ‘get my funds returned' me but STILL HAVEN'T HEARD BACK from them. What a SCAM!!!

I don't recommend OneTravel to anyone. I used to work as a Customer Service agent for a hotel and we NEVER treat guest in such a manner! Unprofessional!

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