Oncor Electric Delivery Companymy sewer line

V Sep 27, 2019

On sept 3rd we were having trouble with our sewer. Water flooding our bathrooms. First they thought they fixed the problem. Then called them back cause bathrooms were flooding again on sept 16th. They found a blockage in the line. Marked it.Dug up the concrete to see what the problem was. There is a line going right thru the sewer line. So they stopped digging.
Oncor was out here to look at the damage. The representive said to make a claim with my electric co reliant! called them and they told me the claim had be with oncor. So here i am. The rep from oncor took pics and sent to supervisor. So now what is going to happen? we have spent a lot of money so far. Please help!

Vickie McKinzey
4649 Lemonwood Ln
Odessa Tx 79761

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