Hi, so, I've been on omegle a while, trying to find decent chats using tags and whatnot, and somehow, that's cause for you guys to block me? I've only been using text chats (fandom related, in case you were wondering in regards to what I've been doing on omegle) and after another chat disconnected from me, as they do when you don't like the tags or whatnot, I was banned. I find this annoying, given I go on omegle to meet with other people in my fandom, and now you're directing me to adult only parts of the website, which I want NOTHING to do with thanks. If you could fix this, that'd be lovely.

Also, pretty sure you blocked my COMPUTER, because I changed my IP address, and I'm still banned, which is honestly the most annoying part out of all of this. Really. Really, Omegle, really?

17th of October, 2017

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