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T Sep 08, 2018

The quality of food served at the Wake Forest NC location always leaves more to be desired. I'm writing because this is not a one time occurence. It seems every visit to this location results in a problem with the food served. We typically visit every other month. Until recently because of frustration with orders.

My order has almost always been the same. Chicken Alfredo with chicken gnocchi soup. I have received over cooked chicken, and watery soup on occasions . In addition I have ordered chicken Alfredo for a gathering to get home and have chicken that was too salty and no one could enjoy the dish. A phone call to the location the next day brought further frustration as the manager told me they don't add salt to grilled chicken. As if what I stated could not be factual. Once I mentioned that the chicken was in juices or a brine. He indicated they do in fact serve the catered orders that way to keep the chicken moist and would check the juice used to package the chicken. I was offered $30 back from the cost of the pasta which was $54. I decided after that visit I would no longer patronize the Wake Forest location. Despite the decision I made at that time, once again I visited the location today. Once again I was served watery soup.
This location requires training on making this soup. I have confirmed that the soup should be creamy not watery. There have been few times I have been served this soup and it was creamy. I would add that on every occasion I have spoken with the managers who have all been nice. However it is ridiculous that they repeadly serve the soup the same way. I understand they may be busy. However, the cook likely needs more time to thicken or not enough of the ingredient that thickens it has been added. Please check this location to determine if it meets your standards I seriously doubt it.

~Tonia Watson
Disappointed Customer

quality of food

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