Olive Gardenour meal and service with my waitress and the manager

L Aug 12, 2018 Review updated:

My cousin and i went to olive garden in Washington, pa. We ordered the meatball bowls 20 min after lunch so we were charged an upcharge from 8.99 to 11.99 which we agreed to. Our waitress never told us about the special of buy a meal for 11.99 and you get to take a meal home. My cousin had a bite of her food in her mouth and our waitress not only took her food fromm in front if her, i had asked for 2 to go boxes one for my food and one for my salad, before i even got to put the salad in my box, she took the salad from me, which i had to ask for back. She was in such a hurry to go home that she literally took our food and we ended up paying 30.00 dollars for 2 lunch specials without being offered the meal to take home. I called and spoke with the manager who then sent a 20.00 dollar gift card( now mind you our bill was 30.09 plus dollars) and never offered for us to recieve the free meals that we should have received while we were there. I am very upset at the whole experience. I still feel as though we should have been given the free meal to go plus the gift card should have been at least the amount of our meal. Our service was beyond horrible as if we were being rushed so our waitress could leave, literally taking food that we weren't even finished with. I would hope that this would be made right.


  • Om
    Omeomya Aug 12, 2018

    The buy one take one is only available with certain meals. Did you order one of the ones that was included with the special? Not everything is buy one get one. Surely you looked at the menu, where it states what the specials are. "Meatball bowls" was not one of the selections for that special. So why would they offer you a free meal? They did nothing wrong. You should be lucky they sent you $20 gift card. You ate the food you paid for and you were given your leftovers to take home. You weren't entitled to more.

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  • 9w
    9wood Aug 12, 2018

    let me check 30 minus 20 is uh... counts on toes... 10!!!
    take into account the gift card
    as you didn't buy the meals included in the free take home offer none was offered
    you need to actually check what meals are in that offer before complaining

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