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On September 30th, my family and I dined at the Olive Garden on 92-10 59th Avenue Elmhurst, NY 11373. My mother loves Olive Garden so we decided to go to the one near us is Queens. Upon arriving, we were told the wait would be 45 minutes to an hour, which was understandable. We didn't have a problem with it because we know Saturday night is always busy in any restaurant. However, we didn't even have to wait long because we were seated within 20 minutes. This was when our night sort of went south. Our server, Rosanna did not approach us until 10 mins later. She took our orders and tended to her other tables. We were not offered bread and salad nor did we get water. I had to flag her down to get her attention so she can bring the stuff out. Then our entree arrived. We were confused because for one, we had ordered appetizers to start, and they forgot to bring it out. Then, for my entree, I had asked for grilled chicken with my pasta and they also forgot to add that. When I flagged Rosanna down to let her know, she played dumb and shifted the blame to "What? They forgot to bring that out for you?" And "What? They didn't add the chicken for you?" Instead of blaming other people, she should have checked before serving the food out. It is her responsibility as a server to check. I have worked at a corporate chain restaurant before, so I know that this type of service is not acceptable! On top of the horrible service we got, when she finally brought the side of grilled chicken out, it was barely cooked. I was appalled. I told my younger sister to not eat it because she could've gotten salmonella. So instead, I asked the server to bring me out another plate of pasta, but this time with breaded chicken. She came back with grilled chicken and told me she was not able to punch in for the breaded chicken because the system would not allow her to. At this point, I was dumbfounded. My family just wanted to get out of there because the service was horrendous. When we got our check, my mother even generously tipped her 20% for her crappy service. HOWEVER, when my mom received her bank statement in the mail, she saw she was charged an additional $5 to the 20% we tipped the server. That is unacceptable! How can you guys allow a thief to be working in your company??? As if 20% wasn't enough?? We went to the restaurant where we ate and spoke with a young manager yesterday, October 13 and told him the situation. All he did was returned us the $5 and told us he was sorry. To me, and my family, that is not enough for the trouble we went through. This is why I am reaching out to you guys because something has got to give. Please respond to me at your earliest convenience. I've also attached photos of my receipt and credit card statement.

Kathie Huynh

Olive Garden
Olive Garden

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