Olive Gardenfinishing up

L Aug 10, 2018

Had lunch today at the Olive Garden on Southwest Freeway near Gessner, Houston. We were ten (10) celebrating a birthday. Arrival at 11:30, seated immediately. Ordered. Food was delicious. All went well until time to pay our bills. Tickets were distributed and verified by each of us. The waiter picked up tickets, with payment methods, in an orderly fashion. A different waiter came back to the table with everything turned upside down. The wrong bills charged to the wrong credit cards, cash payments applied to tickets to be charged, a gift card incorrectly applied, 'new' tickets not including the desserts that had been on the original tickets. It was after 2:00 pm before we left and I'm not certain everything was corrected. Last minute cash payment for a dessert of an individual who was already gone. Mass confusion. This was not acceptable. We may not be back!!

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