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Aug 12th 2018. visited the Olive Garden in Santa Clarita around 7:30pm. Party of 4 adults. Ordered a Strawberry Margarita. My server gave me a price of $13.00 for a premium tequila or $7.00 for the house tequila. I chose the house tequila. When the drink arrived it tasted like sweet strawberries minus any alcohol. When I asked the server about this she said.."Yes we put very little alcohol in the drinks as this a family friendly restaurant". I responded with "well I would at least like to be able to taste some alcohol. She said I could order another shot of liquor so I did. When the drink came back it was still very weak for a Margarita but at this point I just drank it as our service was already slow enough, our food had still not arrived (we were dining on the outside patio) and we just wanted to eat and get back on the road to Bakersfield. To my disappointment when my bill arrived, I was charged $6.00 for that "extra shot". That made my drink $13.00 anyway. ..Wow...I should have ordered the premium drink to begin with right? Probably would have had a real drink at that price and maybe better service?

Btw...good thing we are honest customers...we practically had to hunt down someone to take our money before we left. Very unorganized.

Thanks for letting me vent. Probably will not visit that location again.

Teressa Newell Acosta


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    9wood Aug 13, 2018

    wouldn't be the first place to water down a drink

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