Old Navyservice received.


I was at your store location on Friday, October 20th. The sytems went down and after waiting in line for sometime i was informed that i could have my things placed on hold and come back to pick them up.

I informed the sales person that i worked in the area and would appreciate being able to pick up my item's on Monday. She kindly accommodated my request.

I called today Monday, October 23d at 10:30 to find that my items were reshelved. I asked for a manager to see if 1). my items could be retrieved and 2). Since i was working off site could i please pick them up tomorrow. This is when the further breakdown occurred.

Kelsey, the store manager initially explained how i should have made arrangements to pay for the purchases during the system breakdown i.e. writing down my items etcm i explained that while in line this option was not presented. That it had taken me sometime to select my items totaling around $200 and that i was on lunch and had no more time to wait.

I described to her in detail what i had selected and she could not find some of the items accusing me of not describing them correctly and saying that I'd have to refind them because of the quantity selected.

I then asked her for her first name which she shared and her last name . She let me know that i had only given her one name, which i did Mrs. Alexander and she only had too as well.

I have been an old navy card holder for sometime and i have NEVER been insulted in this manner. Throughout the conversation Kelsey was rude and extremely condescending. When i asked to hold on for her to confirm that she had found any of my items she told me that she could not and would call me back in an hour.

If these are th type of managers in place perhaps my business would be better suited else where.
Thank you.

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