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Reaching a person to reset my pin

I have been ntified by my employer that I will need to be placed on furlough. I went online to file, however since I was laid off 20 years ago and do not rememebr my PIN, it can be reset and sent to my former address. My ex husband lives there adn that is not an option. I tried the online chat, calling as well as email and noone has gotten back to me. I am fairly self sufficient but this is absolutely ridiculous!!!

Customer service

Don't understand why Ohio unemployment is impossible to get a hold of. They say that they want you to look for a job, yet they say they are unstaffed and one week behind schedule. You can't hire someone that is unemployed to answer the phones? Waiting, waiting, and more waiting. If they would actually get some constructive work done when they answer your call, rather then having to speed past everybody, maybe they could actually get caught up. They should just leave the number as "call waiting" because that's what it seems to be the number for.

Customer service

I originally filed my unemployment through regular unemployment. I was denied. My job which is Cheddars told me to file again cause I was entitled to it. So I did file again. Later on i was told i was filing under the wrong unemployment, so i filed under the pandemic clause well I'm still waiting to be approved and I dnt know if my open case for the regular unemployment is hindering my claim. I'm in the homeless shelter now still trying to be approved for unemployment. On top of that agents who takes our calls lies to us constantly. People with fake claims have gotten money before us with real claims I'm homeless i want to sue the state of ohio

Customer service

This has been going on for several weeks I have called 40 times talked to
10 different people about removing my initial claim for unemployment so I can file for pandemic unemployment. Today 06/17/20 I was scheduled a call
From a supervisor when she called I was in the middle of explaining and she put me on hold she did not say hold on or nothing I waited for an hour and hung up. I understand they are getting numerous calls but I waited a week for this call no one should be treated this way. I am still having a issue with this, I would like them to resolve this asap so I can file

  • Da
    Darnell Scott Jun 24, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm going through the same problem. Now I'm in the homeless shelter.

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Pandemic unemployment

I've sent them all the requested information to prove my identity. Birth certificate, driver's license, W2, and tax return. They've denied my claim saying I need to prove my identity which I've done several times. I've been waiting since March 19 to collect money. Nothing. They've approved a weekly amount but denied payment. Why? I've called and when you can get through nobody knows any answers. I'm frustrated and broke.
Lois Timko
2427 Elizabeth Dr
Stow Ohio

Pandemic unemployment
Pandemic unemployment
Pandemic unemployment
Pandemic unemployment
Pandemic unemployment

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I filed my claim June 1 and am still waiting. They are running a week behind, ok understood. In the mean time I found I made a mistake. I work for a school transportation system as a bus monitor. Our last day worked was 4/30 on which day we also received a paycheck. I had a physical for the upcoming year on May 21 . We get paid for that one hour, which my gross pay was $12.52 for that. I also discovered we receive holiday pay for memorial day which I did not think we would as we were not working, however our pay system runs a week behind and is on a every two week pay schedule. My gross for that was $57.97 . I will receive these two payouts on Friday June 5th. My net pay will be $36.30. I tried calling 31 times Tuesday June 2 with no luck. Of course Chat was busy. I called this morning (June 3rd) and got through but I could barely hear the lady as there was a noise in the background as if she were driving with a window open. I told her this but it did not seem to matter. I am hard of hearing. She managed to get my name, address, DOB, drivers license social security number and pin the I think she said to hold. So I held and held and held. She never came back. So I tried chat since ti was early. I was able to get on and was in communication with Desmond. He got all my information then I began typing my message and half way through got cut off and then got the message chat was busy again. The questions on their site to not answer questions such as mine. After I got cut off I kept trying to call back 5 more times, no luck. I already did not get my check this week because they are behind so will have to pay some bills late and now I try to be honest and get jerked around. I am so frustrated at this point I don't know what to do. I already have high blood pressure and have had a heart attack, this frustsration does not help.

Impossible to contact ohio unemployment services

My name is Andrew Gliniak.
It is impossible to get in contact with Ohio Unemployment Services. I filed on 4/13/20. I left work at Cabela's, Avon, Ohio on 3/18/20. My claim number is CA30-[protected]. The day after I filed my claim I saw that I had a correspondence from the Unemployment Service. However I could not view it. Everytime I tried I got an error message and I tried many many times, over weeks. I have called so many times. I have waited over hours many times. Once I just left the phone on speaker and decide to wait as long as it takes and I did get through. But the people said I had to talk to another department, OK. But then I just got put in the hold cycle again and gave up after a long time.
I have tried to find alternative ways to contact someone. Nothing on-line helps. Chat service has bee cancelled. I can find no email addresses. I tried a few fax numbers to the Governors offices, just to reach anyone. They were not receiving. I drove down to the unemployment offices but they are closed.
I received an email today : Now I am in danger of having my filing messed-up.
To:[protected]@yahoo.com Fri, May 15 at 8:04 AM
This email serves as a notice to you that additional information is needed regarding an unemployment compensation claim. You must contact the agency by May 19, 2020 at 08:03 AM. If you do not contact this agency by the deadline provided, a determination will be issued based on the available information.
You may contact us by calling toll free [protected].
Still impossible to reach anyone. Now I can't even stay on line and wait because I get the message call back some other time. The email is of the NO Reply variety. Come -on.
I suspect the info needed is about my furlough checks. At application time I did not have that info. There is no way to get into your application and change/add info. Here it is, two checks only.
4/17/20 $188.84 4/24/20 $188.85 Total #377.69
I'm lost as to what to do. I know it is a different subject but we haven't received any relief Covid-19 related checks and we are eligible.
Andrew Gliniak

5/20/20 Received and email (that I can't reply to) telling me how I didn't respond and provide evidence of eligibility so my claim doesn't meet requirements. I STILL DO NOT KNOW WHAT INDO IS REQUIRED. I STILL FIND IT IMPOSSIBLE TO GET TO UNEMPLOYMENT SERVICES. I AM ANGRY NOW.

Impossible to contact ohio unemployment services
Impossible to contact ohio unemployment services

  • Ef
    ef277206 Jun 09, 2020

    I am in the exact same boat as you, also here in Ohio.
    The failed attempts have almost become more demoralizing than the lack of employment.

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Unemployment claim

I am off work for the first time in 25 years due to Covid19. My claim was messed up from the start because I worked partial hours the first two weeks. After 4 weeks of no payment I finally got ahold of someone and got it fixed. The following week I expected to be smooth sailing but I was wrong. Now I've been 2 weeks with denied claims and have called but cannot talk to anyone. They have sent emails and said someone would contact me in 72 hours and it's been a week and I haven't heard anything.

Reliacard not received

my claim was okayed and funds placed into my account [protected]) paid with conformations, for a total of $1, 596.00. I have tried and tried to get ahold of usbankrelicard and the reoly is watch your mail. I have been watching my mail, and nothing yet.
i would like my card and pin, or a check sent for the appropriate amount. I havent received anything in 6 weeks from this band, so theyve ripped me off. How do I get my funds.

Unemployment claims denied while I am furloughed employee.

Robin J. Cantrell
1836 Solera Dr.
Columbus, OH 43229

I went into my inbox at the unemployment website on Saturday, 4/18/19. There were no weekly claims to be filed. All week long there was a weekly claim to be filed for the week of 4/19/20 then it dissappeared. My prior claim were denied week 4/4/2020 cc100491475 and 4/11/20 cc325282251. I return to my unemployment inbox on Sunday, 4/19/20 to find a claim to be filed for 4/18/20. Once this claim was completed for 4/18/20 cc692055036, the weekly claim for 4/19/20 reappeared in my inbox for 4/19/20. I continue to get emails and respond to the correspondence, but I believe someone is trying to make it appear that I am filing my claim late. I truely believe I am being discriminated against and this has been occuring for a long time. I deserve my unemployment benefits like everyone else and should not be getting the mislead because my name has been slandered . This gossip has been inspired by Michael Coleman and his wife via state employees. Hostile environments are created every job I encounter because of them and I did not have a nervous breakdown or I am not psychotic/paranoid as rumored. I would like some resolution to his problems. I am aware that multiple people are filing claims, however this bully /harrassment continues with no resolution. Thank you for your time and attention concerning this matter.

Online filing and automated telephone services

Online filing errors out and can't provide necessary information then tells me to call office. When call can't get through and get hung up on! Very frustrating! How can we process claims when online keeps erroring out and can't get through telephone lines? Its been 3 weeks and still haven't gotten clarification as to if benefits are getting paid or still need to provide more information! Simple: used to work 40 hours a week; since covid19, now only working 12 hours a week. How hard is that to figure out that I need a paid claim asap!

Delayed application, submitting information that I did not submit

Trying to apply for benefits due to temp COVID-19 separation. Pages won't load but they are submitting info. I didnt even make it through regrestration page. It now says I have a pin number I never recieved. When I chose to reset pin. It said it would mail it to me... I never made it to the page to even enter my home address or email so how will I receive it? Can't get through to representative on phone it refuses me that option & hangs up on me.

How Ohio Unemployment fails to serve the families of Ohio.

I filed for unemployment on 8/26/2019 online like their ten minute voice recording suggests that you do. Knowing from previous filing this system does not do anything for your benefit. So I call like the previous operators have told me to do or your weekly claim will be lost and they will have to back date it. So I file my claim over the telephone, great the first week paid. Knowing my benefit year was started 8/9/2018, I would have to reopen my claim. There had been no notifications in my correspondence box e-mail notifications. So the site let's me file the week, usually if there is a problem they what? Notify you. Later that week I call, the attendant tells me that it is good that I called... Really? Previous to this call I went through all my payments online and found that my last week was denied-no inbox reason. So I have to reopen my claim like idid two weeks ago giving all the same information - no change in employment... Easy. Are you bored yet? I am told 2 to 4 weeks to see a payment, granted this is file copy select, or is it? Nooooooooooo! I later check all payment history on my account and it is wiped clean. So thinking I have no history, I call. I ask to make sure my previous weeks were on record even though the all mighty unemployment help for ohio's unemployed workers has wiped my history of payments. Oh yea she says those weeks will be accounted for and one will be used as a waiting week like you can wait to eat, you don't need to eat for a week, that is why we call it a waiting week. Then she answers why it is taking so long. Oh, we are waiting for your previous employer to verify your reason for separation. But you had that determination two weeks ago. That doesn't apply I was told. So you are asking them to verify a second letter you sent to weeks ago with no explanation and expect them to not throw it away? Ahhhhhhh. So I called my past employer and tried to explain how stupid and ignorant the ohio department of job and family services are and they explained how they all ready sent that information and usually never have any problems. This actually was my second phone call I tried to explain to an answering service the first time. Well steve said he would take care of it. Today I get a notification e-mail "you have new items in your correspondence in your inbox that may need attention" ok, go to read this and red letter sentence says that I have to call, you can no longer read this information."great" this is 10/01/2019 now, 5 weeks later! Reviewing my past problems with this incompetent agency, I think this may be about my previous work search instructions... That were all documented on my previous claim. Knowing how this so called help for ohio family's does not work and leaves you missing house payments and having your utilities shut off, I called to verify my work search requirements. I was told that my union hall had called and gave them the information that was needed. This is the same phone call that I had been notified that my past employer needed to verify the reason for separation. Is this really a service for ohio families? I know fellow workers who will not bother with this joke. It seams like they are trying to put you out in the cold. I am not saying I have to rely on them to survive, but if I did I would homeless and then they would be all I have... Go figure.

  • Updated by user1733288 · Oct 01, 2019

    These complaints about Ohio Job and Family Services will never have any input on a restructure of the criminal act of them calling themselves a service to Ohio tax payers. You have to work or stand on the corner with a sign in this state.

unemployment payments

I had to file to the Court of Common Pleas with this one way user -unfriendly website Bureau. Next it will be Better Business. They are only on employers side- They made payment to me on 11/30/17 to just take the payments back to draw interest and penalties - I am taking their horrible treatment to the top until they become fair to people who need help!


I was put on a 2 week layoff Effective 7/2/2017 and expected to be back to work on 7/17/2017. On 7/9/2017 I had a seizure and in hospital until 7/14/2017. I was informed then that I was prohibited from driving for 6 months and my job required driving a company truck approx. 4 miles daily and I was told I couldn't be insured now to drive and lost my job. I applied for Unemployment for the week of 7/9/17 to 7/16/17. I knew being in hospital disqualified me for the first week of layoff. Unemployment asked why I didn't file the first week and I told them of my illness. I was approved for Unemployment, but they were refusing it weekly because they said I didn't submit medical evidence that I was able to work. I told them I was on lay off and not a Medical leave. The Doctors said it's ridiculous because I wasn't on Medical leave. Now according to Unemployment bureau, I "Quit" my job because I physically was "Unable" to perform my duties". That is a flat out lie. I talked to them 4 or 5 times because they kept making up "Facts" about my case. I finally got a doctor to send them a letter saying I was able to work, and when I checked on it, they said "It doesn't say when you can return to work" Another doctor finally sent in a dated paper but it was dated a month after I lost my job. Unemployment currently owes me $987.00 and is totally unconcerned that I've not received a pay check since 6/30/2017

ohio withholding payment for out-of-state worker

In April of 2017, I became unemployed due to the end of the contract that I was employed on, in Cleveland, Ohio. I had been working in Ohio for 15 months, but I live in Maryland. Initially, my claim was approved. 3 weeks of benefits were paid, and now, my 4th week is being held. I was informed that since I am a Maryland resident, I needed to register with the requisite jobs entity(Maryland Work Exchange), instead of Ohio Means Jobs. I am registered with Maryland Work Exchange. I checked this registration today(05/31/2017) both online, and by calling my local office here in Allegany County([protected]), where an agent looked up and confirmed my registration, which has been active since 2013. I finally was able to speak to a representative in Ohio and received the fax number([protected]) for Maryland to fax proof of my registration to Ohio. I am now told it will take AT LEAST 48 hours to load that data to Ohio's system, meaning that I may not receive any payment until next week. Meanwhile, I have no money to buy food for my wife and 2 daughters. This should NOT have happened. I have fulfilled ALL of the requirements given to me, yet I am being penalized due to the inability of the state of Ohio to correctly do their job. Not that I expect this complaint to go anywhere. It does not seem to me that the various state governmental agencies actually care about the citizens they serve, as long as those government employees get THEIR pay. It is a shame that there are NO repercussions on the state when THEY make a mistake.


I was fired from my job, through no fault of my own. I had worked for that job for about a 1.5 years. Out of that time, work was down for 3 weeks. And according to unemployment, I am not eligible for benefits. Well, I have a family to feed, bills to pay. Been looking for a job, but cannot get anywhere with that.

Ohio Unemployment is a joke. They would rather a family be out on the streets and homeless. Like it's my fault l, that my job was down for 3 weeks. What a bunch of BS.

Customer Service

I cannot get through to anyone!!! You guys sent me a 1099-G saying you paid me $620, yet I have documentation...

I want to know why my wife cannot receive Unemployment compensation?

My wife works a seasonal job at a Dairy Queen franchised restaurant. She has worked there for at least 6 years and every year of her layoff she is denied unemployment compensation. This year she has worked more hours then ever and still is denied. Typically the business will open late February or early March (weather depending) and stays open until the 2nd week of December. Her gross earnings for the year 2015 was 9, 474.98 at a wage of 8.10 per hour. She does sell Avon on the side during the year and has reported that, however she makes very little from it to live off of it. She does have some illness that she is dealing with, but she also reported that, and they are suppose to consider her illness as a reasoning that shouldn't hinder her from compensation. She is planning on going to back to work at the Dairy Queen when the business opens back up. As she has done for the past 6 years. My biggest problem with all of this is...it's paid into, she is entitled to the compensation, ...she was not wrongfully laid off, nor did she quit on her own. It's part of how the business operates, and my past experience working summer help or tempo help is that I always received my compensation and I never made close to the amount that she made on the year at that time. We have people living a lifestyle and a livelihood on welfare compensation and food stamps and basically taking advantage of the system by not even trying to go to work, even at a Dairy Queen or what not, and they get things handed to them. Meanwhile my wife works hard to do what she does and make an honest living in this great country we call The United States Of America. Thank you

Ohio Unemployment Unfair

Last November 2012 I was laid off from my work due to lack of work. I filed for unemployment and was approved to receive benefits, I would receive 400 dollars a week, I elected to have 40 dollars held for taxes. I have had specific health problems for years, I have had a Aortic heart valve replacement, neuropathy, and congestive heart failure. Also I am 57 years old. On [protected] I decided to file gor Social Security Disability, I had tried this before but was denied, in the mean time I continue to seek work and receive unemployment benefits. On [protected] I receive letter from SS that I was eligible for benefits and they will start on [protected]. I still continued to seek employment to fulfill my obligations to unemployment, and if I had found a job, I would have taken it, but believe me there is not many jobs out there for a 57 year old man, with congestive heart failure. But my point here I was fulfilling all of my required obligations to draw unemployment. I honestly did not find anyone that was hireing in my search.. On [protected], I received notice from Ohio Unemployment Compensation that I had committed a non-fraud violation of my unemployment and that I have been denied benefits retro back to [protected], due to the fact that I was physically unable to work do to health reasons and unless I can prove that I can work. The total of this was 11 weeks to repay 4400 dollars. I appealed this with a letter explaining that it is not a matter or not if I was sick, if I had not received the SS benefit, I would still have to work, but I thought in the appeal process, I was to have a phone hearing, this did not happen. I received letter from unemployment, that being I did not prove that I was able to work, my appeal was denied and to pay 4400 dollars, I am just like most people out there, I worked and lived week to week. I have no huge amount of money in the bank or any other retirement plan other than SS, regardless what Ohio Unemployment thinks. I to be honest do not have the money to repay this, I spent the benefit checks for food, medications, and housing.
The complaint here is that I have worked in the state of Ohio for a total of 42 years, I have only had to draw unemployment twice in this time frame, that was a lot of unemployment money that was paid on my behalf (Unemployment insurance is paid by the employer, but I have always considered it as a benefit of mine), and when I do get to the point that I need it, to keep me and mine fed and housed, it comes back and makes a bigger problem for me.
Unemployment's rule about whether you are physically/mentally able to work is a joke, its not an option of whether you work or not, it is a requirement, unless you want to live on the streets, sick or not.
I have tried to contact the Attorney General, my Ombudsman, and Sherrod Drown Senator, OH, I sent them all emails, explaining and asking for some sort of assistance in this matter, advice, payment plan, what ever, but you guessed it, no reply from no one, I guess when the don't receive this money, it will be important enough to contact me then, then they can assess, lean, garnish, or intercept or what ever they need to do to justify their position.
In my opinion the Great State of Ohio does not care about you, they don't take care of their elderly, their disabled, its all about the dollar or them self. Really makes me feel good about my future in this state.
I think unemployment's stand in this matter is unfair and unjust.
I have done nothing wrong here...

  • Le
    Lenora Edwards Jan 12, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well I filed for unemployment on November 22nd do to being laid off. Which I received severance pay for four weeks once that was over they approved me but still no money I been calling for the last two weeks just been getting the run around one problem after another finally they sent me a message talking about my last name dont match my social security number. Here it is I been using the same last name and social security number all my life know all of a sudden it dont work. Since all this been going on I done missed like 3 or 4 interviews do to lack of transportation. I called on a Friday I sent all my information in they tell me to wait until Wednesday just to call back.And I a week my phone will be off do to no money know how am I suppose to keep filing claims or even find a job. These people need to help people instead of finding ways not to help it's our money. This is so frustrating

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