Office Depot / credit report damage.

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I had a office depot account for several years. Bought multiple items over the years and use the office depot credit card routinely.
Was old school and had statements sent to my house. I would pay of the card account with a check and mail it to the payment center. Did that for many years. Then sometime in late 2018 the account was changed to an online billing process. No idea how that was changed. I bought a couple packs of computer paper for the local Office Depot store. Assumed a hard copy statement would arrive at my house and I would just send the payment via the mail. About 4 months past and noticed my credit score took a dive. Somewhat alarmed I dug into the cause. Finally I found I had a seriously delinquent account of file. Digging more it revealed it was from Office Depot for a charge of about $10 that was sent to collection. About the same time I bought the paper packs I had my phone number changed while trying to bundle some TV/phone products. I have call the credit report folks and explained the issue. They have dealt with the issue of the account. Needless to say the account has been closed. However the information that the account was sent to collection remains on record dinging the account. Office depot stated they could do nothing about it. So it will drop off in 7 years. Great. I asked them when the account was not paid ($10) on time and my account history was that it had always been paid on time before without fail that it did not seem unusual. Office Depot stated that they probably tried to call me but if phone number had been changed they would not be able to contact me. I asked them if a letter (Old style information mode) would have been an alternative communication process since that was the way I had my account set up previously. They stated no... once in an electronic form phone call or E mail was the only way they could communicate. Seems to me somebody with a brain in the Office Depot Credit department could have figured this was an outlier situation and not send the account to collection and damaging the credit rating of a customer. I will live through this but am still frustrated that this happened and will live on the credit report for 7 years. To date I only have 6 more years to wait for it to drop off. I am now a new Staples customer.

  • Office Depot Customer Care's Response, May 16, 2019

    To whom it may concern,

    Office Depot credit cards are funded by Citibank, not Office Depot. As such, Office Depot would not have any personal information regarding your account for security purposes and PCI compliance.

    The cards are branded Office Depot but it is Citibank who governs the accounts.


    Executive Customer Relations
    Office Depot, Inc.

May 15, 2019

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