Ocwen / Wells Fargo / Les Zievemortgage fraud


Wells fargo, ocwen and les zieve, refused to give a fair modification on a home loan obtained illegally and put me in foreclosure in july of "11, filed for bk and then an adversarial complaint about this insane situation. I can not afford an attorney, they hired a global big law firm, who filed a motion to dismiss the complaint with prejudice and a court date of january 12th 2012. I showed up the judge and the trustte was there... They were not. They could not even be reached by phone by the federal court. Judge dismissed without prejudice as they were not there to argue thier motion and the only financial issue I had is them and due to that had not 'payment plan' to submit to the bk court. I can not afford to go bankrupt over these predatory banksters anyway. But several months later, I discover that wells fargo, sold my home of nearly 30 years to the mortgage servicer, ocwen for less then half of the face of the note that they say they have but which I have yet to see a copy of including any proper assignments... On december 21 st 2011... Merry christmas. They have filed a fake tax lien deed on january 4th 2012 and are pushing a forecible detainer down my throat now with les zieve's foreclosure mill. They gave me 21 days to leave my home. Renter's get treated better today then homeowners do. They are ruining my entire life and at age 55 I have no way to recoup what they are stealing from me. I hope god stikes them all dead in the name of my lord and savior jesus chirst, for the combined ills and undue burdens that they have put upon the world and all of the people they have effected.

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