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Ocwen Federal Bankfraud and scam


My mortgage servicer is Ocwen Loan Servicing. Like others here, my loan is in redemption period and has just ended. Unlike others, I have had the funds for 3 months to pay off Ocwen/ HSBC NA and have been refused payoff letter and payoff amount. Numerous calls to the companies attorney and to Ocwen have come up empty handed. I am looking for individuals in Michigan that are having the same problem. I am fighting this in court as they are now trying to evict us from the home. We are responding with the grounds that we have been trying to payoff the loan thru the redemption period and Ocwen has refused to give us the requested payoff information. Actually Ocwen stated that the house was a REO when we were still in redemption period and told us that we should not even be in the home.

We even had a real estate agent tell us that Ocwen states the home was a REO and he tried to get it straight with them and ended up telling us to move out for 2 weeks and then buy the house back at a discount.

If anyone is having the same problems, please contact me.


  • Ho
    Howrider Feb 24, 2012
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    Don't ever get a loan from this Bank...I was sending my payments to them for years and then I get a letter saying that they have not received any payments from me after 3 years...Real nice Bank...I have cancled checks that I sent them...What ###s...I should have never gone to this bank to begin with...

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  • Pi
    Pissed Off inCT Apr 09, 2011

    unlike others? unlike others? who the hell do you think you are? we purchased our home in 1994 through Saxon, we were never late on payments, we didn't know Ocwen took over our mortgage in 2010 as we kept paying Saxon, after 3 months we got a letter from Ocwen saying we were 3 months behind on our mortgage and we owe $6, 000.00, so my first thought was Who The Hell Is Ocwen? I called Saxon, guess what Saxon is out of business, so where did my 3 months mortgage go? it did not come back to me, it did not go to Ocwen so they say, And guess what? You can not speak to an English speaking person unless you are an attorney so my attorney called and they said we were $8, 000.00 behind, now this was all in a matter of 4 days it went from 6 to 8 thousand dollars, we left our attorney's office drove 7 miles home and called Ocwen and was told we were $12, 000.00 behind and they were going to foreclose on us, What The Hell Is Going On Here? Within 30 minutes the price went from 8 to 12 thousand dollars. HOW? I Google Ocwen and found out they are screwing thousands of hard working people like myself so I refused to send any more money to those CROOKS, Bank of America took over our second mortgage from First Franklin and is doing the same thing, guess what? First Franklin OUT OF BUSINESS. WE GOT SCREWED. and our credit is SCREWED too. Just Try To Rent or buy again With Bad Credit Caused by LOWLIFE like ocwen... You get nothing but screwed from Ocwen...

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  • Ac
    Acampbell59 Feb 01, 2011

    Yes! Lets band together and get a class action lawsuite going! Been in this home for 23 years and they are trying to take it. Did the same with a loan modification as well.

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  • Cc
    ccain68 Jan 11, 2011

    our mortage company has raised our mortage and openened a escrow account to pay our taxes when we pay our own taxes...we always have home insurance but they say we dont and they force insurance anyway...we send proof that all is paid but they do nothing

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  • Be
    Beth in Florida May 06, 2010

    HAMP ISSUES WITH INSTRUCTIONS AT THE BOTTOM: My husband has a mortgage he took out before we were married. He always paid early with an automatic bank draft and for more than what was due. He had never been on government assistance in his life and had perfect credit. After unexpectedly loosing his job in June of 2009, we found out that we qualified for HAMP. We started out with TB&W and sent in “verified” information to qualify for HAMP. 3 trial period payments were sent in to TB&W who shut down during the trial period process.

    At the advice of Freddie Mac, my husband put his credit on the line and was told that it would be cleaned up in a few months once the payments were capitalized on and the final was complete. Cenlar took over TB&W’s loans and held our file for 6 months. During this time, they cashed our trial period checks and claimed they never received the money. They would not return phone calls. They threatened foreclosure even when we were paid up on the trial period payments. Cenlar lost all of TB&W’s paperwork. Cenlar asked us to send our copies of the paperwork 5 times (documented). Freddie Mac told us they would escalate the matter and sent paperwork to Cenlar on our behalf.

    Freddie Mac finally told us to ignore Cenlar and that Cenlar did not handle HAMP files. Why then would Freddie Mac ask us to send our HAMP paperwork to Freddie Mac to escalate the matter for us? Why would Cenlar ask us to overnight, mail and fax the HAMP paperwork to them 5 times if they did not handle HAMP? Why would CENLAR cash clearly marked HAMP checks? We also sent emails, letters, and made phone calls to all parties involved. We tracked down a skeletal crew for TB&W and got the tracking numbers of the information that TB&W had sent to them.

    Freddie Mac told us not to pay Cenlar that they had found a servicer named OCWEN to take over our loan. We were told by Freddie Mac that OCWEN agreed to capitalize on the payments and bring us current in January of 2010. There was just the legality of sending over our file from CENLAR. It is May and no one has our file. I again sent copies of our paperwork to an onsite Freddie Mac rep at OCWEN who did not give our paperwork to the correct parties. This new Freddie Mac rep also lied to us stating the our file we sent was being looked at by underwriters in India. Then when we checked back with him the file was being reviewed by the Treasury. Then the file was up the chain at Freddie Mac. He lied and is now working for a bank in California. When we called Ocwen, Ocwen said that this was all up to Freddie Mac to decide. Freddie Mac claims it is all up to Ocwen to decide.

    Here is the long and short of it. Any chance of my husband finding a job in the line of work he had performed in the last 26 – 27 years is over due to following the advice of Freddie Mac. In his line of work he had to have great credit. Freddie Mac reps knew this all along. We would have not chose this path had we not been guided this way. My husband has a 401K that does not come into consideration when applying for HAMP because it is his retirement. We could have bought some time and put the house on the market by using this money. We did not want to lose our home, which is what HAMP is made for. We used my small salary which would be enough to pay the modified payments on the home. Remember, I am not on the loan and they all knew this. According to HAMP guidelines, I can contribute part or all of my income.

    First Ocwen states that we did not send in the proper documentation. This I proved not to be true. I also showed them that the person making the decision is confused as to who is on the loan and who is not since I, a female, continually am addressed as “he” in their interoffice memos.

    They then tried to blame Taylor Bean and Whitaker saying TB&W signed people up illegally only using “stated” income and that was how we got signed up. I then had to prove that TB&W went overboard with me and made me send in “7” pay stubs as opposed to the “2” that is standard and my pay was “verified”. By the way, at the time we qualified, “stated” income was allowed and really should not matter until we do the final mod just to verify my income is still the same. I also told them TB&W used 2 negotiators instead of one to come up with our payments. I then asked where all of the original paperwork was at to clarify the issues since TB&W used Freddie Macs worksheets to come up with our payments and to qualify us. Our paperwork is still lost.

    Now all of a sudden, Ocwen is saying that I can not contribute but 50% of my income and that is not enough money to pay the payments they claim. They did not alter the loan to the 2%, they did not stretch the loan out for 40 years, and they did not do the NPV to adjust the principal. These are all listed as steps they are supposed to do. We had to tell Ocwen and Freddie Mac what the guidelines stated because they have no clue or they are playing dumb very well.

    From what I have gathered, all of these loan servicers are conveniently losing files. I wished there was a way to file a class action law suit for missing files. I know that there is a protocol that has to be taken for the storage and care of people’s financial information and I have been told there are 100’s of thousands of files missing! People are being disqualified after being qualified for HAMP for trumped up reasons like all of a sudden “not enough income” or “missing paperwork”. Everyday people like us our being lied to by the servicers and Freddie Mac. We are given the run around. We are not allowed to talk to a real person. Ocwen's phone system will recognize your number and dump you in a generic voice messaging system where no one will return your call. They all send out generic automated letters. They honestly do not care because it is a numbers game to them with a group of files they want to quickly get off of their desk and grab the rewards in the process. A lot of people are giving up and walking away. Others are taking stands. The Urban Justice Center in NY [protected] has filed suit against a large bank JP Morgan or Chase I think, for 3 people who were lied to. The National Consumer Law Center in Boston has filed a Class Action Lawsuit also.

    If you are going through the same issue, here are some things you can do:

    File a complaint with your State Attorney General (states are gathering complaints)

    Contact your representatives and congressman

    Contact your States Financial Regulations department and file a complaint (states are gathering complaints)

    Keep documentation – I have recorded phone calls and emails from Freddie Mac with their guidance

    There are a few lawsuits going on across the Country

    Go to and do research to see what fits your criteria.

    Read the directives at the HAMP website. Q1222-01 is a great one!

    Call Freddie Mac’s corporate number and when it asks for a person’s name, ask for the CEO.
    File a complaint.

    Send a complaint letter to Freddie’s Mac’s CEO

    Address complaints to the loan servicer on your loan’s President of the Company (in some instances these are the only ones that get through)

    Ohio’s Attorney General is filing a class action lawsuit against some servicer regarding HAMP (maybe your state will follow soon if enough complaints are made)

    Go to YouTube and check out the videos by attorney Englett from Orlando.

    Go to the HUD website and look at some of their videos to get help.

    Contact HUD for help

    Get a free consultation from the attorneys KEL (Kaufman, Englett & Lynd) from Orlando [protected] ext 7120 (Greg Pull client counselor) So far, to us, this was the greatest hope we got through out the process.

    Remember, you are not alone.

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  • Bi
    BITE ME OCWEN Feb 06, 2010

    I'm not going to comment on the 'Unlike others ' comment. Great! I'm happy someone has money, unfortunately I don't. Ocwen is a scamming company that was shoved onto us by Cenlar who took over from TBW. I'm trying for a Modification with Ocwen. And as the previous poster stated, their phone system is useless and the foreign employees even more so. Oh their scanning system is outdated! Every single time they ask for YET ANOTHER document and I fax it, it can't be read once they 'scan it into the system'. So I started to send everything USPS and it still couldn't be scanned clearly. My file with them has to be almost 200 pages. I asked if they were deliberately dragging it out to force me into foreclosure and was basically torn a new! Very defensive they are!!! My tale of horror is too long to write and too boring for anyone to read. I just wanted to put out there that OCWEN SUCKS!!!

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  • Le
    Lemaudit63 Jan 29, 2010

    "Unlike others, I have had the funds for 3 months"
    are you kidding me? What an arrogant comment to make. Do you really expect to get sympathy or a response from the millions just like you in the same situation?
    Here's a few:
    read: $4 billion con game

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  • Mf
    MFC50 Jan 16, 2010

    We have also had bad dealings with Ocwen. Our home went into foreclosue after I lost my job. We tried to deal with this bank with a request to lower our payments through a modification program. The response we got was that our investor does not approve any modification programs. In order to save our home we hd to come up with a large lump sum of money in order to be put on a forebearance program. This program was to provide an "affordable" monthly payment to help us catch up on the arrears. This payment ended up to be double of what we were originally paying. Some help there. With my income being cut in half while collecting unemployment benefits, I called them one month and asked them if we could reduce that payment because of some unexpected car repairs. They refused and immediately put our home back into a foreclosure status. We again requested a loan modification program which would fall into our income catagory and once again, they refused our request. We were offered another forebearance plan which required another large sum of money as a down payment...double from the first plan...and they again raised our payments. It takes everything we have in order to pay each month...cutting back on all expenses to include me having to give up my health insurance. I had sent them several emails questioning Ocwen's claim of helping several hundreds of thousands of home owners' in our same situation though loan modifications and why they are false advertising...and, as you may have guessed...never got a response to this question. There is a class action law suit that has been filed in 2009 and we are going to find out if we qualify to join it. Our situation may differ from yours, but this company is ruthless. First of all, when you call them, you are put on hold forever...coupled by the fact that you are talking to a foreigner who you can't even understand. I was also advised that these people get a bonus for each forebearance plan they set up. Oh, and a good one...for all the money we gave them as down payments for the plans we are on...$10, 500 total...we asked them to show us where this money was applied because it didn't seem like our balance was reduced after paying it...we were told that they were doing us a favor by allowing us to keep our home!! They listed about $16, 000 in legal expenses...I asked to show me the bills for their lawyers, etc, since these expenses were tacked on to our balance and they told us that this is private information for their use only and that we don't have the right to see it. Well if I'm paying it I want to see these legal bills they claim to have paid. This company should be stopped.

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  • Mi
    Miss Daisy Sep 20, 2009

    I am very curious how Ocwen is set up (different independent business people or all employee; independent, but working under the blanket of the business, etc), . I think it was after the time frame you gave but maybe not. Was Dimitry B Ioffe involved with the company at that time? There is a poor public rating that is emerging regarding his name and business(es) such as DBImg and, which if I am remembering correctly were/are somehow connected with Ocwen. I was trying to follow allegations about him, but there was personal mud-slinging between him and an ex girlfriend using multiple aliases that were easy to see through on a couple of threads so I separated myself from those threads. It became too difficult to find the business "complaint" portion mixed in with non related personal issues. Any additional insight regarding Ocwen appreciated.

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  • Valerie Nov 07, 2008

    In 2001 I worked for Ocwen as an REO Sales Manager and it was an utter disaster. I was charged with selling non-performing residential properties in a 9 state assigned territory across the country. In the six months I was there I watched as the company berated loyal employees who fought hard to stabilize the assets, get BPOs, hire brokers, list the properties and sell the assets in a timely fashion. Employees were rewarded with ever changing pay policies, unrealistic attainable goals resulting in no performance bonuses being paid out. I took note that a considerable amount of outsourcing was done to people in India and elsewhere and the company apparently managed both domestic as well as overseas employees to handle the sale of real estate assets. In 6 months I was able to move $2 million of properties at prices averaging 90% of appraised value typically within a 90 day timeframe. My reward was no bonus, a call from HR telling me to come to their office at which time I was terminated for vague reasons. This organization has no business in being charged with the disposition of ANY real estate held by bank-owned but now government held assets. My understanding is that it has gotten worse and the communication within and outside of the organization is terrible.

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