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Oakleyrx glasses not available at oakley si

I paid $296.00 for RX glasses and for a week I have been cancelled several times because Oakley continues to make excuses why they cannot get it done. You either can or cannot fill prescriptions. THEY CANNOT. PERIOD. And if not for me checking and assuming that Oakley was a GOOD company and contacted its customers when there is a problem. Nope only if you check your account. So in essence, your money will be spent by OAKLEY and no service.

What a great company mantra! We are Oakley you have the privilege of buying our expensive pieces of plastic. And we are big enough where we really don't care about customer service or you order. We will absorb your issue with the other customers that we haven't screwed yet. Your quality sucks, your service sucks. Good corporate strategy.

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    • Co
      Com Ercial Aug 18, 2018
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Same here, they do confirm on the phone or email, but when trying to get them done through "their retailers" it hits the wall.

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    Oakleypit bull sunglasses

    4 years ago I purchased oakley pit bull sunglasses. I obtained prescription lenses from Oakley. Total cost was over $500. Within 4 years the rubber sleeves have become sticky and gooey making the glasses unwearable. I am told they are discontinued and I cannot get replacements for the rubber pieces.
    It is very disappointing to have the glasses but am unable to use them.
    I would like the glasses to be replaced as they are a defective product.

    pit bull sunglasses
    pit bull sunglasses
    pit bull sunglasses

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      May 10, 2018

      Oakley — unhappy with the product and support

      I had bought Radar path vented with iridium lenses and another lens by paying a Bomb thinking this is a...

      Oakleybubbles appeared on the inside of lenses on the very second day of purchase.

      This refers to the above complaint the sun glasses were purchased from O Vault Legian, Kuta, Bali, Indonasia. The purchase was done against invoice number S18041801017 dated 18/04/18 time 22.53 for Oakley model Forehand Polished/positive Red Ir ([protected]/S009179-27) for IDR 1, 000, 000
      At the time of purchase the salesman said that as they are offering discount there is no warranty for sun glasses and there are minor scratches on the lenses which were not much visible. I agreed as I already had one Oakley and thought this can be used as a casual wear.
      However to my shock the very next day I could see bubbles ay the inner side of the lenses. As we were there on a holiday I went to the store and showed them the sunglasses. I explained to them that I understand there is no warranty as the piece is on discount. But to get such bubbles on the very next day is unacceptable. The sales man was extremely rude and said he can't do anything as there is no warranty. I requested him to replace with a new piece for which I would pay him the difference but didn't agree and started abusing.
      I even kept it for one day and requested him to talk to the store manager.
      But next day he gave it back and said the store manager has also refused replacement.
      Venkatesh Kashelikar email- [protected]@mkspune.com

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        Mar 12, 2018

        Oakley — sunglasses

        My wife purchased a pair of sunglasses about 18 months ago. The film on the glasses is starting to bubble. I...


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        Oakleyunethical behavior, improper inspect on my frame.

        I sent my Oakley frame for warranty replacement, initially they inspect and I was told that the product is from Italy so I need to wait for them to come back. recently they called me and saying that my frame is everything perfect they nothing can do further. My frames cover international warranty this Aussie Oakley really rude talk and abusing the customer, they took 3 months for this outcome. my case no is [protected], this frame hasn't been sent to QA/QC, I explained the issues they are not willing to listen. I bought Oakley frame for reputation but unskilled professionals on board. The faulty spring has been installed.
        my contact no is : +[protected]; mail id: [protected]@yahoo.com.sg

        unethical behavior, improper inspect on my frame.

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          Oakley — oakley customer service

          Oakley- I'm sure you guys get a lot of compalints beings the size of the Company if the Customer is right or...

          Oakleyoakley x10 sunglasses

          I purchased a pair of Oakley X10 sunglasses as a gift for my husband. I never spend more than $20 on my own sunglasses, so the $100+ price tag was a splurge for us. He wanted a good quality pair and I trusted Oakley's reputation and purchased them for him. He loved them and treated them very gently, returning them to their protective case after each use. One day, he noticed the lenses were peeling. We have no idea what could have caused this as he is extremely careful with them. I have never seen such lens deterioration even on the less expensive sunglasses that I wear. We no longer have the receipt for the glasses and are unable to return them. We are both terribly disappointed in the quality of the glasses. I never expected such a reputable company as Oakley to produce a poor quality product that literally fell apart performing the job they were intended to do. I will never purchase another Oakley product.

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            Oakleyoakley radar ev pitch golf glasses

            I received oakley golf - polished white / prizm golf radar® ev pitch® prizm™ golf for a birthday gift.
            The lens is a pitch lens the box and label indicates it is a path lens.
            Thus I received the wrong size microbag for my glasses. Three days ago I went back to dicks to explain the error. They said the label on the glasses matches the box thus you have the correct microbag. My problems are microbag is too small and the glasses do not easily fit in the small black micro bag. They said it was an oakley problem. They said the oakley representative handles the labels and the boxes.
            So I called oakley support. After about 10 minutes customer service girl confirmed that the box, label and glasses don't match and that the correct microbag is larger and white not black.
            She spoke to her supervisors and they said there's nothing they can do and I must now go back again to dick's to explain it all over again to them. I even suggested to her that they can ship me the correct microbag and I will return the one I received. She said they do not have the inventory for that.
            So I am the customer and now I am being inconvenienced again.
            If I was the supervisor I would just handle the customer's problem and ship them the correct microbag. I am sure I am going to be caught in a loop when I return to dick's and they will again refer me back to oakley.
            Note: I am very happy with the new golf lens and I told all my golf buddies how great they are.
            Now there's a caveat regarding the customer service side of oakley and dick's.

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              Oakley, Incemployment complaint

              March 2014 I worked for Oakley for this company for 4 months and was disappointed in this company communication to their employees, they expressed to me that I was to return from my 30 minute lunch period 3 minutes early because I was working the assembly line. I have worked for many companies in my life time and they thought that I would just accept their authority which is totally illegal. Which I complained and they retracted it! I am a 3rd generation Hispanic and I don't speak Spanish, the entire people the hire I know a lot were illegal. The communication with them was horrible. I would repeat what directions they were explaining to me and they would say "aha aha". Then the next day they said I did everything wrong, total communication break down. I think ICE needs to pay Oakley a visit!

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                Oakley, Incwomen's sunglasses

                The lenses on my oakley sunglasses melted in my car! I completed all the warranty procedures and was shocked to be told it was 'customer abuse' and they would not repair/replace them without me paying $50! I asked them to keep the product so they could test and improve the lenses as clearly sunglasses should be more resilient in warm temperatures but they refused. Awful quality product, terrible customer service. Don't buy them!

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Oakleycustomer service

                  We had purchased a pair of expensive Oakley Sunglasses as a gift for someone special. After only a month the screw came out from the hinge. We were told to send it back to Oakley. We received a phone call from their customer support telling us that the lens was cracked. I personally cleaned the sunglasses and put them in the foam custom fitted case they came with, they were brand new and did not have a single scratch never mind a cracked lens. I know this damage happened at the hands of Oakley and whoever received the package. I was told the repairs would cost close to $100.00, imagine that, what a joke this company calls customer support. I declined . I had checked other web sites and realized that Oakley has a long history of unsatisfied customers with poor quality products across the board and a customer service that tries to create more profit for the company rather than take care of the customer. I will never buy anything Oakley and will let anyone who is thinking of buying any of their products what they have done to me.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Oakley Sunglasses — customer service

                    Buyer Beware, My wife bought an expensive pair of Oakley Sunglasses for my son who is a Marine and wa...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Oakleypoor warrenty/service

                    I bought a pair of Airbrake Ski goggles on March 1st
                    They came with dark lens but also HI Yellow lens.
                    I normally only ski when the weather is nice so have only
                    changed lenses a number of times last season.
                    I read the instructions and had the girl at the Mammoth
                    Mountain store show me how to change them so I’m very careful and don’t put any
                    pressure on the lens when changing.

                    However, the HI Yellow lens suffered a crack straight down the middle of the
                    inside portion of the lens despite the fact that they were never dropped and always in the protective case.

                    I took them to the Mammoth store and she told me she had see
                    this issue with at least 2 other pairs of the exact same goggles recently and
                    that it appeared to be a manufacture defect.

                    I called Oakley and was informed that you have a 1 year warranty
                    so I’m out of that time frame offered no other help or to even consider replacing them.
                    I would understand a 1 year warranty for products that are
                    used daily with heavy use but we are talking about ski goggles which only get
                    used on a limited basis and seasonal at that!!
                    The goggles and both lens are in brand new condition
                    Based on the condition of the lenses/goggles and given the
                    fact that they have only been used a handful of times I would think they would make an exception and replace the lens for me given the circumstance and limited use.


                    poor warrenty/service
                    poor warrenty/service
                    poor warrenty/service
                    poor warrenty/service

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                      Oakley — very poor customer service

                      Dear Oakley, I am writing to inform you that you have lost two previously very loyal customers. In early...

                      Oakley — no replacement parts for broken hinge

                      I purchased a pair of Oakley Jury sunglasses while on vacation in Disneyworld (Orlando, Florida). I was in...

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Oakleyoakley frame quality

                      Not really a complaint. But would like to seek advise if glasses are under warranty but the company refuse to repair it. What can I do?

                      Just a few months, the paint peel off...take back for repair but was refused...

                      I did not really wear the new glasses as my old one is still fine. Just occasionally, wear the new Oakley glasses and when not wearing, put it back to the boxes...I am wondering if anyone faces the same problem and what we can do about it...

                      Thanks for advise...

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                        • Re
                          redress.me Feb 29, 2012

                          I have forwarded the story to Redress.me. Hope you will get the recourse you needed. Here it is:http://redress.me/view_post.php?pid=2003

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                        • Pa
                          Park Ng Aug 19, 2012

                          I have the same problem with a pair of Oakleys Minutes 2 (the original Minute from years ago seems better quality).

                          Bought a pair of Minute 2 (black polarized lense) as a replacement for my relatively problem free Minute in 2010. After about one year i noticed both the frame and the perimeter of the lense started peeling - just a little. I was busy and did not take it back to the HK office (and the main lense middle was fine) - but then it deteriorated within months to the middle of the lense and really cannot use it anymore. Very disappointed as by this time the warrantee was over and it would have cost me about 50% of the purchase price just to replace the lense even though I argued it was defective!!! I had my original Minute before for nearly 3 years with none of this problem (but I dropped in in the ocean during a sailing race - as i did the previous pair of Minute as well which i owned and had no problems for at least 2-3 years)... I care for the Oakleys very well (I own 3 pairs for different use) washing them with mild soap eafter each outdoors wear. I think they are just not manufacturing them to the same quallity standard anymore so beware for small defects within the first year (still under warrantee).

                          Some of my friends are starting to use other brands as we think Oakelys are getting not durable enough for real tough outdorr use like they use to be...

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                        Oakleypay a premium for glasses, don't expect customer service!

                        I'm on my 4th pair of Oakley sunglasses, so I've given them pretty decent business over the years. Now that I'm having my first real issue, I'm sad to find out that their customer service is pretty sub-par.

                        I've been wearing my Half X glasses almost every day for about 18 months. The frames are titanium, so I bought extra lenses for them, expecting that they'd last forever. This weekend, I went to put them on my face, and one of the hinges broke. I didn't worry too much, because I figured that excellent service was one of the benefits of owning a $300 pair of sunglasses.

                        The store told me that the ONLY way they could get fixed is to send them across the country to Oakley headquarters. When I spoke with them over the phone, they stated that since my frames were no longer covered under warranty, they would have to provide a "low cost replacement frame" for $70. I reminded the rep that my frames were just fine, but the removable hinge needed replacing. I wasn't expecting anything for free, but if they would help me get my beloved sunglasses fixed, I'd appreciate it. He said that IF their folks COULD repair them, they would... for the same amount as new frames would cost.

                        I even offered to replace the hinge myself if they would be willing to send me one, or let me buy one, but they wouldn't do that either. Bottom line is, my very expensive sunglasses wore out after less than two years, and they can't help me out. I even bought a different model to use as a backup, but I think I'll send them back. Oakley obviously doesn't need my business.

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          Oakleyonline ordering

                          On the 2nd of July I ordered a pair of Fuel Cell custom sunglasses from Oakley.com. I received an order conformation email the next day so I said cool I should get my order In a week or two. Custom orders take 7-14 days to "make " the glasses. After two weeks I checked their website and they said you have to call customer care to update your billing information. WTF I paid extra for overnight air because I wanted to get them in time for the Us motogp race at Laguna Seca on the 24th of July. If I hadn't checked the website I guess I never would have known I wasn't going to get the order! So I wrote an email asking what happened and can I get my glasses in time for the race? The response was slow "four days latter" and insulting. They said Oh sorry we should have sent you an email but we're real busy try it again and wait another two weeks. So they drooped the ball on this one and the best they could do is say go to the end of the line and try again!! That's like customer service at the DMV! I told them that was unacceptable and after several emails last night I got one saying "Your glasses are being built and we are waving the over night air charge. Ok that's not so great I still have to wait for the 7-14 days for build time but the waving of the over night air shows they are trying and that's the best they can do. But no this morning I got an email saying the sunglasses are on back order and the invoice still had the overnight air charge on it!! WTF!! This is the worst online experience I have ever had. I have been jacked around lied to and let down big time. Oakley customer sevice sucks and they don't care.

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                            Oakley.comsunglasses case is falling apart

                            About two years ago, I purchased a case for my Oakley sunglasses from a local Oakley dealer.

                            The first year I used the case almost daily during the summer, the next year only 12 days when I rode my bike, as I'd bought other glasses for daily non-sports use. I saw no problem with the case when I put the case away for the winter last year, but when I got it out two days ago so I could use the glasses during my first bike ride of 2010, I noticed the glue inside had failed where two round tabs are supposed to be glued to the top half of the case. I take extremely good care of my belongings, and the case exterior still looks like new, only when opened can you see any sign of a defect.

                            I expected it to be a very simple matter to get a replacement, since the Oakley webpage for this item says "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed." Evidently that guarantee has an expiration date, because when I contacted Oakley Customer Service, this is the relevant part of the reply I received:

                            "How long have you had that item? We do have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy but if an item is out of its warranty period there would be a charge for any replacement."

                            Since when does "100% satisfaction guaranteed" mean "satisfaction guaranteed for 30 days"? There is no disclaimer saying the guarantee will only be honored for a pre-determined length of time. Either they guarantee my satisfaction or they don't, and I AM NOT SATISFIED.

                            Frankly, I find it shameful and disgraceful that Oakley would deny a claim for an item purported to have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, one made in China that cost them $5 at the most, especially when the sunglasses cost $200! For those few dollars they have alienated a customer, and I doubt I'll ever buy another Oakley product.

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