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I applyed for section 8 for my son and I. they clled me for a interview
6 months goe by and i don't even get a letter from housing when i finally send a complaint to the controllers office a very unprofessional woman named Gail calls me at 5:45 pm on a friday night (preventing me from investigated and call NYCHA by call me at the end of the business day) to tell me I make to much money so My application was denied. After i laughed about the income mix up
(according to there website for I make within the bracket) this women could 'nt even tell where to goe from there

I'm won't just take this lying down I'm a citzen i work
and I need affordable housing for my son and I.


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    jessica Sep 20, 2008
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    hey my name is jessica i live in lancaster.. i just thought you should know theirs a person over here that is on section 8.. and has a person living there that sudden be there.. he address is 44318 n beech ave apt# look i don't want her to losse her place.. so can you just give her a waring that she need to get rid of that guy.. because he is driving me crazy, he is loud rude and i work and when i get home to rest. i can't do that because of him.. look shes already got in trouble of having weed in her house but that was just because the police didnt know she was on section 8 .. but i hope you guys get to this as soon as you can... ok thank you

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    La-shawn Jackson Oct 17, 2008
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    I'm a 35yr old female who is disabled&sick.I applied for the Sec8 program, they denied me for no reason.
    They feel I'm not a priority to them.They want to put me back in the projects(don't want to go back).
    I lived in the projects for almost 30 yrs.I live off of SSI & that is not enough to pay rent anywhere. I live
    with a relative who has 3kids& a husband.There is no more room for me to continue there.I've been
    fighting the nycha sec8 for the past 4mos, still no help.I've contacted everyone u can name(mayor, comm, senator, &head of nycha) still no help.I even asked for a fair hearing still no response. I don't need them to find me a place, all I need is the assistance to pay rent.I need to be in a elevated building&where I'm at they don't have that.Can u or someone u know help me I'm at my wits end but I don't want to give up fighting them.Many people out there that have sec8 don't need it, the ones that do need it can't get it.That makes the nycha look bad.I won't give up telling people who will hear my story
    about how they are treating me.Please help me fight them cause I need help.I must move outASASP.My
    # is [protected], live in bklyn ny.
    Sincerly yours, Ms. Jackson!!!

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    sjfashion1 May 31, 2013

    To Whom It May Concern, 5/31/2013
    I thank you for your time I know you are extremely busy.
    I am writing to express my concern and the mis-treatment I have experienced within the Section-8 Voucher Program with the hopes of gaining your assistance.
    After waiting for two-plus years to receive a transfer voucher I was granted a 3 bedroom voucher however 3 days after, my husband was removed from the voucher. There had not been any communications as to why this change occurred. I found out about the change after I found a 3 bedroom apartment and paid the $1992.00 security deposit and $1992.00 first month’s required rent (the first month’s rent is non-refundable)
    I was shocked to say the least when my application was denied for the household consumption size change.
    I resubmitted all the information as requested to have my husband added back to the voucher in the beginning of May-however my case has not been assigned to anyone and the work being done on the case is non-existent. This proves to be detrimental to my family.
    Our landlord refused to give us a lease release and section -8 refused to continue with the transfer without one-needless to say I was in a tough spot. In order for my landlord to agree to a release I had to give him a hard date. That date is June 12th which is rapidly approaching.
    Now here we are with a 3 bedroom apartment in limbo, $3984.00 paid down, a move-out date of June 12th and nowhere to go with 2 small children ages 6 and 3.
    Please help me-I have done all I know how to do. I call the contact center daily and stress the urgency, I have called 311 and filed a complaint and now I am writing you. Please Help. I appreciate you and your time. Thank you.

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    section 8 mix up Aug 24, 2014

    I went through a domestic violence situation in 2009' . I went through the district attorney's office in Queens county. They filed a section 8application for me along with copies of my police report and a letter from the assistant district attorney handling the application. I received an interview notice and was told what paperwork to bring.. I went to the interview and a few weeks later received a letter telling me that my application was accepted and that I was given a priority one status and a pin number. I called a few months later to check on the status of my application only to be told that there was no record of my application.I preceeded to write a letter to 250 Broadway.I received a letter the.chairman office telling me that due to the fact that I presently live in public housing I was not eligible for section 8. Why did I have to go through the entire process only to be denied and told that there was nothing that could be done? I am really dismayed by this. The lack of concern for my situation and the failure of the nycha office to completely go over my application truly amazes me..

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