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This company is ripping families off. They have triple our water bills and are charging for thing that we do not have at our community apartment complex. The are charging for pest control and sewer and trash fee's. They also charge a $20.00 late fee and a meter read fee of $.35 and service fee of $2.75 in which they never come out and read a meter because there are no meter out side for them to read. I going to file a complaint with the bbb because this is a rip out to working families and people that do not have extra money to just throw away or give away, so if you are reading this I suggest you do the same thing and call the bbb on them!


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    staying strong Feb 11, 2009

    Totally agree. Have been trying to resolve this overcharge for 2 months with no luck since. Escalated this issue from Sergio Sanchez to Angie Rodebaugh, his supervisor, only to get Sergio again. There is no customer service. This is after being on hold for 2 hrs!!

    Worst of all is they are hired by management companies and are colluding together as the management company (Horizon Mgmt in this case in Torrance) does not want to take the financial burden so they are putting it on the customers.

    Third, I have asked a refund for overpayment since December 2008 and still have not received it. How can a bill be $27 if the unit is on the market? Please.

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    Utility Geek Nov 16, 2010

    NWP is not ripping you off - your Utility Co. is. See, your Utility Co. bills the property and the property bills you. All NWP does is process the bills and allocate them out to the residents, on behalf of the property. They are only a billing service, not the actual Utility Company. Oh, and fyi - water, sewer and trash are services paid by residents everywhere. This is the norm. You can't live somewhere and not pay for what you use. Also, pest control is a service that your property is deciding to bill you for, not NWP. They are only billing for what the property dictates they bill for.

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  • Xa
    xavion Aug 02, 2011

    I live in a new apartment complex for seniors 55 and up. I will be here 3 months and the water is unbearable. When you run the water in the kitchen, bathroom and your shower the smell is so nasty. The smell is of rotten eggs. I thought I was the only one, but seems like the whole apartment complex is having the same thing . Can you check into this and see why this smell is so strong, and what can be done. We aren't able to drink it, everyone is having to buy bottle water, to drink, cook and brush teeth with. When company comes over they can't stand the smell of the water when washing there hands. What do you tell them, of this matter. I had no answers.

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    M Neal May 26, 2013
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    Nwp needs to be put out of business! All these comments are correct. The same issues have happened in my apartment complex. I live in Palm Harbor, Fl and this company bills what they feel. They are suppose to read meters and they don't and some people at my complex do not receive bills, but get billed $ 10.00 late fees. State of Florida and other states need to investigate this company, and lawsuits need to be filed for breach of contracts against apartment complexes, that state on lease, that apartments are metered and will be read. This is a scam and needs to be addressed. Are their any attorneys out there willing to take them on. I have a lot of information.

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  • Su
    Sunshine341 Feb 26, 2018

    NWP needs to be closed down. They charged me $162 first month and then the price keep going up and up now in December Food month they are charging me $1000 for a water when my electric bill is only $200. I am filing lawsuits if anyone wants to join please free to call me. Thanks

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    VG Tenants Mar 16, 2018
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    Regarding admin fees, imposed by NWP:
    NJ State Department of Community Affairs classifies Administrative Fees for any recipient of "Section 8" as illegal -
    "In reviewing the billing format it shows that an "Administrative Service Fee" is being charged along with the gas usage. Please be aware that this fee is not allowed and must be removed from the bill. If it is found that this charge si being used, the owners will be liable for an assessment of a civil penalty and may be forced to reimburse these fees to all billed parties." (letter is sent from Section 8 to landlord on May 16, 2017) New Jersey State.

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