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weight loss

I joined kolors which is located in vellore city for weigjt loss treatment. I have been in the severe diet and did home exercise as much as possible. Not even a single kilogram has been reduced even after 20 sittings. There are lot of business tactics happening inside saying that take this treatment that treatment. This is so hilarious. Simply money waste. As a rrsult of this i just need my money back or reduce my weight as promised.

Processing of order and customer service

My daughter Tracie Sweeney purchased Gold diet pills in February. After several promises still no product. We did however receive hundreds of bottles of something she didn't order. After contacting customer service via email the executive assistant Donna assigned the complaint to Jackie. Well just as expected she promised we would get them today and Still no product. I want the product my daughter ordered.

Please provide resolution to your customer service issues. I have emails phone call recorder and everything if someone who cares wants Them. Contact


contract / pricing

After seeing great results on my hairdresser for a significant weight loss, I went to QWLC to learn more about the program and costs. My hairdresser told me what she had paid so I had an idea of where my pricepoint would be if I signed up. They said they start at $1299 but because I was referred, my program would be $523. I then shared I knew what my hairdresser paid and was aware they also run 50% off programs. I walked out without signing the contract. I later received a call that they could give me all of the products without the program cost for $399. I am glad I reviewed the and BBB for complaints on this organization. It presents like a scam and the business was very dirty. I was not impressed at all. I'm headed right back to Weight Watchers.

Great site! Thank you.

unethical behavior and lack of products when I really need them

I've been a QWLC client from August last year (2017) until now. I was at the center that I use to go...

getting money back if unable to complete program due to medical

I went into this place of business today to ask for my money back, as when I signed up in 2012, I was talked into the Platinum Membership that guaranteed me a lifetime membership. In 2012 I was 65 years old. I am now nearly 71 and have had multiple surgeries that precluded my participation in the program. I was told that they do not refund money period. That someone would "call" me to explain matters to me. I was inveigled into signing this contract and paying in $2000.00. I have not been able to participate in the program for 5 years, have many sensitivities to the "supplemental pills and foods" that they make you pay for and due to my medical problems cannot participate in this program at all. I want my money back.

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the program something just didn't seem right

6/24/17, After being in the Weight Watcher program over the yrs and tired of losing and gaining the same 1-2...

I did not receive my package of the weight loss patches

i have ordered it about a month and 2 weeks ago and i have still never received it. my mother is severely...


Quick weight loss center is a Con artist Port st. Lucie, florida United states This place is a complete...

first consultation-sugar land location @59 and hwy 6

Sugar Land, TX location-Geena which sits at the front desk has a horrible attitude, demonic presence, and not...

diet plan

In June 2013, my daughter was attracted to Quick Weight Loss by their radio advertising. When she visited...

weight loss program

I believe they are very misleading with their programs. I was told that with paying for the program I would...

lies, omissions & deceptions

Comsumer beware!!!

I find that qwlc advertising is bordering on being very deceptive. They advertise on the radio "get 10 weeks for just $99.00" then at the end of the commercial a person in a quiet voice says "certain conditions may apply" this is reminiscent of the way that the automobile industry advertises.

What they don't tell you up front is that the price they charge for their nutrients and supplements are outrageous. O.K. Some of you might be thinking that "this guy is sour grapes" no indeed! I have lost 22 lbs in 8 weeks at an approximate cost so far of $40.00 per pound. Not a misprint. $40.00 per lb. Outrageous!

When i went to sign up for the $100.00 special in december, 2015, i told the councillor brian who i had known from qwl from previous years ago at my 1st attempt with qwl that i was going to get the gastric sleeve surgery in january or february and that i had to loose 20 - 30 pounds before they would allow the surgery. He agreed that it would be a great idea for me to get the gastric sleeve but instead of offering the 10 week promotional membership at $100.00 which i originally came in for and was all i really needed, he had talked me into taking out a different type of membership that would enable me to save supposedly thousands of dollars. So i paid the initial payment of $400.00 - $500.00 which included a starter kit of their supplements and other products that i was required to take. Then i sat down with another qwl agent to pick out more supplements and products and was immediately offered a $4, 000.00 package that would supposedly afford me the greatest savings. I laughed out loud a little and then settled for a less expensive package which cost me an additional $399.00 that was put onto a qwl card. So. Here i am, i've paid out $800.00 - $900.00 and i am ready to start.

What i didn't know at the time but have since confirmed from our local head office is that some of the qwl agents work on a commission basis. Ah ha...Know it starts to make more sense. This was why the used "gorilla marketing" and pushed me so hard into buying a program and products that i really didn't need but was better for them financially.

When some of my original starter kit items were finished, i went into my qwlc and gave them my qwl card an asked to order 3 or 4 items. I was then told that there was a 10 item minimum? I asked why i had to take 10 items that i had prepaid for and the said that that was their rule. Well, guess what???They had neglected to tell me about their rules before i purchased my prepaid card. If i knew that then, i would not have pre-purchased anything and just buy what i need as i need it. I felt as if i was being gouged!!

They apologized to me and told me that the person who sold it to me was new and that is why she neglected to tell me the rules. O.K., mistakes happen. The manager tony, who is very polite and professional offered me a few boxes of supplements to make up for any hard feelings that i might have.

Yesterday, when i went in to get weighed, i presented a list of 10 items that i would like to purchase against my qwl card as per their rules. To my horror, they told me that only the supplements were included in the 10 items and not the fiber. Again, i felt enraged that i was being gouged. The 5 boxes of fiber would cost me an additional $150.00. I can't for the life of me figure out why when i have made a prepayment of almost $400.00 that they would limit me in what i can buy.

I am done with them. I can't take their b.S. Any more. I have not used my prepaid card yet and they refuse to credit me for the outstanding amount. I feel that they are greedy little pigs. What web of lies and deceit they have spun. I think that i should let the attorney generals office know about this.

Btw... Anyone can do just as well for themselves in losing weight with weight watches or any other diet plans out there.

misleading marketing techniques

The business marketing is a scam. I called to get prices yesterday and they would not give them over the...


When I went to the QWLC i had just turned 18 years old and about 20lbs overweight. I was super depressed about it and I was desperate for change. My mother told me about one of their ads and I was eager to check it out. They guaranteed quick weight-loss without exercising.. I went for a free consultation and I was in there for over an hour. They immediately tried to sell me things, they knew I was young and dumb and that I would probably feed into their lies. I did. The upfront cost was around 200 dollars. I did not mind this.. But I was robbed. The program did work. I lost the 20lbs in a little over a month and a half. I was happier but I got sick from the fat burners. The stupid counselor told me to take 2 before each meal and it made me so sick I thought I was going to be rushed to the hospital.. All i can say is that this place should be sued. It should be gone!! You lose weight that quick because of all the pills and teas you are instructed to take every day. Soo many pills had to be taken that it took a few days to remember what and when to take the pills.. You hardly have any appetite and the plans are super restrictive... It is no wonder why people lose the weight soo quick. If you aren't rich do not even start it. The costs are crazy. Without being told, I had to pay off over 1, 000 dollars with them. Everything is insanely expensive. The snacks are $17 a pop.. They want you to purchase 3 of these btw.. to "ensure weight loss". I gained every bit of the weight back when it was too expensive to pay $145.00 for the fat burner that gave me the shakes. Also I learned that "quick weight loss" is almost always not permanent 90% of the time. Unless u have a band restricting your stomach, you'll gain all the weight back.. With no exercise, appetite suppressants, and a restrictive meal plan.. weight gain in the future is unavoidable.. Now, several months later, I have reached my goal weight without popping a slew of expensive pill (around $800 for the entire pack: carb blockers, fat burner, vitamin supplement, fiber sticks, teas, etc..) All in all.. they just take advantage of fat people with low self esteem and rob your bank.. NEVER USE THIS PROGRAM.. EVER.

fasle advertising

QWLC is a scam. They prey on people's low self esteem due to their weight condition. DO NOT WASTE YOUR...

con artist

This place is a complete total rip off. If you are looking to loose weight DONT GO HERE! They are very tricky...

qwlc stole $2000 from me

I signed up for this program in July with a signed agreement stating it was costing me $681. I understood...

false advertising, too expensive for what you get.

Don't let the name fool you. There is nothing "quick" about the weight loss on this program and the diet is full of one rule after another and they seem to make them up as you go along when they can't figure out why you haven't loss (or worse - even gained!) while you follow their program exactly. I gained 1/2 lb. after less than 3 weeks on the diet, following it closely - no cheating AT ALL. With 66 lbs. to lose, it seems way too early to be plateauing or gaining! This is when the weight should fall off, at the beginning of the diet, then slow down as you get closer to your ideal weight. They start groping for excuses as they look at your food diary to see where you "went wrong". Their latest was the best - I ate too many vegetables yesterday because my 2 cups of asparagus (measured before cooking as instructed in their book) was MORE than 2 cups after cooking - duh! Food shrinks when you cook it, so it was less than 2 cups once cooked.

They will not tell you what the diet really is until after they've taken your money to join ($699), and after you do their 3 days of prep (when they tell you to eat all the steak, butter, etc.- "the more the better" - you want, to "prepare your body" for the diet). Hey, lost 3 1/2 lbs. in the 3 days prep - how bad can this diet be? Then they show you a video of how to follow their rules - and there are a ton of them! - Can't mix your proteins or fruits in one meal, can't have your starches, or bar supplements after 6 pm, can't have canned tuna and beef within 2 days of each other - and tuna only 1x/wk and beef 2x/wk., can't have 1/2 small potato or rice more than 3x/wk and not mixed in same day, etc., etc. Makes it very difficult to plan out your meals for the week when you have to make sure you don't eat things too close to each other or eat after 6 pm. Protein selections are very limited, especially if you don't like fish, liver, etc. so you start getting sick of chicken & turkey real quick. Oh yeah, forgot to mention - after you watch their video after your 3 days of prep, then they spring on you that you need to spend another $399 on supplements that should only last about a month. Then, if you're not losing, they want you to spend another $75 (on sale!) for 3 boxes of Quick Boost - a powder you add to your bottled water 2x/day to "help boost your metabolism". That only lasts for about 3 weeks. So now, after you've spent almost $1200, you still have to go out and buy your food. Then once the supplements and Quick Boost are gone, you have to buy more again. They also want you to come in every day (spending more now for gas) so they can weigh you & review your food diary, which you must keep religiously every day, so they can find more excuses why you aren't losing. If you are off on one little thing (maybe had your starch too late - Oh, that's why you didn't lose this week! - Please!) We all have lives to live and can't always plan everything around eating.

Oh yeah, one more thing - all the $ you spend with them is non-refundable. If you decide after you've purchased the supplements that you'd like to exchange one (unopened) for another, you can't even do that.

I would NOT recommend this program. For the $ you'd definitely do better elsewhere.

  • Qw
    QWL Victim Aug 31, 2016

    The diet is common-sense stuff, found in many, many programs. You can find diets on-line. The "Secret" to losing weight in their plan is their "Supplements" I figured out that to take their Appetite Suppressant, Vitamin, Carb Blocker, Fish Oil, Shakes, Energy Boosters and Snack Bars would run over $100 per week. If you don't want to do that, they void the "Guarantee" and go back to their daily harping on all foods MUST be on their list (And will argue with you about it) . The whole thing is a marketing scheme to sell overpriced diet supplements

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I knew going in that i needed to purchase their supplements in order to do the program. They advertise 30 pound for $30 in 1 month. I registered for an appointment on line and i saved $100 by booking and attending my appointment the same day. I should have realized then that above the $30 there was a $652 administration fee of which i received $100 off. Like many others who have commented on this program, they do not tell you up front all that is involved! They told me it would take 12 weeks to lose my 30 pounds, i must come in 4 - 6 times per week and purchase their supplements. I received a bag with a starter pack that didn't even last one month! Their "food" is outrageously priced, and when i do not lose "enough" weight in one week of course it is because i am not eating all their food. I got chastised because i actually drank 88 ounces of water one day, over the allowed 80 ounces. But they said if i had used a crystal light in one of my waters, it did not count as water!!! I have never heard of anything so stupid in my life! I ate tilapia at a restaurant who grilled it dry (In no oils) and that is not an "approved" fish! Their claim that you can eat anything you want is bs. It is a very restricted diet, and more money than an average person can afford. No two of the "counselors" tell me the same thing, and although i have lost 18 pounds in 8 weeks, i will not continue to purchase their products and supplements. I have found that you can get some of these at walmart or online.
The counselors do nothing but put you on the defensive. They are raking in the money and the common person is going into debt!

false advertising/guarantee

Advertised guaranteed results: 3-7 lbs per week and 30 lbs in 30 days for $30. Yeah, right. Did not work that...