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Quick Weight Loss Centers Complaints & Reviews

Quick Weight Loss Centers / processing of order and customer service

Mar 12, 2019

My daughter Tracie Sweeney purchased Gold diet pills in February. After several promises still no product. We did however receive hundreds of bottles of something she didn't order. After contacting customer service via email the executive assistant Donna assigned the complaint to Jackie...

Quick Weight Loss Centers / contract / pricing

Mar 06, 2019

After seeing great results on my hairdresser for a significant weight loss, I went to QWLC to learn more about the program and costs. My hairdresser told me what she had paid so I had an idea of where my pricepoint would be if I signed up. They said they start at $1299 but because I wa...

Quick Weight Loss Centers / unethical behavior and lack of products when I really need them

Jan 08, 2018

I've been a QWLC client from August last year (2017) until now. I was at the center that I use to go (which is the one at Galloway and 90 - Kendall area - Miami, Fl.) on November 27 to my control and to get a lot of products due to the following situation: I have a daughter at Grapevine...

Quick Weight Loss Center / getting money back if unable to complete program due to medical

Jul 10, 2017

I went into this place of business today to ask for my money back, as when I signed up in 2012, I was talked into the Platinum Membership that guaranteed me a lifetime membership. In 2012 I was 65 years old. I am now nearly 71 and have had multiple surgeries that precluded my participation...

Quick Weight Loss Center / the program something just didn't seem right

Jul 02, 2017

6/24/17, After being in the Weight Watcher program over the yrs and tired of losing and gaining the same 1-2 lbs. I would see on TV and in the newspaper the QWLC ads. So I made an appt to talk to the counselor as they were running a half off Promo, People walking around in lab coats, with...

Quick Weight Loss Center / I did not receive my package of the weight loss patches

Feb 22, 2017

i have ordered it about a month and 2 weeks ago and i have still never received it. my mother is severely upset about this as am i.i would like my purchase as i payed more than enough for it . i didn't get either one of my packages and i don't want a refund as much as i would love my...

Quick Weight Loss Center / program

Feb 20, 2017

Quick weight loss center is a Con artist Port st. Lucie, florida United states This place is a complete total rip off. If you are looking to loose weight dont go here! They are very tricky into having you sign things where you don't know what your signing. Keep adding on fees and make you...

Quick Weight Loss Center / first consultation-sugar land location @59 and hwy 6

Sep 28, 2016

Sugar Land, TX location-Geena which sits at the front desk has a horrible attitude, demonic presence, and not a people person at all. I went in for a consultation and after being measured and questioned about my health. I told her about the commercial advertising. She then relayed to me...

Quick Weight Loss Center / diet plan

Sep 25, 2016

In June 2013, my daughter was attracted to Quick Weight Loss by their radio advertising. When she visited them, they managed to sell her 1, 615$ worth of pills and products, so-called food supplement. Her body reacted very poorly; she had nausea, shakes and racing. Their "counselor" told...

Quick Weight Loss Center / weight loss program

Aug 12, 2016

I believe they are very misleading with their programs. I was told that with paying for the program I would have everything I needed to lose weight for the 16-18 weeks that they scheduled for me. I have been on the program for a month and a half and yes, it works, but I was not provided...

Quick Weight Loss Center / lies, omissions & deceptions

Feb 02, 2016

Comsumer beware!!! I find that qwlc advertising is bordering on being very deceptive. They advertise on the radio "get 10 weeks for just $99.00" then at the end of the commercial a person in a quiet voice says "certain conditions may apply" this is reminiscent of the way that the...

Quick Weight Loss Center / misleading marketing techniques

Jun 09, 2015

The business marketing is a scam. I called to get prices yesterday and they would not give them over the phone as they said I had to go in personally. I went in personally today and they would not give me prices either because I recently had an operation and have to wait six months. The...

Quick Weight Loss Center / manipulating

Apr 18, 2015

When I went to the QWLC i had just turned 18 years old and about 20lbs overweight. I was super depressed about it and I was desperate for change. My mother told me about one of their ads and I was eager to check it out. They guaranteed quick weight-loss without exercising.. I went for a...

Quick Weight Loss Center / fasle advertising

Apr 13, 2015

QWLC is a scam. They prey on people's low self esteem due to their weight condition. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME. It is a very costly program based on having to by their very pricey supplements and food items. You are better off going to a real doctor. They wear scrubs to...

Quick Weight Loss Center / con artist

Jul 11, 2014

This place is a complete total rip off. If you are looking to loose weight DONT GO HERE! They are very tricky into having you sign things where you don't know what your signing. Keep adding on fees and make you feel like you have to spend this much money in order to loose weight and...

Quick Weight Loss Center / qwlc stole $2000 from me

Aug 31, 2013

I signed up for this program in July with a signed agreement stating it was costing me $681. I understood that to mean the total total. The rep handed me my white credit card receipt for $681 on the top of my QWLC paperwork but also had me sign another pink paper that he explained to me...

Quick Weight Loss Centers / false advertising, too expensive for what you get.

Nov 07, 2012

Don't let the name fool you. There is nothing "quick" about the weight loss on this program and the diet is full of one rule after another and they seem to make them up as you go along when they can't figure out why you haven't loss (or worse - even gained!) while you follow...

Quick Weight Loss Center, Houston / diception

Jul 14, 2012

I knew going in that i needed to purchase their supplements in order to do the program. They advertise 30 pound for $30 in 1 month. I registered for an appointment on line and i saved $100 by booking and attending my appointment the same day. I should have realized then that above the $30...

Quick Weight Loss Centers / false advertising/guarantee

Mar 21, 2012

Advertised guaranteed results: 3-7 lbs per week and 30 lbs in 30 days for $30. Yeah, right. Did not work that way for me. I lost only 7.4 lbs in 4 weeks. Very expensive program. Products did not work for me. Cost $1276. Horrible experience. I followed the program exactly as they said and...

Quick Weight Loss Centers / bad business practice

Jul 21, 2011

I had a very bad experience with Quick Weight Loss Centers, and I recommend that nobody consider doing business with them. The bad experience began at the 59 & Kirby location in Houston with manager Paula Martin. Firstly, Ms. Martin's sales pitch was fast, robotic, and pushy. Her...

Quick Weight Loss Center / false advertising, misleading enrollment


Quick Weight Loss Centers is designed to take advantage of vulnerable overweight clients, such as myself. As a consumer you are drawn to their ads and radio advertisements with guarantee that you will lose 3-7lbs per week with food from home and no exercise. I was coursed and sold a...