NTB / National Tire & Batteryair conditioning

I normally try to give the benefit of the doubt but I am never coming back to NTB. In august of this year I paid $1021.00 to get my air conditioning fixed (only because I was a couple months outside of warranty) through their third party "Big O Tires". A month later, my AC is not getting cold again. So, I take it to get it fixed under warranty. They keep my car for TWO WEEKS, and never call to let me know what is going on, how long it will take, etc. Not a single time. Finally, I get fed up and call and they claim they left me a message (I didn't have even a missed call). So, I go to get my car finally. First thing I do is turn on my AC, it is STILL not working. So, they keep my car again. They asked if it was "convenient" for me to leave it with them again, OF COURSE NOT! Just fix what wasn't fixed correctly! It has been three weeks that they have had my car, and did they call to say what happened? Of course not. It was incredibly inconvenient for me with work, and I am lucky that had another way of transportation since they have had my vehicle for three weeks to fix something that they didn't fix correctly! I just can't believe how terrible this experience has been. No consideration for my time AT ALL, and no updates on what is going on with my vehicle. The people at the store were nice to my face, but obviously don't care for their customers, as they have left me to figure out getting to work and class for three weeks with no explanation as to why.

Oct 07, 2019

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