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BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! These guys are CROOKED! Bought a used car recently, had the dealership go over it and my own mechanic, to check it head to toe. It was performing perfectly. Took the car in to Virginia Tire & Auto of Broadlands for a simple emissions inspection and was told that the car flunked because of the check engine light being on. I told the rep that there was no check engine light when I took the car in. He said that he contacted me because there would be additional charges to run a diagnostic and to repair whatever was wrong with the car. I told him that this smells fishy, and picked up the car and took it to a trusted mechanic, who ran the check engine light code and diagnosed that someone at Virginia Tire & Auto had loosened the band clamp on the air-flow intake, which caused the mass air flow sensor to put check engine light on. He told me this is a very common FRAUD TECHNIQUE. He tightened the band clamp and cleared the code. He checked everything on the car for several hours, and there is nothing at all wrong with it. I even took it to a competing inspection station and it was cleared for emissions, NO PROBLEM! This fraud perpetrated by inspector ROOZBEHAN, ROOZBEH, or someone else at Virginia Tire & Auto not only cost me the $28.00 emissions fee TWICE, but also expenses for the time and efforts of a reputable mechanic, and the 150 miles I had to put on the car to get this all done. WE SHOULD ALL BE OUTRAGED THAT THESE GUYS WILL STOOP THIS LOW JUST TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY ON UNNECESSARY REPAIRS. I see several others who have claimed they tried to get them to do hundreds of dollars of unnecessary repairs to their vehicles during safety inspections too!

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      Wallace Alphin Aug 13, 2020
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      I have been a customer since 1995, when I moved to Gainesville. The business has been mainly due to the close proximity to my home. I have asked myself, why do I continue to go back, when I know I will be upsold. Again, I go in to get inspection, I know the brake pads were close. Sure enough need rear brakes, set up a ticket, very specific wanted to turn rotors only with new pads. Get a call at end of day, to call back. I call back at 5:45 PM no one answers the phone goes to voice mail, and I leave a message to call back. No call the next day. I call and wait for the service manager, that tells me I have to get new rotors. I say, it is an old truck, I rarely use, just want new pads. Am told cant do, must replace rotors or wont do work. I got a price that was supposed to be a sale price for the rotors. I told manager I would check around. The first call I make, I get a price cheaper to do the pads and rotors. I call service manager back, tell them if they match price will let them do the work, she agrees. Then I get a call back saying that my lug nuts were swollen. I say that is a new one on me, swollen lug nuts?? I tell them to please just do the work, and stop trying to oversell the service. Get a call back saying they won't do the brakes without replacing the lug nuts. I said enough, will take it somewhere else.

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