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We purchased new tires and the 2 year unlimited alignment package at this store last July for my 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander. In September the car seemed to be shaking a bit, so I took it in to have the alignment checked. They supposedly aligned it. In November, while returning home from Thanksgiving dinner at my relatives, we had a blowout. It was caused by being misaligned. The other rear tire was bad as well. We took the car back to NTB Even though we had road hazard and the alignment package they said that neither tire would be covered under the warranty because the misalignment was from hitting potholes. After arguing with the manager, he said he would give us the one tire at a discounted cost, but would still have to charge us for the second one. We weren't happy but it was the holiday weekend so we said ok. He said that since it was late in the day, they wouldn't be able to get to it until the next morning but it would be done by 10 AM. My husband picked me up and we left the car there overnight. The next day we went at 11:00 to pick it up. They said it wasn't ready yet. I started work at noon and it was at least a half hour drive so my husband stayed and I took his car. At 12:45 the manager informed my husband that they got the new tires on but that they couldn't properly align the vehicle because it needed new cambers and that would be around $800. Since the car was still under manufacturer warranty he said he'd get those done at the dealership. The manager said ok. After another half hour the manager came back and informed him that the one rear brake light was out. My husband told him he would change it himself. The manager said that they already have the light apart and it would only be $2 so my husband said "Ok. Replace it." When he went to pay, they charged $2 for the lightbulb but $10 for labor for the lightbulb. My husband argued with the manager but by this time just wanted to get out of the building from being there so long so he paid it. On his way home, he was pulled over for inoperable brake light. He showed the officer the receipt so he left him go. When he got home, he called and the manager apologized and said to bring the vehicle back in and he'd fix it right then. Well NTB is around 20 mins away and after spending 3 hours already there, he didn't want to go back so the manager told him to bring it in the next time he was near there. So the following Monday I went in to get the light replaced. They were out of that lightbulb so I had to wait 1.25 hrs for them to go get one and replace it. In February, we took it to be aligned again. They said everything was good. In May it started shaking, so I took it in and the technician said that they couldn't align it because they don't have the proper tools to align Mitsubishi's. I asked why they could do it before but not now and was told that they probably were only aligning the front. I asked to speak to the manager and the tech said the manager had to leave but would be back the next day. The following day I went in and the manager said the tech was wrong that he could align it, it was just very time consuming and told me he aligned it. Well, it is now July - 1 year from the original purchase and 8 months since the replacement tires and I noticed that the tires are wearing unevenly. So I took it back to NTB and asked to have it realigned. The manager, a new one this time - said the old one was transferred to Beaver, said that they couldn't align it because they do not have the proper tool to align a Mitsubishi. I asked why it was done before and he said it couldn't have. I said that if they don't have the proper tools they shouldn't sell the alignment package and asked for my money back. He was very rude and laughed at me and said that I already had the car aligned and he wasn't giving me anything back. I asked if they don't have the proper tools how the car could be properly aligned and once again he laughed at me and once again stated "You're not getting your money back so you might as well calm down and leave." I left and am now awaiting a response from their main office.


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May 18, 2011 7:45 pm

I bought tires for about 150 a piece in 2008 from Big O Tires and after three years and only 30K miles they look worn out. Not a problem, I've been rotating these myself for years and they simply are not wearing well, I'm sure knowing how they were in Missouri where I bought them that they would credit the remaining life and I could buy another set from NTB their fellow company. I went to NTB in San Antonio up on N. 281 by the Nissan Dealership. I even still had the paperwork from Big O tires that I had when I purchased, he told me to just go back to that store to get credit on the tires...that store is in Missouri! In the military we move alot so when I purchased, I wanted to be covered. This is what I was told, thats it, just a sublime look and yeah, go deal with MO. Now it was clear he had no need to keep a customer so why try to help me out right. Okay, we've all known the type of representative and its the one who never thinks the boss at corporate will hear about his shrugging the shoulders, "eh, too bad". So, I asked him then to at least beat a price as the sign on the door states. I gave him a price (in writing from the store no less) on a nice set of tires and he matched it to his generic store name tire. Thats it, no better price, the same price. This was beginning to disturb me. This company is so well off they can pick and choose who they will service properly and those they won't. I mean, why would someone drive across town to get the same price...? I will tell you why, because no one told them that this company was not worthy of your business and their warranties are a scam. Too easy, I gave him a chance to redeem himself and he decided my $600+ shoudl go to another company.

Since I was hosed, it doesn't mean I can't inform the public or the 2500 or so folks that work with me. Too easy. That I can do and most certainly every opportunity. Its the fastest way to have business transferred and to call the bluff of an obviously poorly managed corporation. More to follow as I drop a letter to corporate and I will share their platitude like response then as well. Until then, shop well.

May 28, 2010 4:11 pm

Took my car in for a routine tire change 2/13/10 and had my wheel locks ripped to shreds. the manager informed me that they, in fact, broke them, but would not pay for new wheel locks nor the key. Spoke with the district manager, Mike Roth and he told me they, NTB, were not responsible. So I had to call a tow truck and have my car towed to another shop in DC and they removed the shredded wheel lock in 15-20 minutes. I will NEVER do business with this company again.


Offered $500 of Free Gas with a purchase of a set of tires. I have sent in my $100 of receipts every month since August, '08 and have received no coupons for free gas. The NTB store should be sued in small claims court since that is the only reason that I purchased tires from them.

May 13, 2009 12:56 pm

I took my car back to NTB tire and battery shop, for them to fix the problem of my car vibration when you press on the brake, at least twice. The repairs that were made did not fix the proble it is still there. I paid and addition fee of $132.00 and the problem still remained the same. Also, my ail filter was not tightened properly, which I could have blown my engine.

Nov 27, 2011 9:42 pm

I called the local NTB In New Martinsville Wv to ask for help with rims for my car. The first guy blew me off saying just get on the internet for that. I explained that I already had and couldnt get the right size tire on the site. He then took my number and said he would call back. He never did! So I called back later in the day and talked to another guy who was rude as soon as he answered the phone. I explained it all over again. He also told me the internet site. I told him the same thing about the tire size. I asked about special order. He said no. I then said you dont sell any size 16 rims? He then put me on hold for 20 min. Came back with no answer and no help. Will never go there for anything ever again!

My daughter took her car in June to get an oil change was promised it was done. She returned in July to get a complete overhead job done and paid 600-650, which included an oil change, she returned a week later because the car was running hot and was told my car could not be diagnosed because the technician that performed the original work was off that day. I returned the following week (after numerous calls), but this time the car was overheating and it was shutting off while putting the car in reverse, we checked the oil and it had a lot of grit and deposits in it and the oil was very dark almost black. She was told they would do another oil change and check the car for problems. She left and one month later the car would not start. The car was towed back to NTB because we thought it was the overhead leaking. Upon being checked, she was told by a different NTB that is was my oil pump and this caused the engine to blow. My daughter is diligent in keeping the car tuned up and changing the oil frequently. Now the car had to be towed again and a new engine installed. PLEASE DO NOT VISIT NTB FOR MAJOR MECHANICAL WORK, they are a rip off.

May 24, 2011 1:34 pm

My tire had a very small nail in it that was on the outer tread about an inch from the sidewall. I got to the shop 10 minutes after they opened with 2 other people waiting. Before looking at my tire, the sales person insinuated I'd probably need a new one and that all my Continental Conitrac tires might last only 10, 000 miles (that I need 4 new tires). I checked on-line when I got home, and the mileage warranty for the tire is 50, 000. I just bought the car used, and it only has 38, 000 miles on it. After waiting 1 1/2 hours for them to check on it, I was told the nail was too close to the sidewall, and they could not patch it. I agreed although I was angry to get a new tire. I took a picture of my tire rather than keeping the old tire. Finally after two hours I got a new tire and left. Later when I checked the tread depth on my tires, I found the depth of the new tire was about the same as the 3 old tires.

Jun 14, 2010 7:51 am

Quoted 2hours to do alignment and fit one tire, return 3 hours later to find work has not even begun, waited a further 35 minutes to speak to an assistant (there was only one other customer recieving assistance). Finally spoke to someone who tells me work is in progress, when i clearly could see my car in the parking lot. Requested my keys and left. Avoid NTB silver spring at all cost, poor customer service, poor work ethic, no clear scheduling or any sort of management on display. I also witnessed them dealing horror stories of tire blow outs to a young lady purchasing four tires if she didnt take an alignment at further cost to herself, i am a qualified engineer and hold a management post and can clearly state this is scare mongering for profit. Very low way to do business!

Dec 06, 2011 11:20 pm
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I was quoted an 1hour 1/2 for an oil change and alignment today. I made arrangement at lunch to drop it off and returned 2 hours later to find my car wasn't even moved! I took my keys and left.
I was very dissappointed!
1350 E. ARAPAHO RD STE #112

Aug 29, 2010 7:51 pm

Just to clear thing sup.. NTB is NOT a sers brand company, havent been for over 5 years.

Alignment issues do not cuase shaking bad or out of balance tires do.

Even with a proper alignment if the tires are not rotated every 6-9000 miles they will wear unevenly.

I am a former NTB employee, my ex store had good buisness ehtics unlike alot of the others, but they didnt give a crap about the backbone of the company... thier employee's.

Nov 15, 2008 1:55 pm

The NTB here in Blue Springs, MO (just outside Kansas City) just tried a similar scam on me. I took it in for four new Michelin tires and foolishly took them up on a free alignment check. Not surprisingly, they said that my alignment was off and I needed a $100+ alignment service, or my new tires would likely not wear correctly. Oddly enough, the tires that were just removed had no unusual wear after 52, 000 miles and the car never drove with any indication of alignment problems. To top off this visit from hell, I watched as the tech "road tested" my vehicle like he was qualifying for NASCAR. Once again, there is no such thing as a good deal.

Sep 01, 2008 5:23 am

2 months ago I bought the package deal with the 3month alignment plan. As I am leaving NTB I felt the truck pulling to the left. I returned have this corrected only to be informed that a proper alignment could not be done without a further $140 of work. I asked how could the initial alignment that claimed to have been done could be performed if I needed this extra work. Well the manager reached deep down in his being and replied with an unrelated stock statement. I had the work performed anyway and still the truck pulls to the left. The manager now refuses to provide any further corrections without additional charges.
While the truck was being serviced elsewhere for a rear axle seal, a tech pointed out that a rear tire was not running true on the rim. l returned to NTB to have this corrected. The manager blew me off with the claim that the improperly mounted tire was not the problem, but that the service I had performed on the bearing seal caused the tire to end up misaligned on the rim! If I wanted it corrected I would have to pay for another tire. Is this place owned and run by a Nigerian?
A nail punctured the side wall on a rear tire and so the road hazard warranty covered replacing the tire but not without an additional mystery charge of $35 that the manager could not explain. Now I understand why this person is the manager. I wished I knew beforehand that NTB is a SEARS business. SEARS has poor customer service & poor expertise with all my past business with them. Maybe I am a difficult customer for expecting the service I paid for. Thats it folks. NO more NTB/SEARS/KMART for me.
I been getting much better tire services at COSTCO, SAM'S CLUB & WALMART. No more mystery charges & no more explaining away poor service.

Aug 04, 2008 10:58 am

### NTB! Period.

Jul 05, 2008 12:00 pm

My ordeal is just beginning and I can see there's going to be a problem. I went into the Weymouth, ma. store for 4 Yokas on Thursday, July 3th(08). The buy 3 get 1 free deal. I was told I had to buy a alignment ($75) to get the deal. Knowing the car didn't need one I still agreed because the tires were still cheaper. Work was performed and after I drove on the road the shaking and pulling to the left begin. I turned around and the salesman told only the manager can help me and he wouldn't be in until 7am on July 5th. So I showed up this morning at 650am and was told the alignment man cames in at 830am. I left the keys and crossed the street to McD's . 20 minutes later I crossed back to find my car was " All set!" I noticed one front wheel was now on the back . I drove away only to have the same problem, pulling left and shaking ride. Remember, Ithe car was perfect going into the shop. Well, I ran some errands then went back a thrid time . The manager said " Bring it in 830am this Monday and we'll take care of it ."
So, we'll see where this is going on Monday. That will be 4 visits to the store within 84 hours. Thank God ! I don't have a life or I'd be bull___. I still have the 30 day trail on the tires and am glad I kept the take offs as they tell the story of how good the alignment was. My advice. Keep your take offs . Save the $12 dollar disposal fee and have them ready to put back on if there's a problem. AND to top it all off NTB wanted to charge me $12.54 for a paper seatcover and floormat the mech might use to keep the car clean while he works on it ! I was thereand he didn't use one ! Unbelievable ! Now I know another reason BEER was invented...


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