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NTBcompany not good to work for

I use to work for this company it suck. They don't care about their workers all they care about is making money. If they can sell you something that you don't need they would. On top of that they jack up the prices. If a part cost them $20 they will mark it up to $100. They make managers work 60- 70 hours a week. They don't care if you have a family. The district managers don't care how you make the day. All they the call the store and # and company what [protected]@#$k is going on there? You tell them it slow they get made at you like its you fault. They pay $6 an hour + com. But you get money taken away if you give to many discounts but it's the company who is given this discounts and not the worker. With their buy 3 get 1 free and free oil changes and $19.99 oil changes. How is this fair. I hope this company goes down and I hope people stop going there. Ntb, merchant's tires and tire kingdom is all the same company. So please don't go there it's not a good company


  • Md
    Mda tx Aug 05, 2016

    I guarantee the postive comments here are DM's or kiss a$$ managers posting. All the complaints are 100-% true. Worked there many years.if any one really looks in to their practices the will be in big trouble .

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  • Kl
    klepik41 May 20, 2016
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    NTB SUCKS..Manager leaves everyday for lunch for 2 to 3 hrs comes back drunk from Chili's across the street. 2 employees caught manager on the internet looking at prono..Dumb B forgot to close out his screen before he went to Chilis and service writer opened up the dropped down screen and to her surprise up popped Vegas, I have the picture to prove it. Another employee braggs as he is taking Klonopins while working on vehicles. Other employees unable to remove oil filter so they leave old oil filters on the car an refill oil and charge for new filter and oil. I quit due to the lying and cheating the customers, damaging their vehicles and hiding it. This Company expect honest techs to lie and cover for their mistakes and personal property damage!!

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  • So
    Souther Hospitality Jul 14, 2017

    @klepik41 Still true 2 years latter. I personally forced a tec to quit after watching him take his anger out on a customers car. He destroyed most of the front steering system and brakes on a 2016 Cadillac CTS with aftermarket hardware. I brought the custom into my managers office while my manager was in there and had a sit down while I showed the footage of him beating the car with a sledgehammer. Luckily he had just enough in his paycheck to cover the damage and the store didn't have to pay a dime but goes to show that they don't care for the customers. Honestly as an employee it pissed me off. Thinking about quitting but finally got the GM to come to this weeks meating but if he doesn't do anything then I'm not the only one leaving.

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  • So
    Souther Hospitality Jul 14, 2017

    @klepik41 We also have a new floor manager that has no idea what he's doing and needs to be fired. Instead of letting the tecs work he brings in cars he signed on so he can look good instead of going in order. Causing cars to be there for 4+ hours for an oil change and rotate that takes a max of 25 minutes.

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  • Ch
    chris12345 Nov 19, 2014

    I currently work for NTB. I knew what to expect when walking in the door, make budget, upsell on needed items due to mileage and only if needed, show up on time, make the customer happy. You know the usual things an employer would expect. If any of you couldn't keep a fast pace with reasonable efficiency or be honest with a customer and only sell what they needed then I put that on the sales associate and/or management. I know I set appointments up for a month out due to the fact that the service wasn't needed or unsafe at this moment and that gave the customer a little breathing room. I go over the inspection sheet all the time, use gears to my advantage.Show customers the issues, work out times for repairs if they can not do it today. YOU don't have to sell things that are not needed and my managers and district manager have never said to but used the honest approach. All of you must suck or your managers suck but I love this company, they provide for my family and I'm glad I don't have to rely on any of these people posting to pay my mortgage. Oh by the way, the price is the price and if you go over it with a customer then what's the problem. It's their desicion to buy not yours. You just presenting them with a solution.

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  • Nt
    ntb 30 Apr 03, 2014

    I am a 30 year employee and the new upper management has a new view. I was very excited to hear that being honest and not pushing stuff down the customers throats was the way the new vice president wanted to run things. Excited for about a month and then I find out today that they have decided to take money away from service managers and managers.Each year for the past five years I have made less and less and now it looks like a 10000 dollar cut is coming my way because I was one of the honest to customers employees all along and didn't rip off everyone who walked in the door. Now after 30 years I make one dollar more an hour than a new tire changer off the street. With a snowballs chance in hell of getting a nouns each month. And that is only if I control the controllable profits by not spending money on needed shop supplies etc... Marcus the new vice president obviously doesn't care about the people who have done the right thing and already followed his vision before he put it into place. 30 years on the job as a service manager and now I can't pay for my house. Thanks Marcus.

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  • De
    delacruz Jan 15, 2014

    NTB Don't care anything about the employees my husband was employee for this company in got sick the decide to terminated him with any consideration he was only in the job for only 9 month this company cause my husband to have extremely high blood pressure that one cause he sick the blood pressure went out control all because was pressure him make money for the company about sale sale sale is not great place to work when don't care about there employees if u not make then money with be going out door is very sad to work for a company don't care anything about employees . My husband was in the hospital for couple day his blood pressure so extremely a most close to dead all this company care about having a body to make them money so sad to work for company don't care about employees the decide to denial his family leave cut this short term disability. I cry so much how company appreciated there employees so much my husband work so hard for this company during the time he was there all because he got sick he went out door that is wrong to treat employees like that we never know how are heath is going to be one day we may be a live I hope don't happen that to then cut my husband complete out the job all he got sick.

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  • El
    Elaine Ricchiuto Mar 30, 2012

    Omg! I so agree with the author. ntb is horrible! when my husband was working there I did not see him at all. he was there 3-16 hrs a day! he put so much offer to that work. he could not even get out of there and take me to the hospital, when I was pregnant and needed help, the store manager chris in palantine, il did not let him!!! he is the worst monster-manager ever!! people, who work that many hrs and work so hard for this company should be reworded. and what happened to my husband? he got fired! and over some bs!! more than that, they did not pay him for the last week of his work, which is around 60 hrs! does it sound unreal? no, it is so real with ntb. I feel that people in third world countries feel more protected against companies like that, then here.

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  • Mu
    mutek Nov 08, 2009

    after working for ntb for three years i realized that this complaint is 100 percent correct. crazy11223 youre an idiot for trying to say managers care about you because they dont, every single manager is the same because i know most of them in the chicago area. greedy is the word im looking for to describe every single manager in ntb including the district manager. they try to make it seem like they take care of their employees by giving them a certain amount of discount on anything but you buy tires and get the road hazard warranty, the tire could have a hole in the sidewall and your still expected to fix it so they dont have a give you a new tire for free. i get aggravated when i have to fix a tire for a customer when i know that tire will blow due an impact bubble. yeah you might make 3000 to 9000 a day according to you but i guarantee that most of the stuff that you sell comes from labor and stuff that the customer is brain washed to buy when they dont need it!

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  • Ma
    madvirginian Jul 06, 2009

    I had worked for merchan't tire back when it was a family company. it was a wonderful place to work. tire kingdom or tbc corp came in and purchased the compnay in 2004. it has gone from a good place to work to a bad place. crazy11223 you are correct about the of worked managers. I was one! the day I tossed my keys on the desk and walked out after 14 years was the best day of my life! for dexter that likes to rip people off maybe you need help with yourself. if you think ripping people off in a automotive shop is good then you need your head checked. my customer followed me also. people like to deal with honest people. I was at my store 75 hours a week and drove over an hour to get there every day. had one day off a week and watched as my family was falling apart. money doesn't make your life complete! maybe you should go get a pay cut (like they blindsided us with company wide) and see how you like it. the big cheeses in the office piss off the parts houses to the point where the employee trying to fix the customer's car for a good price has to use a more expensive part because you are banned from use the good parts and a less expensive price. I have been written up for using the "non-approved vendor." these vendors became non-approved because they didn't send and pay for compnay trips that the big wigs wanted to take to hawaii or cruises to mexico and such. please the people that work there # off get nothing but a doctor visit and prescription for nerve meds.

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  • Cr
    crazy11223 Jun 24, 2009

    That's funny you say that cuz I was one of the top salesperson in my store. If I was happy with just getting the hourly pay I would still be with the company. I'm sure you are one of the many useless people at the main office. If I wasn't good at selling then why did most of the NTB customers come to the new shop I work for? I make my new company anywhere from $3, 000 to $9, 000 a day. Come on now you are talking trash. Most of our customer use to go to NTB and they say you guys are rip offs. So you don't know what you are talking about. That's why when I put in my 2 week's notice they didn't want me to go and they were trying to make me stay. So get your information right.

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  • So
    Souther Hospitality Jul 14, 2017

    @crazy11223 It's the same deal at the ntb I work for. The gm gives no [censor] about the store just the money. If you call him to inform him of something major that's costing him money he gets mad. My actual manager dose nothing but [censor] when cars aren't done and i'm the only one there. I work a double shift open to close for 5 days. Then get called in on my days off because they need help and can't get anything done. I've been there for a month and have told them why they aren't productive and what to do to fix it. And explained how i'm the fastest mechanic in that shop and have the least experience. I bought my own tools because they don't have proper equipment for the technicians and are to cheap to buy them because it would cut into the managers bonus. No top of that they want to sell more crap people don't need like the constant "control arms are bad" and brakes instead of focusing on the never ending board of work orders. They need to learn how to run shop not just a company and work the floor then be put in a manager seat. Then the second week I worked they shaved over 7 and a half hours off my paycheck to save them from paying out 82 hours to there new top employee. Not to exclude the 1 hour mediatory lunch break they forgot to mention and took out of every day for the first 2-1/2 weeks because we where so busy I never took one.
    Long story short it's not a good shop to work at. Pay is 10 an hour plus commission that may give you an extra 2-4 bucks an hour depending on how fast you get cars done.

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  • De
    dextar Jun 12, 2009

    In a sales job, your success is truly dependent upon yourself. NTB provides the venue and the products and services to sell, and you get hourly rate + commissions in return.

    What makes your complaint even more galling is that its selling car-related services. There's a hundred clueless people walking in that door every day to upsell to, and you still couldn't manage to do well??

    Dude. You are not cut out for sales. I think you actually didn't mind if you never sold anything and just collected the hourly rate. In which case, you are truly useless to the company and needed to be discarded.

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